aromaleigh “this is my design” swatches


mydesign_jars2IT’S HANNIBAL EYESHADOW YOU GUYS! I am so excited, you don’t even know. When I found out that Aromaleigh had a Ravenstag eyeshadow as one of their special monthly colors, I was like…


*happy cannibal noises*

And then when I found out they were going to do a whole Hannibal collection, I was like…


*aroused cannibal noises*

So of course I jumped all over that shit. It’s a collection in progress – they are releasing 1-3 new colors every Friday, when new episodes of Hannibal air. At the time I ordered there were nine colors, but currently there are 13, and in a few weeks when the seasons wraps up there will probably be about 20. This was my first order from Aromaleigh – I’ve never really been interested in their stuff, but let’s not even pretend I had a choice in this. Not checking it out would’ve been, well…


And rude people get ‘et.

Anyway, enough gifs. (Never enough gifs.) Swatch time!

mydesign_1Ravenstag: A very rich and chromatic black, with vivid duochrome effects that range from chartreuse to green to teal to blue. It also has brilliant violet sparks in it.

Ravenstag! Duh. A black base with lots of blue shimmer.

Tattler: A very rich mahogany red with soft cinnamon metallic tones and a coppery duochrome, with bronze and fuchsia sparks!

Freddie Lounds! Dark orange red. Duller than I expected.

Lure: This shade is highly chromatic and mutable, so appears very different depending on where you view it. In daylight conditions, it is a rich mauve/violet/brown which shifts to a brilliant chartreuse/gold highlight, and with prominent vivid copper and burgundy sparks.

Abigail Hobbs! Glitterbomb. Much much sparklier in person. A medium coppery mauve with tons of gold and green sparks. Very pretty over Pixie Epoxy. This swatch really doesn’t do it justice.

Murder Tie: This shade has shadowy blue frost base, but this is contrasted with a shimmering cascade of bordeaux and deep russet sparks, which creates an interesting chromatic plum effect in which this shade can appear to shift purplish. This color is best worn with an eyeshadow primer, to hold the bloody shimmer in place!

Fancy murderin’ clothes! A frosty light periwinkle. Looks a bit more purple in person. I don’t really notice any “bordeaux and deep russet sparks” or “chromatic plum effect,” even over a sticky base.


Folie A Deux: A dark blood red with blue undertones and a soft bordeaux metallic highlight, with shards of ice blue sparks throughout.

Mutual crazy! Hot dark pink with strong blue shimmer.

Gotcha: A satiny muted oxblood with a metallic copper highlight lurking in the background… “GOTCHA” also has a teal duochrome effect and bright teal shimmer.

BEVERLY KATZ! *sobs wildly* *keens in the fashion of a bereaved Italian window* *throws self into ocean* A darker mauve/raisin color. Pretty, but this is another one that just looks a little dull in person. The green/teal sparks are very visible over PE.

Antler Velvet: This shade is a lush, satiny soft buff brown, with metallic copper highlights, green/red mid tones and a smoked khaki undertone.

Garret Jacob Hobbs! A muted, slightly khaki brown with a satin finish. It really does go on kind of velvety. Over just primer the green tones are pretty strong, but over PE it becomes slightly reddish/coppery. My favorite. Do more of this finish please. It applies the best of all of them, and it’s the only one I’d use without a sticky base.

Perception: This shade is a strong duochrome effect, which ranges from a deep purplish taupe, to copper/bronze and then vivid yellow/gold shimmer with some deep fuchsia and cobalt sparks for good measure.

Empathy powers! Glitterbomb. Much sparklier in person. A light/medium brown with a million multicolored sparks. It’s really shimmery and gorgeous over PE. Looks like a less red version of Lure. This is another one where the swatch doesn’t really do it justice.

Sublime: This shade is a beautiful duochrome with tones of peacock blue, jade green, chartreuse, aqua and gold. 

Alana Bloom! A really pretty peacock blue/green. “Peacock” is really the most appropriate description of this color. Over just primer it’s like… nothing.

Thoughts? Well. Honestly, these didn’t blow me away. The colors are nice for the most part, but the formula leaves something to be desired. They absolutely need to be used over a sticky base. Full stop. In general they seem much more powdery and fly-away-y (to read makes our speaking English good!) than other shadows. That seems like a strange thing to say about loose shadows, because, uh, of course they’re powdery? But they’re not, necessarily. Even loose shadows generally have some sort of binder, rather than being straight pigments and micas, and it seems like these don’t really have that. You open the sample baggie and shimmer just poofs out the top and all over the place. Using them on the eye is a trip to fall out city, especially if you attempt to use them over just primer. I will say that I haven’t tried them foiled, but I think I will have to, because that might be the best way to go with these. I’ve also never pressed any loose shadows, but I have a feeling that pressing would really benefit these.

Anyway. They’re pretty, but I don’t love them. Of the shades I have, I like Antler Velvet the best. It’s got the best formula of the bunch, in my opinion, and I love the velvety finish. Lure and Perception take second place – they’re gorgeous over PE, but they are GLITTER CITY (much more so than it appears here – I should’ve taken some shots at an angle) so I don’t know if I’ll actually use them very often. Sublime is a gorgeous shade, but unfortunately it’s one that looks terrible on me. I expected to love Gotcha, but… not so much. I generally love a good purple-y brown, but this one is just kind of meh.

Regardless of my mixed feelings, I will pick up samples of the rest of the shades once the season ends. I love that someone is doing a Hannibal collection, and even if they’re not all hits with me I think the color choices are pretty spot on so far.

Check out Aromaleigh’s This Is My Design collection here.