hau of gloi sweet potato treat


sweetpotatotreatFor me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows.

Sweet Potato Treat was part of Haus of Gloi’s Yule release in 2012. I’m not sure if it was part of previous Yule releases or not.

In the jar the pumpkin butter smells creamy and mildly spiced. I get a bit of sweet potato and butter and it’s all very comforting. On the skin SPT becomes spicier on me, but spicy scents usually do. That mellows out after a while and goes back to being the buttery, creamy, sweet scent it is in the jar. It’s a wonderful cold weather scent. I never get much of the marshmallow, which is a bit disappointing, but overall I really love this. The word I’d use to describe it is delicious. It’s got good staying power, too – I can still smell hints of it on my skin at the end of a long day.

Misc. Notes: I shoved this under Mike’s nose and he said, “I want to eat it.” I asked if he had any other thoughts and he said, “I want to eat all of it.”

Would I buy it again? Yes. I wish I’d gotten the whipped soap in this as well, actually. The perfume is still available on the HoG website, but I don’t think it’s one I need in that format. I don’t think.

hau of gloi eggnoggin


eggnogginThe Haus ‘nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.

Eggnoggin is from the Yule collection. I got mine in 2012 but I believe this one has been recurring for at least the last two winters or so. It came in all sorts of formats but I only picked up the whipped soap and mini pumpkin butter.

This smells exactly like the name. It’s like opening up a carton of egg nog (or in my case, soy nog) – creamy, rummy, spicy from the nutmeg. The scent is quite strong in the whipped soap, sharper and heavier on the rum. There are little brown flecks in the soap – nutmeg, I’m assuming – and it’s a nice touch. It really does look like something you’d want to eat. This was my first whipped soap from HoG and it’s a nice product – the jar feels crazy light because the soap is full of air and I assumed I’d use it up super quickly, but I’ve been using mine regularly since mid-November and I’ve still got a little more than half of it left. You don’t need much to create a nice lather, so the jar will last longer than you think. Plus it feels like soaping up with whipped cream, which is just fun.

The pumpkin butter has more of a creamy custard smell, both in the jar and on my skin. The scent isn’t crazy strong, but it lasts quite a long time and even though it’s subtle I do catch whiffs of it throughout the day. One of the nice things about it being such a mild, creamy scent is that I can wear it under any perfume instead of worrying about trying to match them up. Either way it’s just as lovely and moisturizing as usual, so thumbs up.

Would I buy it again?¬†I’m already halfway through the whipped soap and about the same on the mini pumpkin butter. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more products in this scent – it’s nice but unremarkable for me, especially in the pumpkin butter – but I’ll certainly use what I have and would maybe pick up a new whipped soap next year if they’re offered again.

haus of gloi fancy bread


fancybreadRipe banana, roasted nuts, and brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread.

Fancy Bread is from the Yule collection. I believe 2012 was the first year it was offered.

In the tub I smell banana Laffy Taffy. It’s a very sweet, sort of artificial banana smell. I’m not knocking it when I say it’s artificial, by the way – I love fake banana smells. And real banana smells. Basically all banana everything. Except, oddly, actual bananas most of the time. Anyway. Once it’s on my skin it’s a more true banana bread scent, with hints of spices, toasty nuts, and brown sugar. It stays true to this scent for the duration, and it is a fairly long-lasting scent, at least in the pumpkin butter formula. I find most of HoG’s pumpkin butters are highly scented this way.

I haven’t used the scrub or soap yet, but from sniffing them I can say that the scrub smells about the same as the pumpkin butter while the soap is much milder.

Misc. Notes: Boyfriend approved; his exact words were “I want to eat that.”

Would I buy it again?¬†Absolutely. Haus of Gloi’s pumpkin butters are my favorite lotions – they’re very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. Plus this one smells super yummy. The mini scrub will definitely get used, though the soap may languish and eventually get swapped or gifted – I just don’t use bar soap often. So that one I actually wouldn’t buy again.