sarawen beer n’ butter


beernbutterA delicious and foamy elixir! Creamy butterscotch, dreamy vanilla, and a dash of pumpkin layered with a drop of coffee as you sit relaxing by the pub’s roaring fire. Beer n’ Butter is inspired by Harry Potter and is a unisex gourmand fragrance that borders towards feminine. Yum!

When I did my first sniff impression of this, I said that Beer n’ Butter smelled like smoky butterscotch in the bottle. I think that’s still true. It may be the coffee note coming through, though. The butterscotch note itself is yummy – sniffing it really makes me feel like I have a butterscotch disc in my mouth.

Wet on skin I immediately smell butterscotch, and it’s delicious, but then there’s that smokiness again – only this time I don’t think it’s the coffee. It really does smell smoky. It’s not as sweet as it is in the bottle. I get a bit of vanilla, but mostly all I smell is that smokiness, whatever it is. It’s almost a bit acrid at times. There are no smoke notes in the scent description (unless sitting by a fire counts, but I thought that was just for atmosphere) so I”m not sure where it’s coming from.

As it dries down that smokiness settles a bit and it moves into the “not bad” category, but it never smells like that yummy butterscotch again, at least not to my nose. It’s a shame because the scent is really nice in the bottle – my skin just makes it go weird. It’s also got pretty minimal throw, though I can’t comment on lasting power yet.

One thing I will say is that the description of it being unisex is accurate. It’s not very sweet – not nearly as sweet as I’d hoped for something purporting to smell like butterscotch, vanilla, pumpkin, and coffee. I’ve been searching for a good butterscotch perfume for a while now and I’d hoped this one would be it. Unfortunately, the hunt continues.

Misc. Notes: I asked Mike what he thought and he said, “It’s interesting. It’s sweet but I smell something smokey. It’s like roasted marshmallows.” So the smoke isn’t jut me! Thank god.

Would I buy it again? I have to say no. It’s disappointing, because I’ve wanted this one for a while and it smells awesome in the bottle, but my skin chemistry changes it completely into something I don’t enjoy very much. Me and smokey notes just don’t get along.

first sniff impressions: sarawen perfume art

sarawen1I’ve been wanting to try out Sarawen’s perfume oils for a while now, but just recently got around to it. I picked up full-sized 5 ml roller balls of Girl on Fire, The Baker’s Boy, and Beer n’ Butter. I loooved The Hunger Games in case you couldn’t guess. Also Harry Potter. Also strawberries, cake, and butterscotch. I am weak. And a huge dork. Who likes cake.

ANYWAY. They arrived yesterday, so it’s time for another round of…

First sniff impressions! Full reviews to come.

Girl on Fire: I’m getting mostly herbs with a bit of sweetness and tang from the strawberry.

The Baker’s Boy: This doesn’t smell like cake. Okay, there’s a little cake, but it’s not very sweet at all. I’m getting lots of amber. Amber, why must you ruin things for me? Hopefully this is different on.

Beer n’ Butter: Smoky butterscotch. (Full review)