delightful rot thor


The scent of a thunderstorm. Rain, wet and heavy in the air, soaking through earth and trees alike, with a crackling note of ozone.

I missed a day! Almost two, but I’m going to get this one in juuuuust under the wire.

In the imp, Thor smells like ozone and earth. It’s very wet and manly. On skin it’s the same while wet, but as it dries it smells less dirt-y (as opposed to dirty) and takes on a clean, woodsy, almost very very slightly floral tone on top of the crackling ozone. It really does smell like a thunderstorm, or at least the air before a thunderstorm, and then petrichor, rain soaking dry soil. I bought it because come on, “the scent of a thunderstorm?” SIGN ME UP. And you know? It delivers.

It’s described as being quite masculine while wet but more unisex when it dries down, and I’d say that’s correct, although I’d still like it and wear it even if it kept its wet scent throughout.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. It’s exactly as described, and I really like it. This is one I’ll consider picking up a bottle of at some point.

Available from: Delightful Rot