victorian disco shadow swatches #2


newsite_samples1Along with the Clow blushes, I picked up a bunch of eyeshadow samples and minis during the last Victorian Disco sale. Several of the minis aren’t featured here because I’ve swatched them before (Time Lord, Dashing Doctor, Bro, Do You Even Lift?) but I got lots of new things as well!


Arm o’ neutrals. Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Dawn’s Beauty: Shimmery champagne with golden sparkles and shift.

I wouldn’t really call this a champagne color. It’s a sparkly mid-toned peachy-pink with multi-colored shimmer.

Sin’Dorei: Medium taupe base with a strong red duochrome sheen.

This color is GLORIOUS. It’s got kind of a dirty bronze base with tons of coppery red shimmer. Ugh, stunning. The pictures really aren’t doing it justice at all.


Attempt to catch the coppery shift. The only photo that caught it was in the shade.

Malfoy’s Filthy Money: Deep dirty golden green just like the Malfoys’ old family money.

A very rich metallic greenish gold. I love this one.

Flesh Memory: Deep whiskey gold with a golden sheen and a deep red base.

A rich metallic coppery gold. “Whiskey gold” is a really accurate description. This color is so goddamn gorgeous, I cannot handle it.

Hammerfell: Deepened purple taupe leaning towards greyish brown.

A deep, dark matte brown, on the cool side.

Gates of Oblivion: Deep red taupe with a red and brown sparkly sheen.

A dark plummy brown with gold sparks.

I like this entire batch (because neutrals), but I have serious lusty wrong feelings about Sin’Dorei, Malfoy’s Filthy Money, and hummina hummina hummina Flesh Memory. If VD was open right now, larger sizes of these would already be mine. Gates of Oblivion made me go “ooh!” when I swatched it, and it would probably make a killer liner if you’re into that kind of thing.



Arm o’ purples, blues, greens, and blacks. Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Oh My Glob: Deep lilac with bright gold sparkles.

A pale warm purple with a slight sheen. I don’t really see any gold sparkles.

Tuxedo Mask: Very similar to the old Tuxedo Mask, except with more purple tones and a redder sheen.

A really gorgeous medium brownish plum with a metallic finish. (Not as metallic as Malfoy’s Filthy Money and Flesh Memory, though.)

Dumbledore’s Outburst: DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!?! Well.. I did, and it’s a deep brown with a red and blue shift.

Kind of a dark brownish purple matte base with red and blue shimmer. There’s a stronger blue-ish sheen when the light hits it. This one doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

Starry Heart: Deep navy base with silver sparkles.

Navy blue with tons of silver shimmer. Tons. Very pretty and aptly named – it really does remind me of a sky full of stars.

Sailor Pluto: Deep emerald green base with violet sparkles throughout.

(Free sample.) A black base with a green shimmery overlay and purple sparks.

Lightspeed: Gorgeous deep ink black base with multi-colored sparkles that seem to shift in the light.

(Free sample.) Matte black or maybe very dark navy base with some multi-colored sparks. It does look a bit space-y and would probably make a nice liner foiled, but it’s not one I’ll use myself.

My favorite from this batch is Tuxedo Mask, hands down. I also really like Starry Heart, but I don’t know that I will ever actually use it. Just put it on my arm and ooh and ahh over how pretty it is. Sailor Pluto is a gorgeous dark emerald green, but so far out of my wheelhouse it’s not even worth contemplating.


Artificial lighting – click for sparkles.

Victorian Disco is closed right now, but all of these should be available once they re-open. TAT can be rather long (I placed this order on May 9th, I got a shipping notice on May 29th, the package didn’t actually start moving until June 5th, and I received it exactly one month after my order date on June 9th), but it’s not uncommonly long within the scope of indie companies, and since I really like the shadows I’m willing to wait.