125: ohwto sprout


sproutA fragrance for Spring, of new growth pushing through the remnants of last year. Wood violets, dewfruit, fresh earth, green leaves, lichen and moss, and delicate alyssum.

In the vial, Sprout is fruit and green, earthy, and a bit powdery (hello, violets).

Wet on skin it’s much more earthy, but quickly gets really powdery. There’s a sweet fruitiness underneath, but the powdery violets are overpowering.

That fact doesn’t change as it wears. I was hoping this wouldn’t be so violet-heavy, because the rest of the notes are lovely, but unfortunately that’s pretty much all I smell. This one, alas, was a scrubber for me. If you like violets and earthy scents, though, it’s worth trying.

Elevator Pitch: An earthy green scent that’s heavy on the powdery violet. Just a bit fruity underneath.

124: ohwto lucky


luckyCrisp, juicy red apples, tart granny smiths, and rolling, endless green hills perfumed by nature awakening from her winter slumber. Spring is in the air!

Ooh, girl. You knew I had to have this one, right? Apples are an automatic in for me. I tried a solid last year and enjoyed it a lot, though I don’t think I ever actually reviewed it. So let’s remedy that with the oil version.

In the bottle, Lucky is all tart green apple and fresh grass. Not terribly sweet.

Wet on skin it’s even less sweet, and smells a touch artificial at first. Not bad, just a little like a “spring grass” scented candle or something. The apple is subtle and crisp, definitely green – I don’t get any sweet red apples at all.

As it dries the grassy notes smell fresher, a bit more real. The apple and grasses are really about 50/50 here, which is nice and a bit unusual – apple is more of a top note, and rarely makes up the bulk of a scent blend. It stays pretty linear as it dries, just a nice, crisp, grassy apple scent. Very springy.

Elevator Pitch: Crisp green apples and spring grass. Fresh, not sweet.

123: ohwto butterfly


butterflyOne Hand Washes the Other’s spring collection isn’t long for the world at this point – the consistent and horrific 90 degree forecast here in Philly this week makes it quite clear that despite ostensibly having another 3 weeks or so of spring to look forward to, summer is, alas, here. But there’s still some stock left, so I figured I should review what I have before it’s all gone for the season.

I tried many of the spring scents last year, so this year I only picked up a few things – bottles of Lucky and Butterfly, and two minis, Sprout and Scarlett (which is not specifically a spring scent).

First up: Butterfly.

Colorful and bright, like a flower in flight. Ripe Apricots, Nectar, Mimosa blooms, Black Currants, Oranges, Melons, and a hint of fresh Mint.

In the bottle, Butterfly is bright and fruity – mostly apricot, with a bit of melon and mint.

Wet on skin it’s got an odd astringent quality… almost a little bit ammonia-esque? I blame the black currants. It’s not entirely unpleasant, though, and that aspect mostly fades pretty quickly. It’s very fruity, with a touch of fresh mint and just the tiniest breath of sweet florals.

This one doesn’t change much during dry down, save the fruits getting a little juicier. It’s actually a bit less sweet than I expected from the description, more of a light fruity scent with just the barest touch of florals. It’s nice and very springy, but there’s nothing in particular that makes it stand out to me. I like it, but don’t love it. I don’t mind having a 5 ml, but I would’ve been fine with just a 2 ml mini too.

Elevator Pitch: A light, fruity scent, heavy on the apricot, with melon, mint, and just a touch of florals. Not too sweet, and juicier as it dries. The black currants give it a slightly astringent, ammonia-esque quality at first, but it mostly fades by dry down.

OHWTO Bluebell



What else would a luminous rabbit smell of? Blueberries and Lychee fruit, Clover, Lilies, White Musk, and Zucchini Blossoms straight from the garden.

In the tube this smelled fresh and green and fruity, and I got a lot of clover from it, which is one of my very favorite scent notes. But on skin it changed quite a bit – first the lychee and the lily came out very strong, then the lychee faded a bit and the lily and musk took over. It’s much more floral than I expected from cold sniffing, and alas, I get little to no clover.

After it wears for a bit, the blueberry starts to peek out again, but it’s not enough to save it for me.

Final Verdict: Not for me. It’s funny, when I first smelled it in the tube I was immediately like, “BOTTLE LIST.” But now? Not so much. Florals and musk are two things that don’t work very well for me, so this one is getting a pass.

first sniff impressions: OHWTO spring 2014


Form a single-file line, please.

A few weeks ago I ordered solids of most of the new OHWTO spring scents – all but Silk Road, since it sounded a bit too floral for my taste, and Gerbera, because… I don’t know, after Haus of Gloi’s Ruth the combination of strawberry and violet terrifies me. Another time, perhaps. I just got them today so I haven’t had a chance to really test any of them out yet, but here are some first sniff impressions!

(Meaning: no peeking at notes, no skin testing, just cold sniffs out of the bottle/tube/whatever!)

Blackberry Buckle: Sweet, juicy blackberry. There is a warm cakiness (cakey-ness? a cake-like quality) to it, but the cake isn’t as strong as in The Cake is a Lie. I almost smell a hint of lemon? But I think it’s just that tart edge that berries can sometimes have.

Lanai: Tart citrus and a hint of pineapple. Kind of smells like Sour Patch Kids.

Bluebell: (Not gonna lie, I mostly ordered this because the notes contained clover.) Lightly sweet, grassy, and slightly floral. I do smell the clover, which means I need a bottle. (Reviewed! My feelings, they have changed.)

Maura Mae: (I have a bottle of this oil from the first time it was released, two years ago I think? Anyway, I love it so I wanted a solid too. This isn’t really a first sniff anything.) Sweet apricot, clover, and a nip of whisky. I love this a lot.

Lucky: Apples and grass! Yes! It smells like a combination of two of my favorite OHWTO scents, Bitten and Fresh. It’s got the tart apple of Bitten (but no honey or pepper) and the dewy grass of Fresh (but it’s less sweet). Apple anything is a hit with me, so… yep. Another bottle purchase.

Rose Lemonade: Ooh. When I first popped the top, the rose hit me hard. But when I actually sniff the tube, the lemon is much more prominent. It’s a bit fizzy and effervescent. I find that zingy or tart lemon scents can easily cross over into Pine Sol territory, and this one does skirt right up to the line for me – I think it’s whatever is making it smell “fizzy,” because I get a bit of the same feeling from Raspberry Gingerale. But then I smell the rose again and I reconsider… this is a puzzler for me. I do like it but I find it kind of confusing.

Dude: (Free sample.) Usually I love “man scents” (I love Big Daddy and Lumberjack from OHWTO, the latter especially), but this one is a no. It’s very leathery with a hint of cologne. Like my face is being pushed into a new leather sofa, and not in a dirty sexy way.

I Am a Banana: (Free sample.) BANANA LAFFY TAFFY. And banana Runts! This is straight-up artificial banana. I love it. I don’t really want to SMELL like it, though.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchases! I already know I’ll need oil versions of a few (Bluebell, Lucky), and there’s not one among them that I don’t at least like. Full reviews to come once I get around to wearing them!

Visit OHWTO on Etsy if anything piqued your interest!

ohwto beach bum


Salt air, tuberose blooms, coconut, sweetgrass, tanning lotion, sand, sea, and sun.

The lighting was so weird when I took pictures of this sample (and Dandelion Wine). Ugh. ANYWAY. Beach Bum is part of One Hand Washes The Other’s Spring/Summer 2013 release. I received it as a sample with my Valentine’s order.

In the pod, Beach Bum smells coconutty and slightly floral. On skin I smell fruity coconut and something a little citrusy, I think it’s the sweetgrass. The tuberose is there, and while it’s slightly more prominent than my floral-hating self would prefer, it’s not an overpowering element and it fits well with the tropical vibe going on here. The scent as a whole is slightly sweet and sunny, perfect for summer.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I do like it, but I’m not in the market for summer scents just yet. (It’s still about 30 degrees here. I weep.) Plus it is a bit more floral than I’d like. So I’ll see how I feel when I place my Spring/Summer order. I’m not 100% for sure getting it, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up in my cart.

Available from: OHWTO

ohwto dandelion wine


Sweet green grass, Dandelions, Tobacco, a hint of Smoke, Atlas Cedarwood, Heliotrope, and a wee touch of Patchouli to ground it.

Dandelion Wine is one of One Hand Washes The Other’s new Spring/Summer 2013 scents. Which are available NOW UGH WHY I CAN’T BUY MORE STUFF STOP IT. I received this one as a sample when I picked up Apple of My Eye after Valentine’s Day.

Dandelion Wine smells exactly like lying on fresh, vibrant green grass on a warm spring day. Sweet grass and dandelions, with a hint of damp soil. It’s really lovely and perfect for the warmer weather that I cannot WAIT for.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I’ll probably be picking up a full-size tube of this when I place my Spring/Summer order with OHWTO.

Available From: OHWTO

ohwto corinne


Pink lady apples, creamy white chocolate, fresh flowers, a whiff of musky worn leather and a hint of dried hay. She’s a tomboyish scent, for sure, but most definitely still a lady.

You know I love me an apple scent, and hay too, so I was happy to get a sample of this with an OHWTO order way back when. Sadly neither of those notes is very prominent on me. It’s not apple-y at all, which is surprising since apples are the first note listed. It smells slightly fruity but mostly flowery and then I get a little sharpness from the leather. The white chocolate is creamy and mellow but it’s a very minor note.

Ultimately this one smells mostly like flowers and leather. It’s not bad, but it’s not something I would wear, either – and as ever, I want more apple. Come on, apple. Don’t be like that.

Would I buy it again? Nope. Leathery florals are not for me.

Available from: OHWTO (I think this was discontinued, though.)

ohwto apple of my eye


Bushels of apples, bouquets of lilies and carnations and sweet peas, green clover, sensual and exotic musks, a splash of champagne and a little candy, to boot.

Apple of My Eye was part of One Hand Washes the Other’s 2013 Valentine’s Day release. I ordered it because I am forever and endlessly drawn to any scent with apple in the notes. And clover. Let’s not forget about the clover. I think my perfect Spring scent would be one that smells like crisp, fresh apples, clover flowers, rose, peach, and honey. (Note to self: see if Haus of Gloi offers these notes for their custom perfumes.)

In the tube Apple of My Eye smells fresh and green and slightly floral. The apple isn’t super prominent. On skin it actually becomes less fruity and I smell mostly sweet pea and clover. There’s a slight tickle from the champagne, but I can’t identify any candy or musk, and compared to sniffing it in the tube, the apple is very, very mild, bordering on unnoticeable.

It’s a perfectly nice scent – it’s fresh and reminds me sitting in the park in early spring. But I was promised apple! And I’m not getting apple. So that’s disappointing. I usually find OHWTO scents fairly true to their descriptions, so this is most likely a skin chemistry issue.

Misc. Notes: “It’s more flowery than what you usually wear, but I actually really like it.” -Mike

Would I buy it again? I don’t think so. I’m not upset that I bought it, and I’ll wear it, but if I knew it was going to be so lacking in apple, I wouldn’t have bought it.

Available from: OHWTO

ohwto cascadia


A scent for a country that never was. At least, not yet. Dense evergreen forests, endless waterfalls, pine boughs, woodland paths littered with dried leaves, ambergris washed ashore the rocky coastline, driftwood, midday showers, oakmoss, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

In the pod Cascadia smells very clean – it reminds me of all those “clean laundry” scents for some reason. The woodsiness is also there, but it’s mild. But then! On skin the evergreen and pine comes out like WHOA at first, to the point where I can’t smell anything else. Thankfully it softens pretty quickly and I start to get a bit of the other notes, most notably the sandalwood and a tiny hint of sweetness from the oakmoss. It’s quite pretty once you get past the initial blast of HEY CHRISTMAS TREE. I am a big fan of any kind of “this smells like being in the middle of woods” scents, and this falls into that category – it’s something I’d want to wear while hiking or exploring outside.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I like it but it reminds me a bit of OHWTO’s Lumberjack, which by contrast I love, so I’ll have to compare the two before I decide whether or not to put it on my “to buy” list.

Available from: OHWTO