limnit lipsticks review



Limnit Lipsticks is an indie company that makes vegan lipsticks in essentially every color of the rainbow, from yellow to orange to purple to cornflower blue. I’m not afraid of brights, but I’m also not a blue lipstick kind of girl, so thankfully there’s also a nice little selection of more “normal” colors for those of us who aren’t ready to rock the alien lips look.

TAT was super fast – I ordered on the day Limnit re-opened (June 27th) and received my package on July 2nd. I didn’t get a shipping email, though if I’d checked my Etsy I’d have seen that it shipped, and tracking was provided. I’d prefer to get an email, but the fact that they didn’t go out may have been a mistake? I have no idea.

I’d also like to note that despite the absolutely disgusting heat we’ve been having here lately, these arrived in pristine condition – not soft or melted at all.

Limnit sells their lipsticks in the classic bullet packaging (.15 oz) and in mini jars (.07 oz), and I really appreciate having both options available. I don’t mind the chapstick-style tubes that so many indies use for their lip products, but I can’t deny the appeal of a traditional lipstick. And the mini jars are great for testing out colors before committing to full-sizes. They’re not really “sample” jars, though – they hold quite a bit of product. .07 is half the size of a regular lipstick – when’s the last time you actually used up half a lipstick? So even the minis will last you quite a while. The only downside to the jar packaging is that you do have to use a lip brush, but honestly these are so pigmented that you’d probably want to do that anyway, especially with the darker colors.


I purchased mini jars of Punkin’, Racin’ Carnation, and Ms. President, and received a sample of Swept Away.

The texture of all of these is really nice, creamy and non-drying. They don’t have a completely matte finish  it’s more like a cross between a matte and a cream. No shimmer to be found, either, which I LOVE AND APPRECIATE WITH ALL MY HEART.

Punkin’: A bright and bold orange-red, similar to the skin of a ripe pumpkin.

A beautiful reddish orange. I really like this but I’m not 100% sure it suits me.

Racin’ Carnation: A bright red lipstick that contains just a smidge of pink.

A seriously hot fuschia color. Very bold. I love this. It’s super flattering but definitely not for the faint of lipstick-y heart.

Ms. President: A medium, vibrant brick red.

A soft, slightly terracotta red. Very wearable, and easily the most work-appropriate color in Limnit’s line. This would be a great red lipstick for people who are afraid of red lipstick.

Swept Away: Lovely dusty rose. Teetering between a medium mauve and cool pink.

A light, cool-toned mauve. Not one I’d have picked out myself, just because these colors don’t really look great on me. It’s a bit too pale and purple for my taste, but a beautiful color nonetheless.

Face swatch time! Now with 100% more glasses that I actually bothered to wear the day I did these.


The lighting in the last picture is a bit weird because the sun was going down, but the lipstick color is accurate.

No bare lips for comparison because with these things, what you see is what you get. They’re very opaque and completely obscure my natural lip color.

I’m super into these lipsticks. The texture is beautiful, the range of colors is great, and of course being all-vegan is a huge plus for me. I really like Ms. President and Punkin’, and I love Racin’ Carnation. I’m already planning my next order for another handful of minis, and I’ll definitely be picking up a full-size or two down the road.

Everything here is available from Limnit Lipsticks on Etsy.