low-buy july update #3


Two orders this week – one from Darling Clandestine as a birthday present to myself, and one at the very last minute this evening after the awesome-looking (and all vegan!) new shop Life’s Entropy announced its opening over on /r/indiemakeupandmoreTechnically that order pushed me over my low-buy budget, but a relative sent me a birthday card with some cash in it, so I’m choosing to count that money toward my budget the same way I would a gift card. A loophole, perhaps, but I think it’s fair enough. Also it’s my birthday (not anymore), I’ll make up rules it I want to.

Before purchasing from Life’s Entropy tonight, I’d intended to spend the remainder of my budget at Blooddrop… now that’s either going to have to wait a couple of weeks or I might make up another rule and sell some things to finance a few new bottles of perfume. I’m undecided. And terrible at this self-restraint thing, apparently.

Darling Clandestine (7/16/14)

Maudlin & Bedlam vegan solid perfume

Fisticuffs bottle

Bitsies of Fire Eater, Step Right Up, and Pestanas

Total: $38.50

Life’s Entropy Cosmetics (7/20/14)

Blogger pack + one extra eyeshadow sample + one extra contour stick sample

(I got the entire Animal Sanctuary collection, Apoptosis lip theory, Proton contour stick, and Neutron contour stick sample)

Total: $25.40 (with discount code)

Combined Total: $63.90

Total Spent in July: $118.26 – $30 birthday cash = $88.26

Remaining Budget: $11.74

low-buy july update #2


Two purchases this week! I didn’t really intend to pick up anything when DC re-opened (who am I even kidding?), but when Evonne posted about having a limited quantity of Limerence solids, well… so much for that. I don’t even think I’ll like Limerence, to be honest, but I’m very much in Pokemon mode with DC (gotta catch ’em all!) and the phrase “limited stock” lights a fire under my ass like nothing else. And since I was buying one thing anyway, well, I might as well pick up another thing… or two… right? Suuuure. At least I only added on one thing this time and not 15.

The other purchase was on single little decant from an Arcana Coasts of Cascadia circle. Sea Glass is the only one left from that collection that I don’t have either a bottle or sample of, and in addition to the name and description being too lovely to resist, the completionist in me couldn’t pass up the chance to have the whole set.

Darling Clandestine (7/7/2014)

One day before the shop officially opened and I was already placing orders. Eek.

Limerence vegan solid perfume

Tilt-a-Whirl vegan solid perfume

Hellbender vegan solid perfume (add-on when it came back in stock the next day)

Total: $22 + 9 = $31

Arcana Coasts of Cascadia decant circle (7/8/14)

One decant of Sea Glass

Total: $6

Combined Total: $37

Grand Total Spent in July: $54.36

Remaining Budget: $45.62

Not too bad. I’ve resisted lots of sales and things and I’m pretty proud of myself! There’s a ton more I want from DC and others, but I’m hoping my birthday (coming up on the 16th!) will provide some opportunities to pick things up without putting any more dents in my budget.

And unfortunately I’ve got some more motivation to stick to this low-buy situation, because my laptop is on the verge of biting it… two months after my AppleCare warranty expired, while I’m in the middle of a pile of freelance work and a hefty test design project for a job interview. Because of course it is. I thought it died for real last night and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. So in addition to saving for a house, I am now saving for a new laptop, or at the very least an expensive fix. Hurrayyyyy.


low-buy july update #1


Just one purchase this week! And a rather small one. Midsummer Dreams Apothecary released a set of five new colognes, and since I love manly scents I had to try them out.

Midsummer Dreams Apothecary (7/5/2014)

Sampler pack of 5 new cologne scents

Vegan solid perfume in the scent Mermaid (my favorite from her first collection)

Total: $17.38

Budget Remaining: $82.62


low-buy july!



Ah, the dreaded low-buy. Not as dreaded as the NO-buy, of course, but dreaded nonetheless. I’m not great at reigning my spending in, as evidenced by the fact that my current “Pending Orders” document is two three pages long. It would probably be five if I didn’t remove orders as I got them. Yeesh. Between buying things “for the blog” and the powerful enabling force that is /r/indiemakeupandmore, I feel thoroughly justified in spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup and perfume (oh, perfume, my darling, my love) at the drop of a hat. A company I like is having a sale? Haul! A new collection was released? Must swatch it! HAUL! Decant circle? Haul! Something interesting popped up in a blog sale? Haul haul haul!

But here’s the thing. I’ve actually been buying so much stuff that I haven’t had the chance to swatch, test, or, you know, use most of it before jumping off to the next shiny new thing. I have such a huge backlog of stuff that I could go on a complete no-buy for the next 6 months and never run out of post fodder. And that’s kind of crazy.

And on the IRL side of things, my fiance and I want to buy a house at some point in the next year or so. Our apartment is a total crap shack and we’re tired of moving around in a city where the rent in any area you’d actually want to live in is NOT cheap. We’re making good progress toward our down payment, and while I have no interest in cutting out ALL of my makeup/perfume spending, cutting back would allow me to funnel a little more money into out house fund, and every extra dollar helps.

I’d also like to make myself consider my purchases more carefully, rather than just buying everything that catches my eye. I want to concentrate on buying things I’ll actually use. I will use lipsticks and blushes and neutral eyeshadows. I will not use that gorgeous blue and red duochrome, no matter how much I drool over swatches.

With those things in mind, I’m officially going on a low-buy for the month of July. I will likely continue this for the forseeable future, but right now I’m just saying July and we’ll see how that goes. I’m posting about it here because I need some way to keep myself publicly accountable for my spending. I had every intention of doing a low-buy in June, but, well, I’m pretty great at rationalizing extra purchases when no one is around to call me out on it. Plus my birthday is in July, so I’m hoping I can get The Dude to buy me some indie stuff to help ease the pain. (You better believe I’m going to give him a list for when Darling Clandestine re-opens!)

So here are the guidelines for my low-buy:

Low-Buy Budget: $100 (Not even that low! Should be totally doable, right? Also this should give you some indication of how cuckoo bananas my spending has been lately.)

Exceptions: Postage for swaps does not count toward the spending limit. If I purchase something as a gift (my best friend’s birthday is in August and she may get some indie goodies), it does not count toward the spending limit.

I have one purchase from June that I will likely not pay for until we’re a few days into July (a decant circle that I haven’t been invoiced for yet), and since I made that commitment in June, I’m not counting it toward my July budget.

Exceptions MAY be made for seriously limited edition or discontinued items, on a case by case basis, but I need to be real with myself here and not abuse this. If I am (somehow, miraculously) under my budget come the end of the month, the balance will be carried over to August’s budget.

Accountability: I will be posting low-buy progress reports at the end of each week, and then a final report on July 31st.

So that’s that! Like I said, I still have a huge backlog of stuff to review, and I’ll have quite a few orders from June coming in during July, so I don’t think this will be too difficult. Famous last words, perhaps? Hopefully not. I considered giving myself a stipulation that if I sell stuff I don’t like/use, I can use that money above my budget, but I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose? I’m not sure. I may revisit that at some point.