firebird spring scent reviews



Firebird’s spring collection consisted of four new scents that definitely fit the season: Pomegranate Basil (YUM), Figs & Honey, Green Lemon, and Olive Blossom. I’ve had these samples for ages but am just getting around to reviewing them now, in August, which is decidedly not spring, because I have a backlog of perfume to review that is large enough to bury me alive. My kingdom for another nose.

As always, reviews were done as blindly as possible, but since Firebird’s scents are fairly simple and the names are usually descriptive, that’s kind of irrelevant with these guys.

Pomegranate Basil: Tart pomegranate and fruity red currant notes shine here, with an unexpected green accent of flowering basil and garden herbs. Fruity, herbal, bright and springy.

In the vial: Sweet, fruity, and lightly herbal. It smells delicious – like sorbet. As with most Firebird scents, it’s very similar on skin. It reminds me exactly of a sweet, fresh summer sorbet. Very fruity. After a few minutes, I get a little more of the herbal element. Which is basil. I know this because it’s called Pomegranate Basil. Blind testing Firebird scents is hard.

This reminds me a lot of Pomegranate Rose (obviously), but without the floral notes. Which means that I like it a lot more than Pomegranate Rose and will require a bottle ASAP already ordered a bottle.

Figs & Honey: Golden wildflower honey blended with ripe fig and a wisp of coconut. The fig adds a greenness to temper the honey’s sweetness; the coconut brings a slight creaminess to round out the blend. Soft and gentle like a summer breeze.

In the vial: sweet, creamy, golden honey. I think I smell a little coconut? On skin it opens up the same. It’s very rich and sweet and just beautiful. I’m definitely getting coconut. There’s also a hint of something a bit green, just adding a slight contrast to all the sweetness. That’d be the figs.

I don’t like Firebird’s other figs scent (Moroccan Fig), but I love this one. Another addition to the bottle list for sure bottle that’s on its way to my house right now.

Green Lemon: Bright juicy lemon, green lemon leaf, and citrusy verbena make up this cheerful, sunny blend. 

In the vial: fresh, extremely zesty lemon. I’m also getting kind of lime-y vibe. It’s like non-carbonated Sprite. On skin it’s a bit less zesty, and overall just a little softer. This is a really light, energizing kind of scent. The kind of thing you’d put on on a dreary Monday morning when you can barely lift your head off the pillow. The sillage is pretty low, though, which isn’t terribly surprising for a scent that’s mostly citrus notes.

Olive Blossom: Olive Blossom is a delicate green floral with notes of green tea and sparkling lemon. A light and pretty spa-type blend.

In the vial: very light and clean. A little green. I’m having trouble getting much from this one in the vial. On skin it’s a little more detectable, but still a soft, clean scent. It smells like walking into a spa, or maybe the kind of shampoo they use at really fancy salons. Or an aromatherapy candle called “Still Waters” or some flowery BS like that. It’s nice, but it’s too quiet for me.

That’s it for Firebird’s Spring scents! I adore Pomegranate Basil and Figs & Honey, like but don’t love Green Lemon, and am pretty meh about Olive Blossom.

If you’re interested in any of these, check out Firebird Bath & Body’s Etsy shop or their standalone site.

firebird: the sugar scents


aww honey honey

Recently I picked up samples of the three “sugar” scents in Firebird’s line: Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Sugarberry. I figured I’d review them all together since they share a similar theme.

Reviews are done blind, without looking at the scent notes. Descriptions are added after the fact.

Sugar: Ethereal, delicate sweetness – a stray tendril of spun sugar wafting on a cool breeze. Sweet, of course – but not at all cloying or sticky. Rather, it’s watery, light, crisp. Orange blossom, vanilla, berries, a hint of anise- but “Sugar” really describes it best.

Sweet and musky. There’s an airy-ness to it. I pick up a little anise as I sniff at it longer. This reminds me of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. On skin it’s very similar. The muskiness isn’t that deep, animalic kind of musk that you often smell in resiny or manly scents, it’s just more like a soft, warm skin base. It’s similar to the muskiness I get from other Firebird scents like Almond Milk and Saltwater. The anise is there, but it’s not strong – it just provides a bit of a counterpoint to all the sweetness. There is something very airy and crystalline about this, so the name is appropriate.

Brown Sugar: The scent of brown sugar, mellow and sweet, joined by coconut, vanilla and sandalwood. Soft, gentle and comforting.

This smells exactly like sticking your face in a bag of brown sugar. I know it’s called Brown Sugar, but that’s just uncanny. On skin it’s the same, if a bit softer. It’s a very warm scent, and surprisingly not super sweet. If I were to assign it a color it would be a soft brown. If I dig into it I think I smell coconut and sandalwood (which would account for the “soft brown” thing), but mostly I’m sticking with my original assessment. If you want to know what this smells like, huff some brown sugar. It’s freakishly realistic. I like it.

Sugarberry: This is a young, happy, nostalgic summer fragrance invoking memories of fairgrounds and carnival rides- sticky-sweet cotton candy and blue-ribbon blackberry pie, made from berries you gathered yourself in the backyard. Out of all those berries you picked – how many actually made it as far the pie? Your purple-stained lips will never tell…

Sweet/tart berry and maybe a bit of citrus. It’s verging on synthetic in the vial. On skin it’s softer and less tart, but it’s still tiptoeing right up to the line between “berry perfume” and “Blueberry Muffin doll” for me. One sniff, I like it. Sniff again, ehhh. I’m not crazy about this one.

The most interesting from this bunch for me is Brown Sugar, which will definitely be coming home with me at some point. It’s sweet but not cloyingly so and has a really nice warmth to it. I also like Sugar, but it takes second place. Since it reminds me of a major commercial perfume, I don’t feel like it’s quite as unique. Sugarberry certainly doesn’t smell bad, but I have other berry perfumes that work better for me.

These scents are all currently available from Firebird Bath & Body.

firebird pomegranate rose, saltwater, and viking



I swapped for a few Firebird samples recently – I’ve been wanting to try Pomegranate Rose and Saltwater for a while, and Viking didn’t really appeal to me, but since I was swapping anyway I figured sure, why not? Let’s see how they fared.

Pomegranate Rose: Comme des Garcons makes a perfume that I adore, called “Rose” (in their Red Series) that is a blend of red rose and raspberry. It sounds simple, but the combination is genius. The berries soften the sharp edges of the rose; the rose cuts the sweetness of the berries. This is my take on that concept, blending pomegranate, red berries, and rose petals- with a little lemon zest thrown in to freshen things up. The result is a nice balance between sweet, tart, fruity, and floral.

In the imp, I mostly smell berries – sweet, not tart, but not bakery sweet or cloying at all. There’s a bit of smooth rose softening the edges. On skin the fruit is still the most prevalent, but it’s softer, and after a few minutes it’s equal parts pomegranate/berries and rose. The rose is nice – it’s fresh, without that musty funeral parlor/grandma’s house thing that roses can sometimes be prone to. The rose gets stronger as it dries, though, and without the fruit to balance it out it does become a bit perfumey. And then it started to give me a headache. Boo. The lemon zest remained elusive throughout.

I ordered a full-size bottle of this, partly because I loved this in the imp and partly because it’s being discontinued. If I’d waited until I tried it on, would I have still bought a bottle? Probably. I have impulse control issues, and I do like it. I just wish the berries stayed stronger. I’ll have to try it a few more times to see if the headache trend continues, though.

Saltwater: This one is more conceptual. Which is not to say it doesn’t smell like it’s name. There is something unmistakably oceanic about it- a watery, ozonic quality and a touch of something salty and almost a little spicy, that brings to mind sand and driftwood and sea air. But I wouldn’t say it smells exactly like the ocean. (Would you even want it to? Dead fish, seaweed, and all?) It’s more like… a memory of the ocean. You know how familiar places become distorted through memory- certain aspects take prevalence while others fade away…

Perhaps I’m getting a little too out there. To put it simply- a non-floral, non-tropical ocean scent consisting of marine notes, cedar and myrtle, that softens and mellows on the skin and becomes ethereal and almost haunting. Definitely unisex, definitely unusual- and worth a try, if the idea intrigues you.

In the vial this is unexpectedly sweet and quite musky. On skin it starts out the same. I’m being reminded of Almond Milk, which is… weird. As it dries down I start to get something a bit woody and spicy, but just a little. Now it’s reminding me a little bit of Haus of Gloi’s Selkie, but without the ozone. This is definitely not an airy, blue, ozoney, beach house bathroom kind of ocean scent.

Honestly if I didn’t know what it was called, I’m not sure I’d think it was an ocean scent at all. It ends up being a soft, musky, slightly sweet, slightly spicy scent – I really like it a lot, but it doesn’t particularly put me in mind of the ocean. It’s a very comforting scent. It still reminds me a bit of Almond Milk – it’s got that same warm, musky thing going on.

I will need a bottle of this. It’s really nice. The only disappointment is that it seemed to fade really quickly, but that may be different if I slathered it on rather than just dabbing a bit to test.

Viking: A sexy, masculine blend that’s alternately spicy and warm and fresh and cool. Inspired by icy waters and snowy Scandinavian shores, bonfires of birchwood on jagged cliffs, and the smell of the ocean in winter. 

In the vial this is amazing. I get cool mint and spicy wood and faint smoke. On skin it’s mostly warm, spicy woods and just a cool ghost of mint. The kind that tickles your nostrils when you breathe it in. The description of this one is very accurate – it’s very much got a warm/cool/spicy/fresh thing going on, without ever being entirely one thing or the other.

This would be a great scent to wear camping at the end of fall, and it would probably smell amazing on a man. I like it quite a bit as is, but I also tried layering it with a simple vanilla oil and HOLY GEEZ that combination is amazing. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist.

So yeah – another bottle purchase. I didn’t expect much from this one, but I really like it, especially layered with vanilla.

These are all currently available from Firebird Bath & Body. If you want Pomegranate Rose, I’d recommend picking it up soon, because at some point in the near future it’s going to be gone.

firebird tobacco honey



A gentlemanly blend of sweet pipe tobacco, golden honey and black tea.

Notes that I like in perfume: tobacco, honey, tea. Percent chance that I will love a scent containing only those notes: 98% if not higher. So you’d think that I would’ve just splashed out for a large bottle of this without even trying it first, but NO. I was trying to be good! And I’ve had mixed luck with Firebird/Flourish. So a sample it was. Let’s see how that worked out. Spoilers: REALLY WELL.

In the imp, Tobacco Honey smells very sweet and golden. There’s a slight woody/smokiness to it that really communicates the tobacco scent well. On skin it’s the mostly same, though I can smell the tea a bit more. It’s sweet but not dessert-sweet, more like golden, oozing honey, and the tobacco note comes through in the most appealing way. Some tobacco scents smell way too much like cherry for my taste, but this smells just like the pipe tobacco my dad used to smoke, sweet and damp and woody and slightly smoky. It doesn’t turn acrid on me at all. It’s really wonderful and brings up a lot of pleasantly nostalgic scent memories for me. I want to wrap myself up in a blanket that smells like this forever.

Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely. I grew up with the scents of my dad smoking a pipe and drinking steamy Earl Grey tea, so this scent hits a lot of warm, fuzzy memory buttons for me. I love it and will be picking up a full bottle ASAP.

Available from: Firebird Bath & Body

firebird woodsmoke and vanilla


Spicy, smoky, resinous, warm and sweet- with notes of frankincense and myrrh, fir needles, balsam and cedar, on a soft base of vanilla and honey. Brings to mind firewood, incense, cold winter nights. 

I read a lot of rave reviews of this perfume, which is why I ordered a sample when I know full well that smoky scents smell like acrid horror on me. Because sometimes I am not so bright. And peer pressure. Let’s see if it fulfilled its doom potential.

In the imp it smells like incense and Christmas trees. Not so bad. On skin it mostly still smells like incense and Christmas trees, with a hint of smokiness. I don’t get much, if any, honey or vanilla from this, which is unfortunate since I think it would go very well with the rest of the notes. But I also don’t smell like burning, so that’s a plus. It’s actually quite nice – it makes me think of a bonfire in the middle of the woods on a cold night. The smokiness does get stronger as it dries, and alllmost crosses over into being too much for me. It sort of zig-zags across that line actually.

This is a funny one. I remember trying it out when I first got it and not liking it at all. Perhaps aging a bit has helped it out? Or maybe my preferences have evolved. Either way, I don’t completely hate it, which is high praise for a scent with “woodsmoke” in the name. I just wish I got a bit more sweetness.

Would I buy it again? While I don’t hate it – I actually kind of like it – I wouldn’t buy a bottle of it. It’s an interesting scent and if you like smoky, woodsy fragrances I think you’d probably love this one. But it’s not something I would wear often, since it occasionally becomes just a bit too smoky for my taste.

Available from: Firebird Bath & Body

flourish almond milk


almondmilkSoft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate. This fragrance manages to be both a soothing comfort scent and incredibly sexy at the same time (try it- you’ll see what I mean). Sugary perfume haters need not apply, but lovers of all things sweet and gourmand- I think you’ll enjoy this one quite a bit.

Back when Firebird Bath and Body was Flourish Bath and Body, Almond Milk was one of my very first indie perfume purchases. Maybe even THE first.

In the bottle this is musky, powdery-sweet almond. It’s a bit sharp and I don’t smell much in the way of milky notes. Wet on skin the powderyness dies down a bit, and once it’s dry the sharpness is gone and it’s all soft, musky almond and the milk comes out more. It’s an incredibly comforting scent, like snuggling under a blanket with a mug of warm milk (or tea, because in reality I think warm milk is gross). There’s none of that strong amaretto-type almond here; it doesn’t smell the least bit cherry-like to me. It’s still one of my favorites because I just find it very soothing and, well, for lack of a better word yummy to wear.

Re-reading the description, I think maybe the creamy milk notes I’m getting are a combination of the vanilla and white chocolate. I wouldn’t have pegged either of them from sniffing, but it makes sense.

The throw is average but the lasting power is good. I find it lasts a full day on me, though I do sometimes touch it up just because I like the smell so much and want it to be stronger.

Misc. Comments: Mike says: “I couldn’t tell you what it smells like, but I like it. It’s very sweet and delicate.”

Would I buy it again? Forever and ever, if I ever run out. I’ve had it for years and have barely made a dent in the bottle, though.