still no oscar for leo dicaprio + lip tints


shiro_apr14Earlier this month, Shiro Cosmetics launched a (beautiful!) new website and a new line of tinted lip balms to replace their Intertubes, which were great in theory but often had texture issues. Between the new lip tints and a new Color of the Month, an order was inevitable. I got my stuff few days ago, so here are my thoughts! And some terrible swatches. (My swatch game is weak. Gotta train ’em up.)


Bonus background cat.

The shadow is swatched over primer and each lip tint is one swipe. I didn’t swatch my free samples, Smell Ya Later and You Dropped Your Rod (my requests, which Caitlin kindly honored!), because I am bad at this.

April’s Color of the Month is called Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio. It’s described as a “shimmering rose-tinted champagne with bright silver sparks.” It’s a really pretty neutral that I’ll get a ton of use out of.


snofld_itried_comparisonComparison swatches! As you can see, Still No Oscar isn’t wildly different from a few colors in Shiro’s core collection. Baker’s Boy is more yellow-toned, and it has blue sparks rather than silver, but Sweet Honey is very similar. It’s just slightly less warm and coppery and also slightly less metallic, with no sparks or glittery bits.

Extra swatches of Still No Oscar vs February’s CotM, I Tried, by request of someone on r/indiemakeupandmore. Still No Oscar looks quite a bit lighter here – I think the shadows are just catching the light more. In any case, they’re not the same but they’re cousins. I Tried is slightly darker and distinctly more coppery pink.

I don’t have it to compare, but I also wonder how similar it is to I Survived the Apocalypse, a past CotM that was described as a rosy-toned champagne with gold and silver sparks. A lot of people (myself included!) were bummed to miss that one, so this might be a nice substitute.


Lip tints on human face.

It’s Called Love is a beautiful coral, and said to be a replacement for the Why Not Zoidberg? Intertube. That’s one of the only two I bought a full-size of (the other is Team Buffy, because Buffy), and I agree. It’s more sheer, but otherwise it’s a good match. (Scroll down!) I favor corals and reds and this is the perfect everyday version of the former. (The Miyazaki film this references is Spirited Away.)

Who Swallowed a Star? is a gorgeous hot reddish pink. It’s a bolder color than It’s Called Love, but equally wearable. (The Miyazaki film this references is Howl’s Moving Castle.)


Bonus comparison swatches of the lip tints and similar Intertubes. I don’t own a full-sized Nyan Cat, but I did end up with a sample by mistake. It’s quite a bit more pigmented than Who Swallowed a Star, but the colors are similar. It’s Called Love seems slightly more pink than Why not Zoidberg? but otherwise they’re very similar as well.

As I stated above, I wasn’t crazy about the Intertubes. They were stiff and a bit gritty and just generally didn’t get along with my perpetually chapped lips. But these guys? Are awesome. They have a lovely balmy texture, very plush and emollient, and the color is the perfect level of pigmentation for me – one layer gives you a nice wash of color, fairly subtle depending on the tint, but you can easily build it up to be more vibrant. They also have a really nice vanilla scent. I wouldn’t say I find them moisturizing, because I don’t think I’ve ever found a colored lip product moisturizing, but they’re not actively drying, and even that’s a rare find.

There are currently three others: Come Out, Come Out, a sheer apricot (My Neighbor Totoro), With Eyes Unclouded, a sheer brick red (Princess Mononoke), and A Girl and A Cat, a sheer purple berry (Kiki’s Delivery Service). I plan to pick up the rest soon, and I’m especially excited for A Girl and A Cat, since Kiki is my favorite Miyazaki film. I know these just came out so I should shut the hell up, but I’d LOVE to see a true red and maybe a warm rose pink added to the line. Ooh and a bright reddish-orange.

Anyway, these are dreamy and I’m just thrilled with them. They’re leaps and bounds above the Intertubes, and probably my favorite of all the indie tinted balms I’ve tried so far.

Everything in this post and countless other wallet-wounding wonders (alliteration abilities: activate I’M NOT SORRY) are available from Shiro Cosmetics.