long winter farm sea sprite


At some point in the last couple of days, I lost my SD card reader, so all the photos I’ve taken of Arcana’s Summer Constellation collection and Sixteen92’s Boardwalk and Fall and Halloween collections are currently sitting impotently in my camera, mocking me. Le sigh. I ordered a new one, so I’ll be back in action in a few days, but in the mean time here’s a quick n’ dirty review of one of the scents I’ve been wearing constantly this summer – Long Winter Farm Sea Sprite.

I have it on good authority that mermaids serve coconut lavender cakes at their underwater garden tea parties, so I went ahead and put it in a perfume. Sweet coconut cream with some Bulgarian lavender and vanilla to keep it civil.

I picked Sea Sprite up on a whim from a destash on IMAM, and man I’m glad I took that chance! Sea Sprite is a well-balanced lavender/coconut cream scent, very sweet and golden. The lavender is a little bit stronger at the start and the coconut gets a little more prominent with wear, but both are present at all times on my skin. It’s thick and rich and perfectly summery.

Wear time is great – I put it on a little before 8 am, and I can still smell it fairly well as I’m writing this at 7 pm. Sillage is pretty good, too, though it does get more subtle throughout the day.

Elevator Pitch: A sweet, golden combination of coconut cream and lavender. A perfect late summer scent.

I don’t have many scents from Longwinter Farms, but they were actually one of my very first indies – I bought Iced Lemon Biscotti years and years ago, and I still have it. My impression of them has always been that they do simple scents very well, and Sea Sprite has confirmed that.

It’s also convinced me that I need to dive into their catalog again and see what else catches my eye. Unfortunately LWF doesn’t offer samples that I know of, but their full-sizes are pretty inexpensive at $9 so I’ll probably take a chance on a few in the near future.