smelly yeti hellmouth collection, part deux!


Aww yes season 3. Let’s attack the Mayor with hummus.

HEY GUYS. I have more Buffy goodness for you today! If you’ve glanced at this blog for like .25 seconds before, you know how much joy it brings me to be able to go on and on (and on) about my most favorite show on the planet. I’ll take any opportunity, really, but when it intersects with one of my other most favorite things on the planet, indie perfume? Even better. Even best.

But enough with the cartoon hearts floating around my head. Let’s do this thing.


“Giles, I’m 16 years old. I don’t want to die.” *SOB*

Slayer, The: Before she was a slayer, she was a teenage girl. Sweet, bright and feminine, this scent is a delicious blend of light and fruity Californian citrus. Blood orange, tangerine, Meyer lemon, and lime with a creamsicle sweetness. Feminine.

Ooh, yum. In the bottle, Slayer, The smells like light, sweet, slightly fizzy citrus. A cross between orange and lemon – like a meyer lemon Italian soda.

Wet on skin it’s bubbly lemon, lime, and sweet orange – the whole citrusy spectrum. Thankfully it doesn’t veer toward cleaning products like so many citrus scents do on my skin. It’s got a slight fizziness going on, but it just kind of makes it smell “sparkling.”

On dry down it does got a bit cleaner-y, but my skin does that to a lot of citrus scents, so I assumed YMMV on that. It’s not too bad, though. All in all, this is a really nice citrus scent. Clean and zesty and just lightly sweet.

I tend to prefer my citrus scents much sweeter, however, so I decided to try layering Cub Scout over it. I hate to admit it, but Buffy and Riley, YOU SMELL OKAY TOGETHER. Please excuse me while I go rock in a corner for a while. Slayer, The did overpower Cub Scout after a while, though – perfume imitates art imitates the truth of the universe, duh – so then I tried layering it with Broody Guy and lo, it smelled like delicious lemon cake. A step up, to be sure. However, after a while it punched through Broody Guy too. Slayer, The is not fucking around. Vampires, demons, forces of darkness, and boyfriends of all quality levels: beware.

I didn’t try layering it with Captain Peroxide, because fizzy lemon bacon sounds like the most vomit-worthy of things I can think of. Sorry, Spike. You’ll always be in my heart. And my spank bank. Just not on my wrists.


The internet is severely lacking good Joyce gifs.

Supermom: Sweet and simple, warm and comforting, it’s a mug of hot chocolate, the brim overflowing with mini marshmallows. Folded underneath the sweet and subtle cocoa is a hint of caffeine and a smothering of sticky benzoin. Feminine.

In the bottle, Supermom smells like delicious hot chocolate. YUM. Not dark, fancy drinking chocolate – this smells like straight-up Swiss Miss. A milky, slightly powdery chocolate with mini marshmallows.

Wet on skin, it’s got a deep, ambery kind of vibe underneath the sweet cocoa. It’s a nice counterpoint to the chocolately goodness. This one stays pretty linear throughout the dry down and ultimately smells EXACTLY like a chocolate Tootsie Pop.



Jeeves: When there’s something strange in the neighborhood…go to the library. A cup of tea, the dusty smell of leatherclad demonology books, a woody medieval weapons cabinet, and the unmistakable smell of LEARNING. Unisex.

In the vial, Jeeves is soft leather and tea. Mild, considering. Not bacon-y, thank god.

On skin it’s all leather at first, almost verging on bacon-y, and then black tea joins the party. Oddly that sort of amplifies the bacon-ness since the tea is a little smoky. It continues to skew that way as it dries. Alas, Giles, your scent is not for me. I’m not a big fan of leather scents in general, but Smelly Yeti’s leather just really doesn’t work on my skin.

Bonus: I smeared this one on my fiance after I told him that it was a Giles-themed scent and he said “I’d wear it.” GAME ON, SIR. It smells much better on him – woody and musty in a good way, like a used bookstore, and later on the tea comes out in a less smoky way. I definitely prefer the way it smells on him. I also loved his reaction to it smelling so different, because I don’t think he’s ever really understood what I meant when I talked about skin chemistry before. He just kept going, “What? Are you sure that was the same bottle? THAT’S SO WEIRD.” <3


Eskimo Willow is my favorite Willow.

Who’s That Girl?: Willow. Sweet and shy but powerful; not one of those wanna-blessed-be’s. A sweet quasi-gourmand scent of cookies, sugar and spice and everything nice…with a witchy twist. The classic bakery smell undercut by incense and a splash of ginger. Feminine, leaning unisex.

In the vial: this smells amazing. Like spicy sugar cookies. LIKE SNICKERDOODLES.

Wet on skin it’s snickerdoodles, all sugar cookies and cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon does me the favor of NOT going balls to the wall here, which I appreciate. After a few minutes a little bit of bitey ginger shows up, a nice counterpoint to the cookie sweetness.

It doesn’t change much during dry down – it’s just delicious, spicy cookies. There’s a little incense wafting underneath everything after about 10 minutes or so, but it doesn’t change the general tone of the scent, just kind of blends in with the spices. Further into dry down, the cinnamon does get a liiiiittle heavier than I’d like, but that’s an annoying skin chemistry thing.

Even so, I love this one. That girl is Willow and SHE SMELLS LIKE SNICKERDOODLES. I bet she would, too. Aww. Willow.


“Well… sometimes I crave a non-fat yogurt afterward.”

Psycho: Assertive and bold, uninhibited and reckless. Faith’s always been a wild card. Wild black cherry, dirty leather, black musk, and a wisp of tobacco smoke.

In the vial: cherries and bacon, whyyyy? It’s leather and smoke. The same thing happened with Captain Peroxide. Something about SY’s leather and smoke mixed together just smells like bacon to me. Ick. Bleh.

Wet on skin, holy jesus. Dark black, ozoney and metallic. I don’t even know what’s going on here. I smell leather in the background, but the cherry lollipops I got in the bottle are nowhere to be found. It’s sharp and black and dirty metallic, like pennies rolling around in the parking lot of a biker bar.

After a few minutes a muskiness starts to come out underneath, with a little bit of warmth and just a tiny, tiny infinitesimal particle of sweetness. That trend continues as it dries, and at some point I start to smell a hint of cherry again. The bacony smoke and leather combo makes an appearance too, but it’s not super strong. I think the leather is what I’m reading as metallic, actually. It dries down to a warm, dirty musk with a touch of smoky cherry and a biting metallic/leathery edge.

This gives me a headache. It’s appropriate for Faith, but it gives me a headache. And even if it didn’t, I’m not a fan. Sorry, Faith. ILU, girl, but this one is Not For Me.


Brood so hard motherfucker don’t cast a shadow reflection.

Broody Guy: Dark, masculine leathers with hair gel and self-loathing…aw, who am I kidding. Angel likes to play the dark avenger card, but we’re not fooled. This one smells like cake. Sweet, delicious cake with buttercream frosting. Unisex, because who doesn’t like a guy who smells like a bakery?

In the bottle, Broody Guy smells like deep, rich, sweet cake.

Wet on skin it’s a little less sweet, slightly musky in a sexy way, but still cakey and delicious. It’s linear throughout the dry down. Sweet but not cloying, musky, delicious. Yes please. I love this on myself, but I could also see a guy wearing it. It’s not so overly sweet that it would be off-putting to a dude.

Also: so this is why Lorne kept called you pastries, Angel Cakes. I see how it is.


Welcome to True Facts with Riley Finn.

Cub Scout: Vanilla. Straight up vanilla. Not that that’s a bad thing! And it’s a really nice vanilla, I swear. A perfect subtle scent which works great for layering and adding sweetness to other scents; worn alone, Cub Scout is simply a rich vanilla with the slightest hint of woods. Unisex.

In the bottle, Cub Scout smells like a musky, slightly woody vanilla. Wet on skin, it’s a little warmer and very mild. It doesn’t change much throughout the dry down.

This one is, as stated, a simple musky vanilla with a touch of woods. It’s not overly sweet, definitely not a gourmand vanilla. Subtle throw, wears close to skin.


“Is Jordy a werewolf? Uh-huh. And how long has that been going on?”

Mongrel: Smell like a werewolf. Have you noticed any changes in your life? Maybe you’ve been craving red meat. Maybe a few times a month, you wake up in an unfamiliar place. You smell it before you see it – damp, grassy earth, fallen oak trees, mossy underbrush, dark oud…It’s probably nothing to worry about. You’re not howling at the moon, right? Right? Masculine.

In the bottle, Mongrel smells sharp, grassy, and woody. Wet on skin, I smell damp dirt and spicy woods, and green mossy things. A little ozone-y. It smells like a forest floor. I really like most of what I smell here, but there’s something I’m not crazy about. It’s whatever the sharp ozone-y thing is. It could be the oud – I didn’t really love it in either of the Darling Clandestine scents that featured oud last year either, but this smells different. I’m not really sure.

As it dries, that sharpness calms down a little bit and it’s more earth and woods, but there’s still an edge to it that I’m not super crazy about on my skin. I like it, but I don’t love it. Fitting for the subject matter, though, and I bet it would smell great on a guy.


Magic, the all-purpose metaphor.

Spell Gal: An old school witch with modern ways. Or is it the other way around? Witchiness in a bottle. Incenses, resins, cedar, pink peppercorn, smoky clary sage and dark oud with a bright flash of lemon. Feminine.

In the bottle, Spell Gal smells sharp and incense-y with citrus and herbs. Wet on skin, it’s all resins and incense. Sharp, spicy, herbal and a little smoky. It smells like walking into a new age shop that’s just been cleansed with a smudge stick. There’s a slight tang of lemon in the background.

On dry down it’s mostly smoky sage and lemon. I like this stage best, and I don’t mind this one, but in general it’s not something I’d reach for.


I feel you, girl.

Capitalist: In ancient tradition, different oils had different meanings, and there were some said to bring wealth to those who wore them…sweet orange, bergamot, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and more mix and mingle to bring you a heady spiced citrus scent that will make you wealthier than all your wildest…well, no promises, right?

Capitalist is very mild in the bottle. It smells like spicy clove oranges.

On skin it’s spicy oranges, clove and cinnamon, but the cinnamon isn’t overwhelming. I also get something almost a little licorice-y, even though I know it’s not in the notes. This one is warm and spicy, very nice for cold weather, although it does skew a little candle-y on my skin during dry down. It’s the cinnamon.

Further into dry down, it gets a little more fruity and the combination reminds me a little bit of cinnamon bubble gum.

So, overall thoughts? Not as many hits for me personally as the first batch of the Hellmouth scents, but in general I’m loving this collection. Of course I am. I’m admittedly biased there. My favorites here are Who’s That Girl? and Broody Guy. I like Supermom, too. Most of the rest either just aren’t to my particular tastes or clash with my skin chemistry.

I’ll leave you with the Dance of Capitalist Superiority.


Smelly Yeti is closed at the moment, but should be re-opening soon.

notoriously morbid slay me swatches (wave 3)



A little while ago, Notoriously Morbid released Wave 3 of their all-matte Buffy eyeshadow collection. It consists of six shades, but one of them isn’t vegan (a bright pink called I Wanna Do Girly Stuff), so I only have five shades to show you today.


Swatched over primer. Indirect natural light.

I Call It Mr. Pointy: A smokey plum/burgundy that you’ve been searching for.

Kendra! A dark, dusty, slightly reddish plum. A very vampy shade, fitting for the slayer with a comically heavy accent and only one shirt.

So Goes My Nation: A velvet ivory as pure as the devotion of your first love.

Oz and Willow! The feels. A soft vanilla cream shade. I got a mini because I know it’ll get enough use as a highlight shade.

5×5: A burnt orange that ain’t playin’ around.

Faith! A rusty mid-toned orange-red, very warm. Not as bright as Blackbird Fire Pledge.

Rayne Brings Ripper: Magic duels in the forest come to mind with this lush woodland green.

Ethan Rayne! Aka a box full of farm fresh chicken. A dusty evergreen.

Lost in L.A.: A steely slate gray that makes you think of far off places.

Anne/Runaway Buffy! A dark, cloudy blue grey. Appropriate for the gloomy depiction of L.A. in the episode this shade is based on.


Swatched over primer only. Not quite full sun.

There you have ’em! Short and sweet today, kids. My favorites are I Call It Mr. Pointy, So Goes My Nation, and 5×5. Rayne Brings Ripper and Lost in L.A. are both pretty colors, but too cool-toned for me to get much use out of. I might try Lost in L.A. as a liner, though.

My overall feelings regarding this collection remain very positive. I’ll let Spike sum it up:


Notoriously Morbid has a standalone site here, and can also be found on Etsy.

smelly yeti perfumery intro & review



Note: If you’ve read this blog at all, you know this is going to be a long, fangirly, gif-heavy post, right? Because yeah. Yeah. Strap in and grab yourself a snack, we’re going to be here for a while.

YOU GUYS. Many moons ago – or, okay, a couple of months maybe? – a lovely Redditor (hey /u/normalcypolice!) was talking about working on opening her own perfume shop. I perked up like a prairie dog. New perfumes, you say?  And then later on she was talking about Buffy perfumes, and we got to discussing them in PMs, and then about a week ago it actually happened: Smelly Yeti Perfumery flung wide its (internet) doors and revealed not one Buffy perfume… not two… but a whole collection with more to come.


Needless to say, I threw caution (and my bank balance) to the wind and ordered immediately. I did show some restraint in only ordering samples, at least – so today I have the entire Smelly Yeti lineup for review, which includes 7 Buffy scents and 4 others, which for the purpose of this post we will call “non-Buffy scents” with the disdain we normally reserve for stepping on dog poo or people who claim to “not like dessert.” (J/k! The other four are based on Back to the Future, Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy, an anime I’m not familiar with called Ouran High School Host Club, and my nemesis Nicholas Cage’s hilari-bad remake of The Wicker Man. But seriously if you don’t like dessert, I don’t trust you.)


Super adorable package. LOOK AT THAT FANCY FRENCH YETI.

Non-smelly details first: I ordered on Saturday, October 11th, received my shipping confirmation on Monday, October 13th (but stupid Columbus day ruined all our lives by delaying shipping, and also being a holiday that honors a straight-up jackhole of a human being), and received my order on Thursday, October 16th. Everything was packaged really well, with the samples – which are the tiny screw-top ones that stand up on their own – tucked into little boxes that were decorated with stickers (a special Giles one just for me!) and cute twine bows. In addition to what I ordered, I also received: two Airheads (vegan! also, gone), two little plastic dinosaurs which immediately joined my shelf o’ dinosaurs, two dinosaur fake tattoos, 6 mini pipettes for decanting oil (which will come in very handy since the other night I decanted some DC Ballyhoo out of a full-size bottle and into a 1 ml sample vial just by pouring it reeeeeeally slowly and it was terrifying), and not one but two awesome Yeti drawings. Overall this package gets a super thumbs up, totally made my day A++.

Bonus: all of Smelly Yeti’s products are vegan! And all future products will be vegan as well. Swoon.

Now onto the reviews! As always, reviews were done as blindly as possible, with notes and descriptions added after the fact.


cordy_preen Beauty Queen: Ah, Cordelia. A sorbet sundae that’s fruity sour, and above all, cool, this perfume features pomegranate, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, raspberry, and rich vanilla with a hint of ice cream sweetness. Juicy, fresh, and bright- perfect for the cheerleader everyone loves to hate. 

Queen C, you fabulously tactless and eminently lovable bitch.

In the vial, Beauty Queen is extremely fruity – tart and sweet and fresh, I definitely get lime and raspberry, but it’s a little creamy, too. It smells awesome and not at all like chewable vitamins, which is what I would expect raspberry and lime to smell like.. (Raspberry tends to go very medicinal on me for some reason.) On skin it starts out very tartly fruity, but sweetens up quickly, with that creamy vanilla base coming up to soften everything out.

It’s a very sweet, girly scent with a citrus tang. It almost smells like some delicious fruity drink… maybe the kind Cordelia would have some panting freshman fetch for her at the Bronze. Either way, this is totally something she would wear, especially in her Rich Bitch early high school days.

buffybot_naked0 buffybot_naked

Buffybot: With slightly singed wire, motor oil, ozone, and a smooth metallic finish, this perfume calls to mind warm electronics. Subtle and slightly sweet, this perfume is just strong enough to get people slightly worried that the robot uprising is upon us. Just slightly worried. And, you know, sometimes you just want to smell like a robot. A slightly malfunctioning, overly peppy robot.

Warm, sweet, plasticky, slightly metallic. Smelly Yeti’s evil genius mastermind talked about doing a “warm electronics” scent, and here it is! On skin it starts out warm and sweet with a distinctly metallic note, which gets stronger as it dries down. There’s something sharp and buzzing about it, almost ozone-y, but dark, black. The only thing I’ve smelled that’s even remotely similar is DC’s Supernova Sway, but Buffybot is warmer, sweeter and less sharp. Also lacking the slight floral-ness of Supernova Sway.

I had no idea what to think about this one going in, but I actually really like it. Not only is it incredibly unique, it just… smells really good. And like warm electronics. Which is weird. But awesome.


Captain Peroxide: Spike. Dirty leather coat, smoky tobacco, bleached hair, with a soft spot for a certain slayer. He may act tough, but at the heart of it all he’s a marshmallow. Red Egyptian musk gives it a smooth finish and a distinctive bloody coloring. This is the scent that has it all. Sweet but dingy. Smoky and sexy. This perfume is practically bottled pheromones. 

In the vial this one smells… like bacon. Or this vegan’s recollection of bacon, anyway (it’s been… 18 years). Smoky, salty, a little sweet. Bacony. On skin it’s still bacon, alternatively smoky and sweet, dirty and musky, and it would be sexy if it didn’t make me think of… bacon. The thing is that I know there’s no “bacon” in this, but honestly, it’s all I can smell and if I liked that kind of thing I’d probably love it, but I do not, so… I do not. The bacon-ness fades a little as it wears, but not enough for me to want to keep it on my person.

Of course, looking at the notes, I’m cursing my skin for turning leather, smoky tobacco, and red musk into bacon, because it sounds like it should be dead sexy. Just like Spike. Literally. (I’m not sorry.)


Putting the moves on his second demon.

Demon Magnet: Cedarwood, dirt, sweet and salty musks, and a trace hint of that lumberyard je ne sais quois. No wonder Anya can’t resist him. Maybe the demons will flock to you too, once you smell like a hot carpenter. 

In the vial: cologne-y! Woodsy and musky and manly. On skin it smells, yep, like really nice cologne. Spicy and woody, musky, a tiny bit dirty but also kind of clean. I like manly scents like this, so I’m into it for myself, but I bet it would smell amazing on a guy. If I recall from my conversations with Abby, Xander’s scent was meant to be based on his grown up carpenter job… and I would call it a rousing success.

However, I remain slightly disappointed that my suggestion of Xander’s scent being jelly donuts and Drakkar Noir didn’t come to fruition. (Not really. This is why no one lets me run a perfume shop.)

dawn_pterodactyl1 dawn_pterodactyl2

Pipsqueak: A funky and fruity and extremely tweeny blend of mulberry, strawberry, and sparkling lime. Initially created as a joke, (to include as a surprise with other orders, a la her reveal in season five) it ended up actually being good. Too good, in fact, to keep secret. I was going to make some sort of “key” joke here but I couldn’t think of one. 

Oh, Dawnie. You’re kind of the worst, but it’s not your fault, I guess. Blame the monks. In the vial, Pipsqueak smells bubbly and intensely fruity. On skin it’s a sparkling explosion of fruitiness – red fruits, I’m thinking, because it smells like fruit punch. Fancy fruit punch, made with sparkling water and with bits of fruit floating in it and stuff, but still – it’s got that concentrated super syrupy sweetness going on. Citrus cuts the sweet a bit and adds a little zing.

This is so incredibly sweet and girly, it’s perfect for Dawn. It’s like Beauty Queen’s younger, sweeter, fizzier sister. I also have to note a few things here – 1) this is a fizzy/bubbly scent that I actually like, and 2) this is TWO scents now with both berries and lime that didn’t turn to Flintstones vitamins on my skin. Bravo.


Queen of the Damned: Drusilla, Spike’s sometimes-paramour, wanderer of graveyards, makes for an enchanting and unconventional floral scent. Among the more traditional bouquet of roses is a mélange of darker, cooler notes of cabbage, cedarwood, tuberose moss, dewy grass, and damp earth. The overall effect is one of flowers in a graveyard. Feminine.

In the vial, Queen of the Damned is a dark floral, with lots of green. On skin I get mostly the green parts – it reminds me a bit of DC’s Limerence, lush and green and thorny, like crushed and dripping dark leaves and stems. It’s floral in the sense that it smells like, say, a greenhouse or a flower shop – or more accurately for Dru, a night-blooming garden in the courtyard of Angel’s mansion – not in the usual sense of smelling like a particular flower.

This is good. I like it. I’m not a floral person, usually, but this a whole other kind of floral, and very appropriate for mad, dark, damaged but deadly Drusilla.


An epic battle for the ages… SLAP FIGHT!

Unicorn Collector: Oh, Harmony. You try so hard to be bad. Bubbly and bright tangerine strawberries nestled in creamy tahitian vanilla and tonka bean. Pretty much the fruitiest, girliest scent to ever exist. 

Holy sweetness, Batman. In the vial, this is sweet and it is PINK. Like somehow even sweeter and pinker than Pipsqueak. On skin it’s actually not quite as sweet – still super fruity, but a little musky and creamy as well, with something almost slightly grassy underneath. It’s interesting. I expected a fruit-splosion for Harmony, but it’s not that predictable. Sweet and girly, yes, and I would still call it pink if I were assigning it a color, but there’s some dimension to it.

It’s nice. Very wearable. It’s also very subtle, with probably the lowest sillage of all the Hellmouth scents. (At least until we get to Riley. HEYO.) And contrary to the description, I think Pipsqueak is both fruitier and girlier.

Thoughts on the collection as a whole: As if I’m going to have anything negative to say about a goddamn line of Buffy perfumes. PLEASE. I really like all but one of the scents – I just can’t with Captain Peroxide, sorry Spike – and I’m super stoked to see what Abby comes up with next. In addition to more Buffy perfumes, she mentioned (after I begged for a Veronica Mars collection) that she has a VM scent in the works. THIS WOMAN IS MAKING ALL OF MY DREAMS COME TRUE. For reals, yo.

I’m going to try to fight the urge to collect all of these in full-size just to have them, but I make no promises. Buffybot, Beauty Queen, Queen of the Damned, and Pipsqueak are likely bottle purchases, with Demon Magnet and Unicorn Collector being maybes and Captain Peroxide, sadly, being a bacony no-go.

Okay, take a breath. Maybe a bathroom break? Fresh snack? Beverage re-fill? I’ll wait.





Blurry Yeti, just like every cell phone video taken in the woods by bros gone Squatchin’.

I’ll spare you the gif-storm for the rest because I’m not emotionally invested in these entertainment properties.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster: According to Douglas Adams, this drink feels a bit like getting your head smashed by a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick. While it doesn’t have Fallian marsh gas going through it, our version is a striking citrus mint cocktail with a powerful sparkling punch. Unisex.

In the vial: lemon, then mint. It smells good but also a little like sweet toothpaste. On skin it’s a very strong lemon and mint, pretty equally dominant, like some kind of sweet lemon cocktail with a metric ton of mint muddled at the bottom. It’s definitely sweet, and reads alternately like toothpaste, candy, and booze. (Not in a bad way!) It smells exactly like something I can’t put my finger on… like one of those lemon-flavored butter mints! That’s a thing, right? I’m not making that up? Because that’s what it smells like.

As such it puts me in mind of two scents that also smell like butter mints to me: Solstice Scents Snowmint Mallow, which is much sweeter, heavier on the vanilla and butter, and completely lemon-free, and Arcana Puppy Kisses, which is more of a melty coconut butter mint, very creamy, and again, no lemon. PGGB is an entirely different scent, but if you like either of those and also like lemon, you’d probably love this one.

There is a bit of fizziness in the background, like seltzer, and after a while the lemon does go a teeny bit cleaner-y on me (citrus + fizz, it’s nearly unavoidable), but overall I like it. The description calls it unisex, and I suppose it could be, but on my skin it’s distinctly sweet.

Hey, McFly!: Inspired by old 50s ice cream parlors, this scent mixes fizzy cola and root beer with sweetshop vanilla to create a surprisingly unisex/masculine end result. Slather some on, go to the big dance. It’s your density.

In the vial I get sweet, syrupy cola. On skin the cola is the most prominent note at first, but then I get something a little woodsy and spicy, like men’s cologne. It goes surprisingly well with the sweet cola. It’s sharp and a little fizzy, but also sweet and smooth. It smells like a root beer float, but like… manly. Sexy root beer float? (Halloween costume!)

Looking at the notes, it is indeed root beer that’s giving me the cologne vibe. Not that root beer smells like cologne, but root beer has that sharp spiciness to it. The description is spot on in calling it surprisingly masculine, considering what’s in it.

This one is a big hit for me. I like that it smells like a soda fountain without just smelling like a soda fountain. It has pretty strong sillage, too.

Not the Bees: It might actually be more accurate to call this “Yes The Bees” because this perfume is a lovely sweet confection of candied honey and honeysuckle, punctuated by citrus and underscored with smooth vanilla. Nicholas Cage screams not included.  

Goddamn fucking Nicholas Cage. YES THE BEES. YOU GO, BEES. FOUR FOR YOU, BEES.

Ahem. In the vial, it smells like creamy delicious honey. On skin it’s honey and vanilla, smooth and sweet and creamy and yum. There’s a hint of a floral note to it, but mostly it just smells like something I want to drizzle on ice cream and shove into my face hole. Nicholas Cage does not deserve this.

After peeking at the notes, I see that the hint of floral is honeysuckle, which makes sense. It’s a nice honeysuckle. I love the smell in real life, but often perfume versions smell way too flowery or heady or strong, which isn’t honeysuckle to me – it’s a delicate scent. But I really like it here. This whole scent gets two thumbs up. It smells goddamn amazing.

Ouran: Roses. Bulgarian roses. English roses. Rosehip jasmine, pikake flower, and yuzu. Basically, FLOWERS. Plus, a hint of the tropical flavor that signifies the mark of a true silly anime – the token beach episode. 

I have no idea what Ouran is. An anime, I gather, but beyond that? Nope. I’ll talk your face off about Buffy (OBVIOUSLY) and Firefly and Veronica Mars and Doctor Who and Hannibal and the goddamn delicious drama of Pretty Little Liars (someone please make a PLL perfume collection, btw. Please?), but anime is not my are of pop culture interest. So I have no frame of reference for this, is what I’m saying. It was my free sample, which is awesome because it’s the only one I didn’t order. Thanks Abby!

In the vial, I get… pink flowers. Roses, but also something a little citrusy. On skin it’s a rose-a-palooza, a whole bouquet of the suckers. I like rose, but not always – I prefer my rose quite sweet, and not perfumey. This rose is not sweet, but it’s also not too perfumey – it smells almost but not quite like real roses. Like some very fancy French hand cream made with the individually plucked and hand-crushed petals of the roses from the gardens at Versailles or something. It’s definitely the most floral of all the scents, and the most traditional.

I’m a bit on the fence about it for myself, but it does smell nice. I like it, but it will require more testing. I might like it better as a candle or a shower gel than as a perfume. However, if you like rose scents, particularly of the more traditional variety, I recommend giving this one a try. It’s a quiet floral, soft and sophisticated and decidedly feminine.

Non-Hellmouth Favorites: Hey, McFly! and Not the Bees. Hey, McFly! is probably my #1 favorite out of all of the scents, surprisingly.

Overall thoughts about Smelly Yeti: An emphastic YES. I’m really happy with everything about my initial experience with this brand, from the inspiration (Someone’s finally giving Buffy its due! Marry me?)  to the cute and thoughtful packaging to the hilarious and easy-to-navigate website to the scents themselves, and I can’t wait to see what Abby cooks up in the future.

If you actually made it to the end of this post, congratulations! And thank you! Because jesus this was long. Reward yourself by checking out Smelly Yeti maybe?

dreamworld hermetica hocus pocus, semi-loose, and misc swatches


hocuspocus_jars2Part 2 of my Dreamworld Hermetica order! AKA everything that wasn’t Firefly. I have a few from the Hocus Pocus collection, a few semi-loose shadows, and a mix of randoms from other collections.

First up: Hocus Pocus.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Angry Zombie: A mixure of copper, bronze and tan that has created a beautiful deep bronze color.

A beautiful light bronzey copper.

Black Flamed Candle: Purplish brown with yellow undertones. Slight shimmer.

SHUT UP this color is amazing. On my skin, it’s a really interesting light bronzey brown with slight purple undertones. It’s got a pretty, dusty kind of look to it. Every swatch I’ve seen of it looks different, so it seems to be a bit of a shifter. In any case, it’s gorgeous, and the whole reason Dreamworld Hermetica came onto my radar to start with.

1963: Deep purplish brown in color.

A muted medium reddish purple.

Bloody Witch: A deep brownish black with shifting reddish undertones.

An olivey brown base with tons of red shimmer. Viewed straight on, it looks like a dark reddish brown. On an angle, it looks like a brownish green!


Check out the shift on Bloody Witch!

Next up, a mix of shades from different collections.

rusalka_jars1Excuse the weird lighting, the sun decided to blast relentlessly through the window for the entire duration of photographing these jars.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Rusalka: Deep neutral purple.

A medium purple with sort of a grey-brown tone. More of a satin finish. (Creatures of Darkness collection.)

Ahultzotl: A deep burnished gold color.

A bright green gold with a satiny finish. Very lush. (Creatures of Darkness collection.)

Feralia: Warm neutral slight shimmer.

A vanilla cream sort of color, not super pale. Satiny finish. This was included as an extra, and it shows Ellie’s attention to detail because it’s absolutely a shade I would’ve picked out for myself. (Ancient Tradition collection.)

Deadlocked: Deep burgundy brown metallic with satin finish and slight shimmer!

A metallic medium coppery pink. (Sookie Stackhouse collection.)

Keys to the Repository: Deep bronze with slight shimmers.

A metallic copper, less orange than Miranda. (Blue Blood collection.)


And finally a few semi-loose shadows!

semiloose_jars1I don’t have a ton of experience with semi-loose shadows, but I really enjoyed these. They go on really pigmented and metallic even over bare skin.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy. Indirect natural light.

Sonnet: Soft pink that shifts to green and back again! 

A very pale pink with a green shift. I love these kinds of “neutral with a twist” shades. (Medieval collection.)

Leanan Sidhe:  Deep purple with brownish undertones.

A smooth medium/dark reddish brown. (Medieval collection.)

Inner Glow: No website description given.

A light peachy base with a strong pinky red shift. The shift reminds me of Crimson Ghost from Fyrinnae. This was another extra, and another one that I had considered getting to start with. (For the Love of Eros collection.)

Blazing Hearts: No website description given.

A beautiful metallic pinky copper. (For the Love of Eros collection.)


There you have it! I really like all of these, but my favorites are all from the Hocus Pocus collection – Angry Zombie, Black Flamed Candle, and Bloody Witch, with Black Flamed Candle easily taking the top prize. I did a look the other day (no pictures, because the rest of my face was a sweaty mess) with No More Running, Black Flamed Candle, Bloody Witch, and Feralia, and the shadows wore like a champ all day long (over primer + PE of course).

At this time Dreamworld Hermetica‘s eyeshadows are not up on the website, but they should be back soon! And I will be placing another order once they are, because I’m really impressed with the quality and the range of shades. It’s pretty much a neutral-lovers dream. My one and only complaint is that the website swatches aren’t great – I relied a lot on googling for swatches when I placed my order. But I couldn’t be happier with the actual products or the customer service.

dreamworld hermetica firefly swatches


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

FIREFLY!! A warning up front that this post is going to be long and full of gifs and quotes, because I can’t not get heavily excited about this show.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge Joss Whedon fangirl. So whenever brands do collection based on his stuff, I’m basically powerless to resist. I must try them; it is my duty. I’m drawn to them like a cat to a Katsak… that is to say, magically. There are more Firefly collections than any of his other works – I can think of four or five Firefly/Serenity collections, but just one Buffy collection, one Avengers collection (I’m sure there are more!) and zero things based on Angel, Dollhouse (which, meh, it had its bright spots but to be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of that one), or Dr. Horrible (THIS IS A CRIME, GIVE ME AN EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL EYESHADOW COLLECTION. BAD HORSE. FAKE THOMAS JEFFERSON. DEAD BOWIE. GET ON IT, INDIES!).

Ahem. Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that I’d been meaning to try out Dreamworld Hermetica for a while, but then they released a Firefly collection and my need became greater, and then they had a really crazy sale and, I don’t know, I guess I blacked out or something because a whole bunch of eyeshadows ended up at my house.

Some nefarious actor who isn’t me ordered stuff from other collections too, but those will be featured in another post. Firefly gets its own post, always.

First up, a quartet of warm pinky-purpley colors.


All shadows were swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

firefly_businessAmbassador: A beautiful rose mauve.

A very red-toned medium purple with a satin finish, inspired by Inara. Inara always gets this sort of color in Firefly collections (if I was smart I would’ve swatched it with Geek Chic’s Ambassador for comparison, buuuut I’m not – I think it’s darker and more purple), which is fine because it does suit the character and her opulent wardrobe. It’s lush and pretty, if perhaps a bit too pink for my personal taste.

Inara: I’d have to say, this is the first time we’ve had a preacher on board.
Book: Well, I wasn’t expecting to see a state official either. Ambassador. [shakes her hand as Mal laughs.] I’m missing something funny.
Kaylee: Not so funny.
Inara: Ambassador is Mal’s way of—
Mal: She’s a whore, Shep.
Kaylee: The term is “companion.”
Mal: I always get those mixed up. How’s business?
Inara: None of yours




Fog: A muddy burgundy/purplish color.

A stunning soft metallic mauvey, pinkish-purplish-tannish-taupeish kind of color. I can’t with this, it’s gorgeous. It reminds me of a less silvery/warmer/slightly more brown version of Shiro’s He Loves His Hammer.

Inara: Mal.
Mal: I got no answers for you, Inara. I got no rudder. Wind blows northerly, I go north. That’s who I am. Maybe that ain’t a man to lead, but they have to follow so you wanna tear me down do it inside your own mind.
Inara: I’m not trying to tear you down –
Mal: But you fog things up. You always have – you spin me about. I wish like hell you was elsewhere.
Inara: I was.



Kaylee smiles and the whole world smiles with her.

Shiny Young Mechanic: Soft pink that has satin finish.

A metallic peach, slightly pinkish. Shiny and adorable, just like Kaylee.

Mal: I don’t believe there is a power in the ‘verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.


firefly_sleepinessAutumn Flower: Moderate neutral brown with a variety of orange undertones.

A warm reddish brown with coppery shimmer. Zoe’s color palette was all warm browns, creams, and reds, so this is a very appropriate shade.

Wash: You’re acting captain. You know what happens, you fall asleep?
Zoe: Jayne slits my throat and takes over?
Wash: That’s right!
Zoe: And we can’t stop it?
Wash: I wash my hands of it. Hopeless case. I’ll read a nice poem at the funeral. Something with imagery.
Zoe: You could lock the door and keep the power-hungry maniac at bay.
Wash: Don’t know. I’m starting to like this poetry thing. “Here lies my beloved Zoe, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now that she’s all corpse-ified and gross… ”



Click to enlarge.

And now some shadows that are kind of a brownish color. (They were on sale.)


I love this set, I think they all go so well together. Shiny.

serenity_misbehaveNo More Running: Soft peachy pink perfect for a highlighter!

A beautiful pale peachy pink, like Shiny Young Mechanic’s lighter sister.

Mal: You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. ‘Cause as sure as I know anything, I know this: They will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground, swept clean. A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave.


firefly_mercy_combinedHonour: Warm neutral with blue undertones and satin finish.

This is an odd one. It’s kind of a matte putty peach with a very slight silvery blue shift. It looks warmer on an angle and/or in sunlight than it does head on or in the shade.

Badger: What were you in the war? That big war you failed to win – you were a Sergeant. Yeah, Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds, Balls and Bayonets Brigade, big, tough veteran, now you got yourself a ship and you’re a captain! Only I think, you’re still a Sergeant, see? Still a soldier. A man of honor in a den of thieves. Well it’s my gorramn den and I don’t like the way you look down on me. I’m above you. Better than. Businessman, yeah? Roots in the community. You’re just a scavenger.


firefly_riverbug2Gift: A pretty metallic peach color.

A pretty light pinkish copper.

Simon: I’m very smart. Went to the best Medacad in Osiris, top three percent of my class, finished my internship in eight months. “Gifted” is the term. So when I tell you that my little sister makes me look like an idiot child, I want you to understand my full meaning. River was more than gifted. She was… a gift. Everything she did, music, maths, theoretical physics – even dance – there was nothing that didn’t come as naturally to her as breathing does to us. She could be a real brat about it, too.


serenity_mirandaMiranda: Golden overtones with burgundy undertones that has created an awesome bronze color.

A metallic orange copper with some dark red in the base. Ellie threw this in as an extra, which is fortuitous since I almost bought it.

Kaylee: How can it be there’s a whole planet called Miranda and none of us knowed that?
Mal: Because there isn’t one. It’s a blackrock. Uninhabitable. Terraforming didn’t hold, or some such. Few settlers died.
River: [to Simon] I had to show them. I didn’t know if you were going to make me sleep.
Simon: You could’ve asked…
Kaylee: Wait a tick, yeah! Some ten years back, before the war. There was a call for workers to settle on Miranda, my daddy talked about going. I should’ve recalled…
Wash: But there’s nothing about it on the Cortex – history, astronomy… it’s not in there.
Mal: Half of writing history is hiding the truth. There’s something on this rock the Alliance doesn’t want known.


firefly_impossible2Browncoats: Medium to dark brown with golden undertones.

A neutral medium brown, slightly warm, with some gold shift. In some lights it’s more reddish, in some lights more gold. It is indeed similar to the color of Mal’s famous duster. (Between Mal and Spike, I feel like Joss really has a thing for dusters.)

Mal: Just focus! Alliance said they were gonna waltz through Serenity Valley and we’ve choked ’em with those words. We’ve done the impossible and that makes us mighty. Just a little while longer, our angels’ll be soaring overhead, raining fire on those arrogant cods, so you hold. You HOLD!



Second verse, same as the first. Click to embiggen. P.s. Pun totally intended.

My feelings about this collection overall?

firefly_illbeinmybunkThe shadows are very soft and wonderfully pigmented, and the color selection really does represent the overall color scheme and feel of the show well – it’s mostly warm, with lots of dusty neutrals as well some cool blues and silvers to represent the Alliance.

Of the shades I chose, my favorites are Fog, Shiny Young Mechanic, Autumn Flower, No More Running, and Gift, with Fog and No More Running getting absolutely top billing. I’m intrigued by Honour and am interested to see how it looks on – I don’t know that I have anything like it, which is impressive considering the absurd size of my eyeshadow collection.

Dreamworld Hermetica has taken their shadows off the website for a short time because they’re revamping the sizes and pricing, but they should be back soon if you too would like to smear futuristic space western pretties all over your face and then sob them off while re-watching Firefly’s tragically short run for the eleventy millionth time and thinking about what could have been. DAMMIT FOX. Hold me.

victorian disco shadow swatches #2


newsite_samples1Along with the Clow blushes, I picked up a bunch of eyeshadow samples and minis during the last Victorian Disco sale. Several of the minis aren’t featured here because I’ve swatched them before (Time Lord, Dashing Doctor, Bro, Do You Even Lift?) but I got lots of new things as well!


Arm o’ neutrals. Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Dawn’s Beauty: Shimmery champagne with golden sparkles and shift.

I wouldn’t really call this a champagne color. It’s a sparkly mid-toned peachy-pink with multi-colored shimmer.

Sin’Dorei: Medium taupe base with a strong red duochrome sheen.

This color is GLORIOUS. It’s got kind of a dirty bronze base with tons of coppery red shimmer. Ugh, stunning. The pictures really aren’t doing it justice at all.


Attempt to catch the coppery shift. The only photo that caught it was in the shade.

Malfoy’s Filthy Money: Deep dirty golden green just like the Malfoys’ old family money.

A very rich metallic greenish gold. I love this one.

Flesh Memory: Deep whiskey gold with a golden sheen and a deep red base.

A rich metallic coppery gold. “Whiskey gold” is a really accurate description. This color is so goddamn gorgeous, I cannot handle it.

Hammerfell: Deepened purple taupe leaning towards greyish brown.

A deep, dark matte brown, on the cool side.

Gates of Oblivion: Deep red taupe with a red and brown sparkly sheen.

A dark plummy brown with gold sparks.

I like this entire batch (because neutrals), but I have serious lusty wrong feelings about Sin’Dorei, Malfoy’s Filthy Money, and hummina hummina hummina Flesh Memory. If VD was open right now, larger sizes of these would already be mine. Gates of Oblivion made me go “ooh!” when I swatched it, and it would probably make a killer liner if you’re into that kind of thing.



Arm o’ purples, blues, greens, and blacks. Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Oh My Glob: Deep lilac with bright gold sparkles.

A pale warm purple with a slight sheen. I don’t really see any gold sparkles.

Tuxedo Mask: Very similar to the old Tuxedo Mask, except with more purple tones and a redder sheen.

A really gorgeous medium brownish plum with a metallic finish. (Not as metallic as Malfoy’s Filthy Money and Flesh Memory, though.)

Dumbledore’s Outburst: DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!?! Well.. I did, and it’s a deep brown with a red and blue shift.

Kind of a dark brownish purple matte base with red and blue shimmer. There’s a stronger blue-ish sheen when the light hits it. This one doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

Starry Heart: Deep navy base with silver sparkles.

Navy blue with tons of silver shimmer. Tons. Very pretty and aptly named – it really does remind me of a sky full of stars.

Sailor Pluto: Deep emerald green base with violet sparkles throughout.

(Free sample.) A black base with a green shimmery overlay and purple sparks.

Lightspeed: Gorgeous deep ink black base with multi-colored sparkles that seem to shift in the light.

(Free sample.) Matte black or maybe very dark navy base with some multi-colored sparks. It does look a bit space-y and would probably make a nice liner foiled, but it’s not one I’ll use myself.

My favorite from this batch is Tuxedo Mask, hands down. I also really like Starry Heart, but I don’t know that I will ever actually use it. Just put it on my arm and ooh and ahh over how pretty it is. Sailor Pluto is a gorgeous dark emerald green, but so far out of my wheelhouse it’s not even worth contemplating.


Artificial lighting – click for sparkles.

Victorian Disco is closed right now, but all of these should be available once they re-open. TAT can be rather long (I placed this order on May 9th, I got a shipping notice on May 29th, the package didn’t actually start moving until June 5th, and I received it exactly one month after my order date on June 9th), but it’s not uncommonly long within the scope of indie companies, and since I really like the shadows I’m willing to wait.

shiro color of the month swatches


I got eyeshadow everywhere removing the sifters.

Every month Shiro Cosmetics releases a special color of the month – usually they’re suggestions from the Facebook page, which are culled down to 5 or 6 options and voted on near the end of the month. They’re officially sold for one month only, though they frequently “secretly” stick around for a while after (meaning that you can access the product page directly but it’s not on the site anywhere). But they do eventually go away, sometimes to much keening and sobbing from the sparkle-loving masses who have gotten attached to LE colors.

Well, this month Shiro brought back all of the colors of the month from the last year, plus two from the previous year that were in popular demand. I am planning to pick up a few that I missed out on (most specifically Dammit, Moon Moon), but I have the bulk of them already, so I figured it would be helpful to throw up some swatches.


Arm o’ neutrals (mostly). Swatched over primer + pixie epoxy.

Doge: Slightly pink-toned shimmery creamy dogey wonderment.

A light peachy-pink champagne kind of shade. One of my favorites.

Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio: Shimmering rose-tinted champagne with bright silver sparks.

A shimmery champagne with silver sparks. Gorgeous. Also a very close dupe of the much-missed old CotM, I Survived the Apocalypse.

I Tried: That gorgeous rose-gold that everyone’s been wanting! 

Shimmery rose gold. Very very pretty, but occasionally makes me look like I have conjunctivitis if I’m not careful.

What Does the Fox Say?: Bright foxy red-orange with subtle metallic bronze shimmer.

A beautiful rusty orange with a slightly more subdued metallic finish. I LOVE this one, but I don’t see it talked about too often. Pity.

Butts (Malcolm Reynolds Edition): This particular version of Butts is inspired by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, whose booty is supreme. Shimmery khaki-tinted beige. 

HEYO CAPTAIN TIGHTPANTS. A metallic khaki sort of color. I like it. But let’s be honest, I would’ve bought this if the jar came full of ants instead of eyeshadow because it’s got Mal’s glorious face on it.

Bowties Are Cool: Dark cranberry red with blue and tan shimmer. 

So are fezzes. Fezzes are cool. This shadow is weird. It’s got a dark reddish base with a green overlay. I have never actually used this, and very likely never will, but it’s Doctor Who.


Look at Yzma’s Essence of Llama. LOOK AT IT.

The outliers. I really should’ve put Yzma’s Essence of Llama in with the neutrals instead of Bowties are Cool. In swatching, as in life, hindsight is always 20/20, etc.


Arm o’ other stuff. Swatched over primer + pixie epoxy.

Jareth’s Tight Pants: A dove-grey color worthy of the Goblin King, scattered with scandalous white sparkles.

A matte grey base with silver sparkles. I love the name of this one – I mean, what’s not to love about David Bowie’s magnificent bulge – but I’m not crazy about the color. It’s not super pigmented, applies kind of patchy, and as I’ve said before I don’t really like these matte + random sparkle kind of shades.

Yzma’s Essence of Llama: Dark plum purple with llama-colored duochrome. 

LLAMA FACE! This color is sex. I mean just look at it in the jar up there. It’s a dark dark purple base loaded with coppery shimmer. Ugh, I love it. I never USE it, but I love it.

Plausible Walrus: Bright poppy-pink with a violet shift.

A super bright coral-ish pink with some purple shift. Not a color I’ll use, honestly, but I couldn’t resist Jamie’s walrusy face.

The Fourth Be With You: Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green.

Shiro’s 4th anniversary color! A bright acid-y green. This was included with orders over $15 during the anniversary sale, which is the only reason I have it. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, lime green is not a color I would pick for myself.


Artificial indoor lighting. Enlarge for sparkles.

So there you have ’em! My personal favorites are Doge, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, What Does the Fox Say?, and Yzma’s Essence of Llama. Runner up goes to I Tried and Butts.

The colors here are linked to their individual pages, but if you want to see what else is available, the main Color of the Month page is here. Availability is guaranteed until June 30th, after which point the two most popular colors will be made permanent (ish?) High Scores and the rest will, presumably, disappear.

shiro sale haul shadow swatches


anniversaryhaul_jarsLate last month, Shiro Cosmetics turned 4 – and had an anniversary sale to celebrate. The May Color of the Month – a bright pink dedicated to Mythbusters’ Jamie Hyneman and his magnificent walrusy ‘stache – was released a few days early to coincide with the sale, and since I couldn’t pass up Plausible Walrus, I figured I might as well grab a few other things as well. Sales are a dangerous thing that way. I actually showed fairy decent restraint, picking up the CotM, samples of two Shiro shadows and six Detrivore shadows, the three Miyazaki lip tints I didn’t already have, and samples of three lip glosses. Not too bad! The Fourth Be With You was included with every order over $15 – otherwise I wouldn’t have it, because let’s be real, I will never wear bright lime green ever in my life. But, free. So.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Perfect World: Pure, soft metallic gold.

A gorgeous, metallic neutral gold. I ordered a sample of this and got a double as one of my freebies. I am okay with this because it’s beautiful. (There’s only one sample in the jar up there. I saved the other one in case I didn’t like it enough to need two.)

Cake: Pale cream with soft coppery highlight and red cherry sparks.

White with a coppery pink sheen and bright pink sparks. This is really pretty.

You Know Nothing: Cold wintery grey-white with bright icy shimmer.

An icy blue with a satiny finish. Brighter teal sparks. This one was my other freebie. It’s pretty, but not something I’d order for myself.

Plausible Walrus: Bright poppy-pink with a violet shift.

May CotM. An intense coral pink with a purple sheen. I will probably never actually wear this, but I bought it for Jamie. A lot of people got this as a lip gloss instead, which I can see working well if you’re not as staunchly sparkle-averse as I am when it comes to lip products.

The Fourth Be With You: Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green.

Shiro’s 4th anniversary color! A bright acid yellow-green with more of a satiny finish. If I will probably never wear Plausible Walrus, I will definitely for sure never wear The Fourth Be With You. I am a neutrals girl. 50 Shades of Beige. This color straight-up scares me.


The colors here are very true to life.

That’s it for my Shiro shadows from this haul – stay tuned for swatches of the lip stuff and Detrivore shadows later this week. In the meantime, everything here can be purchased from Shiro Cosmetics.

aromaleigh brilliant deductions, ignis antiquita, and serpens swatches


Sample baggies repotted into jars.

When I ordered the first half of Aromaleigh’s Hannibal collection, I picked up a bunch of other samples as well. In this post I’ve got five shadows from three different collections: one from the Sherlock collection (Brilliant Deductions), two from the collection basked on historical women (Ignis Antiquita), and two from the dragon-inspired collection (Serpens).


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Password Protected: A muted warm mauve with coppery iridescence and bright golden sparks. (Brilliant Deductions)

A purple base with a ton of gold and copper shimmer. It reminds me of Darling Girl’s Brocade, only way, way sparklier. There’s no point in using this one without a sticky base.

Hypatia: A very complex shade, with several layers of multichromal effect, to depict Hypatia’s many studies. At its core, it is a neutral grey, but it changes tone in different types of light. (Ignis Antiquita)

A very blue-leaning steel grey. I also see a bit of a brown tone around the edges. (Free sample.)

Lagertha: A deep, smooth copper with a very intense chrome effect of chartreuse, green, and gold. (Ignis Antiquita)

lagertha_fierceLAGERTHAAAAAAA. *fangirls* Light of my life, moon in my sky. I am deeply and intensely in love with Lagertha from History’s Vikings. She is the most terrifyingly amazing super badass. I’ve even drawn some fanart. So obviously I had to get this. Over PE it’s a deep reddish copper. In direct light it does have a bit of a green/gold flash.

Fáfnir: This color is an intense duochrome that goes from warm purple to metallic copper.

This is a vibrant warm purple. It looks like much more of a pure purple on me than in the website swatch, where it’s more of an intense coppery pink. I don’t get much of a duochrome effect, in any case. It reminds me of Gossip (swatched here).

Gargouille: This color is very chromatic and ranges from rich copper to deep teal to evergreen, with copper and bright aqua iridescence.

A rich olive green with a lot of coppery gold shift and bright blue sparks. I get a bit of a darker evergreen depending on the light and application. I love this color. I want to mate with it.

aromaleigh_misc2_angleMy favorites here are Gargouille and Lagertha. I admit I’m partial to Lagertha because of the inspiration, but I also really like the color. And Gargouille runs away with first place all on its own. It’s very, very rare that I buy full-size jars of eyeshadow, or even mini-sizes, because I don’t wear eyeshadow all that often, and when I do it’s usually just variations on a light, neutral eye. But I am considering picking up a jar of Gargouille because it is STUNNING. It’s the first Aromaleigh eyeshadow that’s really impressed me so far, and I want to have its babies.

Since I actually used it, I can show you what it looks like on. Sadly I don’t think it’s all that flattering on my skin – it shows up a little less olive-y on my eyes and really plays up the redness that I would’ve sworn was better hidden by my foundation that day. (Guess it’s time to look for new foundation?)


Gargouille on human eyelids. Shiro’s Whiteout on the inner corners/inner lid and Notoriously Morbid’s Teacher in Tweed in the crease.

If you too would like to have sparkly olive babies with Gargouille (or any of the rest of these shades), head over to Aromaleigh and throw out your best pick-up line. Or $6. Whichever.

victorian disco swatchfest


Sample baggies repotted into jars.

Victorian Disco has been closed for a little while, but is set to re-open (with a sale!) soon, so I thought it would be a good time to swatch the shadows that I have from VD in case anyone is interested in checking them out. Apologies in advance because I think a few of these were discontinued. Womp womp. Also can you tell I like neutrals? I like neutrals.


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

/FLEX: A peachy pink shimmer

Bro, Do You Even Lift?: A gorgeous light brownish taupe. One of my favorites. (Side note: I do, in fact, even lift, and have actually worked out at the “bro, do you even lift?” guy’s gym a few times. This shadow is pretty much the reason I checked out Victorian Disco to start with and I need a full-size.)

NOPENOPENOPE: A bright medium coppery orange.

#yolo: A sparkly golden olive.

Jockey!: Another light pink shimmer, less peachy than /FLEX.

Fallen Survivor: A purpley taupe.

Health Pack: A gorgeous light mauve. I’m kicking myself for not getting a larger size of this one, because I think it’s gone now.

Sacrifice: A dark eggplant purple with blue flash.


Sample baggiest repotted into jars + one mini shadow (So Many Owls).


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

Dashing Doctor: A medium pinky taupe, or a dark pink champagne.

Dashing Doctor: A medium/dark chocolatey brown, on the cooler side.

Dalek Disco: A dark brown base with gold and copper shimmer. Reminiscent of Dalekanium, perhaps?

So Many Owls: A really pretty pink champagne. Slightly sheerer than most of the others.

Why Is It Always You Three?: A dirty coppery gold – kind of greenish, even? But also pinkish. A bit hard to describe.

Rowena: BAM bright blue with silver sparks. Ravenclaws Gone Wild.


Sample baggies repotted into jars + one mini shadow (Kirin Tor).


Swatched over primer + Pixie Epoxy.

The Great Lift: A medium brown taupe with green sparks.

The Dreamer: Another golden olive, similar to #yolo but less sparkly.

Kirin Tor: A medium reddish purple with a more satiny finish.

It’s A Trap!: A lighter medium copper, not as orange as NOPENOPENOPE.

The Force, Use It: A light seafoam green with pink shift.

Aaand that’s my entire Victorian Disco collection. In general I really like these shadows – the formula is good, and actually better over just primer than many others. It’s a very soft, “fluffy” shadow, which does equal more fallout, even with a sticky base – this doesn’t bother me, but it’s something to be aware of. I especially appreciate the wide range of neutrals that are offered, since I’m a wanton Neutrals Slut and can never have enough.

Victorian Disco should be back open in the next day or so, and I’ll definitely be checking out what’s new in the shop and picking up a few larger sizes of my favorite samples.