dreamworld hermetica firefly swatches


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

FIREFLY!! A warning up front that this post is going to be long and full of gifs and quotes, because I can’t not get heavily excited about this show.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge Joss Whedon fangirl. So whenever brands do collection based on his stuff, I’m basically powerless to resist. I must try them; it is my duty. I’m drawn to them like a cat to a Katsak… that is to say, magically. There are more Firefly collections than any of his other works – I can think of four or five Firefly/Serenity collections, but just one Buffy collection, one Avengers collection (I’m sure there are more!) and zero things based on Angel, Dollhouse (which, meh, it had its bright spots but to be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of that one), or Dr. Horrible (THIS IS A CRIME, GIVE ME AN EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL EYESHADOW COLLECTION. BAD HORSE. FAKE THOMAS JEFFERSON. DEAD BOWIE. GET ON IT, INDIES!).

Ahem. Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that I’d been meaning to try out Dreamworld Hermetica for a while, but then they released a Firefly collection and my need became greater, and then they had a really crazy sale and, I don’t know, I guess I blacked out or something because a whole bunch of eyeshadows ended up at my house.

Some nefarious actor who isn’t me ordered stuff from other collections too, but those will be featured in another post. Firefly gets its own post, always.

First up, a quartet of warm pinky-purpley colors.


All shadows were swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

firefly_businessAmbassador: A beautiful rose mauve.

A very red-toned medium purple with a satin finish, inspired by Inara. Inara always gets this sort of color in Firefly collections (if I was smart I would’ve swatched it with Geek Chic’s Ambassador for comparison, buuuut I’m not – I think it’s darker and more purple), which is fine because it does suit the character and her opulent wardrobe. It’s lush and pretty, if perhaps a bit too pink for my personal taste.

Inara: I’d have to say, this is the first time we’ve had a preacher on board.
Book: Well, I wasn’t expecting to see a state official either. Ambassador. [shakes her hand as Mal laughs.] I’m missing something funny.
Kaylee: Not so funny.
Inara: Ambassador is Mal’s way of—
Mal: She’s a whore, Shep.
Kaylee: The term is “companion.”
Mal: I always get those mixed up. How’s business?
Inara: None of yours




Fog: A muddy burgundy/purplish color.

A stunning soft metallic mauvey, pinkish-purplish-tannish-taupeish kind of color. I can’t with this, it’s gorgeous. It reminds me of a less silvery/warmer/slightly more brown version of Shiro’s He Loves His Hammer.

Inara: Mal.
Mal: I got no answers for you, Inara. I got no rudder. Wind blows northerly, I go north. That’s who I am. Maybe that ain’t a man to lead, but they have to follow so you wanna tear me down do it inside your own mind.
Inara: I’m not trying to tear you down –
Mal: But you fog things up. You always have – you spin me about. I wish like hell you was elsewhere.
Inara: I was.



Kaylee smiles and the whole world smiles with her.

Shiny Young Mechanic: Soft pink that has satin finish.

A metallic peach, slightly pinkish. Shiny and adorable, just like Kaylee.

Mal: I don’t believe there is a power in the ‘verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.


firefly_sleepinessAutumn Flower: Moderate neutral brown with a variety of orange undertones.

A warm reddish brown with coppery shimmer. Zoe’s color palette was all warm browns, creams, and reds, so this is a very appropriate shade.

Wash: You’re acting captain. You know what happens, you fall asleep?
Zoe: Jayne slits my throat and takes over?
Wash: That’s right!
Zoe: And we can’t stop it?
Wash: I wash my hands of it. Hopeless case. I’ll read a nice poem at the funeral. Something with imagery.
Zoe: You could lock the door and keep the power-hungry maniac at bay.
Wash: Don’t know. I’m starting to like this poetry thing. “Here lies my beloved Zoe, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now that she’s all corpse-ified and gross… ”



Click to enlarge.

And now some shadows that are kind of a brownish color. (They were on sale.)


I love this set, I think they all go so well together. Shiny.

serenity_misbehaveNo More Running: Soft peachy pink perfect for a highlighter!

A beautiful pale peachy pink, like Shiny Young Mechanic’s lighter sister.

Mal: You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. ‘Cause as sure as I know anything, I know this: They will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground, swept clean. A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave.


firefly_mercy_combinedHonour: Warm neutral with blue undertones and satin finish.

This is an odd one. It’s kind of a matte putty peach with a very slight silvery blue shift. It looks warmer on an angle and/or in sunlight than it does head on or in the shade.

Badger: What were you in the war? That big war you failed to win – you were a Sergeant. Yeah, Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds, Balls and Bayonets Brigade, big, tough veteran, now you got yourself a ship and you’re a captain! Only I think, you’re still a Sergeant, see? Still a soldier. A man of honor in a den of thieves. Well it’s my gorramn den and I don’t like the way you look down on me. I’m above you. Better than. Businessman, yeah? Roots in the community. You’re just a scavenger.


firefly_riverbug2Gift: A pretty metallic peach color.

A pretty light pinkish copper.

Simon: I’m very smart. Went to the best Medacad in Osiris, top three percent of my class, finished my internship in eight months. “Gifted” is the term. So when I tell you that my little sister makes me look like an idiot child, I want you to understand my full meaning. River was more than gifted. She was… a gift. Everything she did, music, maths, theoretical physics – even dance – there was nothing that didn’t come as naturally to her as breathing does to us. She could be a real brat about it, too.


serenity_mirandaMiranda: Golden overtones with burgundy undertones that has created an awesome bronze color.

A metallic orange copper with some dark red in the base. Ellie threw this in as an extra, which is fortuitous since I almost bought it.

Kaylee: How can it be there’s a whole planet called Miranda and none of us knowed that?
Mal: Because there isn’t one. It’s a blackrock. Uninhabitable. Terraforming didn’t hold, or some such. Few settlers died.
River: [to Simon] I had to show them. I didn’t know if you were going to make me sleep.
Simon: You could’ve asked…
Kaylee: Wait a tick, yeah! Some ten years back, before the war. There was a call for workers to settle on Miranda, my daddy talked about going. I should’ve recalled…
Wash: But there’s nothing about it on the Cortex – history, astronomy… it’s not in there.
Mal: Half of writing history is hiding the truth. There’s something on this rock the Alliance doesn’t want known.


firefly_impossible2Browncoats: Medium to dark brown with golden undertones.

A neutral medium brown, slightly warm, with some gold shift. In some lights it’s more reddish, in some lights more gold. It is indeed similar to the color of Mal’s famous duster. (Between Mal and Spike, I feel like Joss really has a thing for dusters.)

Mal: Just focus! Alliance said they were gonna waltz through Serenity Valley and we’ve choked ’em with those words. We’ve done the impossible and that makes us mighty. Just a little while longer, our angels’ll be soaring overhead, raining fire on those arrogant cods, so you hold. You HOLD!



Second verse, same as the first. Click to embiggen. P.s. Pun totally intended.

My feelings about this collection overall?

firefly_illbeinmybunkThe shadows are very soft and wonderfully pigmented, and the color selection really does represent the overall color scheme and feel of the show well – it’s mostly warm, with lots of dusty neutrals as well some cool blues and silvers to represent the Alliance.

Of the shades I chose, my favorites are Fog, Shiny Young Mechanic, Autumn Flower, No More Running, and Gift, with Fog and No More Running getting absolutely top billing. I’m intrigued by Honour and am interested to see how it looks on – I don’t know that I have anything like it, which is impressive considering the absurd size of my eyeshadow collection.

Dreamworld Hermetica has taken their shadows off the website for a short time because they’re revamping the sizes and pricing, but they should be back soon if you too would like to smear futuristic space western pretties all over your face and then sob them off while re-watching Firefly’s tragically short run for the eleventy millionth time and thinking about what could have been. DAMMIT FOX. Hold me.

shiro color of the month swatches


I got eyeshadow everywhere removing the sifters.

Every month Shiro Cosmetics releases a special color of the month – usually they’re suggestions from the Facebook page, which are culled down to 5 or 6 options and voted on near the end of the month. They’re officially sold for one month only, though they frequently “secretly” stick around for a while after (meaning that you can access the product page directly but it’s not on the site anywhere). But they do eventually go away, sometimes to much keening and sobbing from the sparkle-loving masses who have gotten attached to LE colors.

Well, this month Shiro brought back all of the colors of the month from the last year, plus two from the previous year that were in popular demand. I am planning to pick up a few that I missed out on (most specifically Dammit, Moon Moon), but I have the bulk of them already, so I figured it would be helpful to throw up some swatches.


Arm o’ neutrals (mostly). Swatched over primer + pixie epoxy.

Doge: Slightly pink-toned shimmery creamy dogey wonderment.

A light peachy-pink champagne kind of shade. One of my favorites.

Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio: Shimmering rose-tinted champagne with bright silver sparks.

A shimmery champagne with silver sparks. Gorgeous. Also a very close dupe of the much-missed old CotM, I Survived the Apocalypse.

I Tried: That gorgeous rose-gold that everyone’s been wanting! 

Shimmery rose gold. Very very pretty, but occasionally makes me look like I have conjunctivitis if I’m not careful.

What Does the Fox Say?: Bright foxy red-orange with subtle metallic bronze shimmer.

A beautiful rusty orange with a slightly more subdued metallic finish. I LOVE this one, but I don’t see it talked about too often. Pity.

Butts (Malcolm Reynolds Edition): This particular version of Butts is inspired by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, whose booty is supreme. Shimmery khaki-tinted beige. 

HEYO CAPTAIN TIGHTPANTS. A metallic khaki sort of color. I like it. But let’s be honest, I would’ve bought this if the jar came full of ants instead of eyeshadow because it’s got Mal’s glorious face on it.

Bowties Are Cool: Dark cranberry red with blue and tan shimmer. 

So are fezzes. Fezzes are cool. This shadow is weird. It’s got a dark reddish base with a green overlay. I have never actually used this, and very likely never will, but it’s Doctor Who.


Look at Yzma’s Essence of Llama. LOOK AT IT.

The outliers. I really should’ve put Yzma’s Essence of Llama in with the neutrals instead of Bowties are Cool. In swatching, as in life, hindsight is always 20/20, etc.


Arm o’ other stuff. Swatched over primer + pixie epoxy.

Jareth’s Tight Pants: A dove-grey color worthy of the Goblin King, scattered with scandalous white sparkles.

A matte grey base with silver sparkles. I love the name of this one – I mean, what’s not to love about David Bowie’s magnificent bulge – but I’m not crazy about the color. It’s not super pigmented, applies kind of patchy, and as I’ve said before I don’t really like these matte + random sparkle kind of shades.

Yzma’s Essence of Llama: Dark plum purple with llama-colored duochrome. 

LLAMA FACE! This color is sex. I mean just look at it in the jar up there. It’s a dark dark purple base loaded with coppery shimmer. Ugh, I love it. I never USE it, but I love it.

Plausible Walrus: Bright poppy-pink with a violet shift.

A super bright coral-ish pink with some purple shift. Not a color I’ll use, honestly, but I couldn’t resist Jamie’s walrusy face.

The Fourth Be With You: Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green.

Shiro’s 4th anniversary color! A bright acid-y green. This was included with orders over $15 during the anniversary sale, which is the only reason I have it. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, lime green is not a color I would pick for myself.


Artificial indoor lighting. Enlarge for sparkles.

So there you have ’em! My personal favorites are Doge, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, What Does the Fox Say?, and Yzma’s Essence of Llama. Runner up goes to I Tried and Butts.

The colors here are linked to their individual pages, but if you want to see what else is available, the main Color of the Month page is here. Availability is guaranteed until June 30th, after which point the two most popular colors will be made permanent (ish?) High Scores and the rest will, presumably, disappear.

alchimia apothecary ladies of firefly


you can’t take the sky from me *wails* *rocks in corner, huffing perfume*

I have a soft spot for all things Whedon, and an even softer, gooier spot for Firefly. Buffy is my #1 favorite show forever and ever amen, but there is just something about Firefly. It was so, so good, and its potential was cut so, so short. (Dear Fox, pls die in a fire. Thx! ♥) I was one of the, like, four people who watched Firefly as it aired back in 2002/2003, out of order, on Friday nights. (More fire. All the fire.) I went as Kaylee for Halloween a few years ago, complete with army/navy surplus jumpsuit, bear patch, and little buns. (Engulfed in flames. So much burning.) I got my boyfriend into the show, too, and then knit him a Jayne hat for Christmas. (Forever burning. An eternally twisting spit roast.) So when I saw that Alchimia Apothecary had released a Ladies of Firefly set, well, suffice to say that my interest, she was piqued.

I have a lot of Thoughts and Feelings about Firefly, so I was equal parts excited and apprehensive about this collection. What if they didn’t match the characters at all? What if I hated all the scents? But what if they were perfect and I loved them all? That would be awesome. Let’s do that.

(Note: If the reviews seem a bit vague, it’s because they were done blind, without looking at the scent notes. I feel like I give a more impartial review that way. Notes and descriptions were added after the fact.)

Ambassador: Fresh from the Companion Tea ceremony, this scent is the combination of thick oud and Arabian Sandalwood, incense and the thick bubbling black tea she serves with delicate bergamot, honey and sweet hot cream.

In the vial it’s spicy and creamy, with lots of tea. I think the spicy note is sandalwood. On skin it’s the same. It’s like a tea house with soft incense burning somewhere in the background. Tea can be a weak, fleeting note in perfume, but I’m getting black tea very distinctly – it’s reminding me of Earl Grey – and it’s strong enough to stand up to the other notes involved. There’s a creamy sweetness underneath it all that’s really nice – it’s not sweet sweet, but it smooths out the whole scent.

Thankfully, and a bit surprisingly, this doesn’t morph much at all on me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the sandalwoody incense portion amped up and took over, but it never did. I really, really like this and I think it’s very appropriate for Inara.

Warrior Slink: Based on the warrior woman herself, this dark sexy scent is pure sophistication. Oozing with thick ribbons of benzoin and labdanum, sweet notes of chocolate wrapped in spicy worn leather bubble to the surface. Combined with black agar, there are hints of what can only be described as pure animal musk.

Leather. Spicy leather. But it’s also a little bit sweet? Just a tiny bit. But lots of leather. On skin it’s still quite spicy but I’m getting much more of that sweetness. Something dark and thick. Chocolate? The leather is a bit less prominent on skin, and I’m getting a woodiness, or maybe amber? Something warm and a little sharp. Verging on smoky once it’s dried down.

I didn’t like this one on cold sniff, and I’m not sure it’s something I’d wear often, but I’m surprised to find that I enjoy this. It’s a very sexy scent, dark and spicy and sweet, but also a little tough. Zoe would approve.

Apple Bits: Red ripe juicy apples mingle with the fruity crisp scent of green pomegranates, tropical wood, candied ginger and just a touch of ginseng. Rounding out this scent are spicy hints of fresh green herbs.

Fresh green apple, crisp and sweet. Maybe something a little gingery? On skin it’s a little less tart, a little smoother. Apple is still at the top but there’s something else in there, some other fruits, I think. I’m still getting a gingery bite, and there’s something a little deeper and woody in the background that keeps it from being a straight-up fruity scent.

This is awesome. It’s fruity and green, sweet and fresh and crisp and a tiny bit spicy. I love apple scents, and this is a great one. I’m sure River would happily throw it up on Simon’s bed.

Layer Cake: This is a combination of strawberries, lichee, dragon fruit, mangoes and other sweet fruit drizzled over a thick slice of birthday cake and topped with a fresh dollop of whipped cream.

SWEET. Very, very sweet. Vanilla, cake, and fruit. On skin it’s still really sweet, but a bit more fruity. It’s clearly strawberry. I mean, clearly. I think there are some other fruits in there, too, though – something bright and light, maybe tropical? Lychee maybe, since it’s making me recall Haus of Gloi’s Litchi Milk Tea a bit. But mostly strawberry. And cake, of course. This is pretty much what I expected Blooddrop’s Strawberry Buttercream to smell like.

Obviously I love this. It smells delicious and I want to drink it. It’s a sweet, creamy, fruity confection of a scent that’s perfect for Kaylee.

And what do you know – I like them all. I’m not completely in love with Warrior Slink, just because it’s not the kind of scent I gravitate toward, but Ambassador, Apple Bits, and Layer Cake are all definite bottle purchases for me. (And since buying the set of four is the same price as buying three separately, well, Warrior Slink will be coming home with me anyway.)

I know she’s not a main character, but I’d love to see a scent for Saffron (/Yolanda/Bridgette). I can only imagine what would go into that! It would be the perfect scent to wear while scheming sexily.

firefly_kayleesmileAnyway – this collection is great. A+ fangirl approved, will rub all over myself again. Head over to Alchimia Apothecary to get some Firefly smells for yourself!

delightful rot leaf on the wind


“I am a leaf on the wind – watch how I soar.” This quote ushered in one of the most triumphant and then suddenly tragic moments in cinematic history. The scent reflects both the triumphant, with a bright and sweet green top note, and the tragic, with a gentle, aquatic undercurrent of tears drying in the wind.

I left the introductory info in there instead of just cutting it down to the notes list because WASH. Oh god. Just thinking about that scene makes me cry and cry and cry some more like a sad little heartbroken baby.


But let me put aside my snot-covered feelings for a second and talk about the actual scent based on dear, sweet, hilarious Wash. Unfortunately I do not like it much. Sorry, Wash.

In the imp and on skin, Leaf on the Wind smells like an extremely strong, generic green floral perfume. It’s slightly less oppressively perfumey on skin than when sniffed straight, but the whole thing just makes me think of being spritzed by an overzealous perfume counter employee in a department store. It may sound odd to criticize a perfume for smelling perfumey, but I think most people know what I mean by that. It’s strong in a bad way, and instead of smelling like any individual notes, it just smells like perfume.

While I don’t deny that this may be someone’s olfactory idea of the character, it’s not mine. If I were to make a perfume based on Wash, it would be clean and green and slightly fruity, with notes of airy ozone or something similar (for the vast openness of space), sweet grass or maybe basil, lemon, pineapple (for his hawaiian shirts of course), and warm, worn leather to represent the the pilot’s seat at the front of Serenity. Hmm. I really want that perfume now.

Would I buy it again? Sadly, no. I wanted to like this because I love Wash and Firefly and Serenity, but I really hate it. I actually scrubbed it off right after reviewing it, which I rarely ever do.

Available from: Delightful Rot