35, 36, 37: three from ten three labs


I’m playing catch-up after my sick days with some long, long, long overdue Ten Three Labs reviews. Many moons ago, I picked up a blogger pack, as well as a few things individually, and I’m honestly just now getting around to trying most of it out, because of reasons related to how I am the worst. But better late than never, right?

Today I have three perfume samples to review. This is so long overdue that one of them – Fair Season – isn’t even available anymore, Blogger fail.

Exorcists of Malignant Devils: Dragon’s blood, star anise, fig, oleander, apple, black raspberry, and poison berries. Er. Boysenberry.

In the vial, EoMD smells like anise and berries.

Wet on skin, it’s ALL anise and dragon’s blood, loudly and completely at first, and then a floral note creeps in. All three are very strong and I don’t really care for the combination. The anise turns to black licorice and there’s a powderiness over everything.

It stays linear like that as it dries, and oh man, can I say I hate it? Because I hate it. I didn’t hate it in the bottle! I like anise scents, and there was a lot of juicy dark berry sweetness that was very promising. Unfortunately it goes all licorice and powder on my skin. Bleh.

I had no idea what oleander smelled like before I came upon this scent, so I took to Fragrantica to see if it could illuminate me as to what I was smelling. According to their listing, oleander is a “talcum-like floral note, with hints of pollen sweetness.” So that explains the powderiness. Not one that will be going on the short list of floral notes I’ll take a chance on.

Much later on, a bit of fruitiness does come out, but it’s too little, too late to save this one for me.

Elevator Pitch: Black licorice and powdery oleander, with a very slight berry fruitiness well into dry down.

Fair Season: Cola, beer, candy corn, cotton candy, caramel, buttered popcorn, firewood, pumpkin, brown sugar, amber. (Unavailable)

In the vial, Fair Season smells like sweet, syrupy cola, buttery funnel cakes and popcorn, caramel, and a little bit of smoke. It’s basically a riot of sweets.

Wet on skin, the cola and buttery popcorn notes are the strongest. I like cola scents, but buttered popcorn, not so much. You know those buttered popcorn jelly beans? I haven’t eaten them in a decade (not vegan), but that horrid taste is burned into my brain. Gross. So gross. Buttered popcorn should not be a flavor you can chew.

ANYWAY. It’s cola and buttered popcorn – sweet, syrupy, buttery. The cola has a bit of a fizz, but not enough that I’d call this scent fizzy or bubbly.

After a little while, the cola fades a bit and it becomes predominantly a butter/caramel smell, very sweet with a slight cola fizz. There are hints of lots of other things too – amber in the base, sugary cotton candy, a faint whiff of smoke. As it wears, notes shift around and amber and smoke join butter and caramel at the front of the stage. It’s never super smoky, though – my skin amps smoke, and this isn’t too smoky for me.

In the end I’d call it popcorn, caramel, and cola over an amber base, with a whiff of smoke – but the other notes are there. You can smell them if you sniff for them.

This scent is a lot. A lot of smells to smell at once. It doesn’t smell bad, but it smell A Lot. A little bit of a note jumble, if that makes sense. A riot of smells. I don’t dislike it – all the smells smell good – but it hurts my head a little bit. These fair-themed scents rarely end up being hits with me, to be honest. I think it’s always just a little bit too much of an explosion of smells for my taste. But I also find actual fairs/carnivals/amusement parks overwhelming and don’t enjoy them much, so maybe that’s part of it.

Elevator Pitch: A riot of fair scents – buttery popcorn, caramel, and cola over an amber base, with a subtle whiff of smoke.

Artificial Angels: Apple, black cherry, sugar cane, olive.

In the vial Artificial Angels smells super fruity, like sweet cherry candy.

Wet on skin it’s mostly cherry, but I smell apple too, a very sweet, fruity mix with something a little deeper to ground it and keep it from being too candy-like. Looks like that’d be the olive. I had no idea what that would smell like mixed with the other notes, but it works.

Further on, the cherry takes on a slightly amaretto tone, and the combination starts to read almost, just a little, ever so slightly floral. It’s still predominantly a fruity scent, but there’s something about it that gives me a floral vibe. Not sure what that’s about.

Dry down is mostly cherry/amaretto and that olive scent, sweet but deep and not as out-and-out fruity as you’d expect. Sillage is low, but it clings. This is by far my favorite of the scents I tried.

Elevator Pitch: A deep, fruity mix of cherry and olive. Sweet but not over the top. Apple is more evident at the start but fades as it dries.

Head over to Ten Three Labs to check out their full line of scent offerings, plus salves, smudges and shadows.