59: deep midnight aurora borealis


This rich, sweet, velvety scent is comprised of a delicious vanilla bean accord, winterberries, sweet musk, soft peppermint, white sugar, and winter pines. Enjoy the scents of the season!

In the vial, Aurora Borealis smells sweet, buttery, and a bit minty. It reminds me of Solstice Scents Snowmint Mallow.

Wet on skin, it’s a little more minty, with a musky undertone. Still quite sweet and buttery, definitely in the Snowmint Mallow family.

As it dries, the mint gets stronger and the overall scent gets colder. I get a hint of pine in the background, but way in the back, very subtle. It just reinforces the coldness. Further on, a slight berry sweetness develops. Nothing major. Again, very subtle.

I actually really like this! My first unequivocal success from Deep Midnight, hurray. I won’t be picking up a larger size, because it’s definitely in the same wheelhouse as SS Snowmint Mallow (but less buttery sweet), but I do enjoy it.

Also, the description for this is very similar to an old Arcana winter scent that, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t been around for years and which I never got my hands on – Winternights. Described as “… three vanillas, frosty peppermint, a dab of white musk, and a hint of ripe young berries encased in ice,” it sounds like these two might be kind of similar, no? So as a bonus it scratches that itch a bit.

Elevator Pitch: A sweet vanilla mint scent with a light, musky base. A very “cool” scent in general, with a tiny bit of pine and a very subtle berry sweetness on dry down.

Bonus Boy Review: I asked M what he thought about this and he said “something apple-y?” NOPE. Not even a little bit. He was very tired.

57: deep midnight house of healing


I’m so irritable today, you guys. Everything is getting on my nerves. GRR ARGH. Maybe House of Healing will calm me down? (Spoilers: NOPE.)

In this last safe refuge, one might breathe in the soft, earthy comforts of: wild iris, linden blossoms, fragrant green trees and grasses, fallen oak leaves, and sweet morning dewdrops. Magical and serene!

In the vial, House of Healing smells wet, green, and very floral.

Wet on skin it’s the same – very floral and green. Strong. Very strong.

It doesn’t really change as it dries, just somehow getting more and more floral and kind of dryer sheet-y. Actually, that’s exactly what this smells like. Like sticking your face into a box of heavily-scented dryer sheets.

Another fail for me and Deep Midnight. This one sounded so good – green trees and grasses! Fallen oak leaves! Sweet morning dewdrops! What do I get? Dryer sheets. I had to scrub this one off, and ugh, it didn’t want to leave.

Elevator Pitch: An extremely floral scent with a wet green edge. Dry down is total Eau de dryer sheets. Very strong.

55: deep midnight thalia


Thalia means “festivity” or flourishing”. Her scent is a delicious and festive mix of raw honeycomb layered over succulent peaches, sweet gardenia, and a deep, rich myrrh.

In the vial, Thalia smells pretty damn delicious, like rich peaches and honey, slightly waxy. Very good, yes, but also kind of like a scented candle? A really nice scented candle, though.

Wet on skin, it’s sweet, smooth, and peachy, but really is also giving me full-on candle vibes. It’s Candle City.

As it dries down, it gets less fruity and sweet and takes on a slightly floral, resinous quality. It’s still got a bit of a waxy tone, too, and the result isn’t… unpleasant, per se, but it’s just kind of meh. Sillage is light, and when I do catch a whiff of it, I’m kind of like, “oh, that’s nice,” and it is, but it’s not wowing me or anything.

Deep Midnight and I are not having a stellar run so far. I don’t dislike Thalia like I did Naenia and 1922, but I don’t love it either. If I had a 5 star system, I’d probably give it like… 3 stars. Pretty, pleasant, solidly middle of the road. I’ll keep my sample, but it’s nothing I feel compelled to own more of.

Elevator Pitch: Starts out sweet, deep, and peachy, and dries down to something a little less fruity, with a slightly floral, resinous quality. Has a waxy tone, and is a bit scented candle-y at the beginning, but that fades.

54: deep midnight 1922


A sexy, high spirited blend in the spirit of the flapper girls of the Roaring Twenties! Delicious gardenia envelops a sweet, sexy tobacco, the old polished wood of a dance floor, exotic musk, a wee bit of bourbon whiskey, followed by a hint of sultry berries. It’s the bees knees!!

In the vial, 1922 smells sweet, alcoholic, and a little musky.

Wet on skin it’s strongly boozy at first, musky, with a berry sweetness. Gardenia blooms (no pun intended) on my skin very quickly, and then it’s basically The Gardenia Show with special backup performers whisky, musk, and berries. It’s also very strong and perfumey at this point.

As it dries, the intense perfumey gardenia just keeps on getting stronger. We’ve moved past 11 and are approaching 25. Ye gods. If I sniff through the heavy wet blanket of gardenia, I can detect musky woods, a bit of booze, and just the slightest touch of berries, but mostly it’s All Gardenia All the Time.

Another swing and a miss for Deep Midnight. I’ll admit that I didn’t expect to like this, and I don’t. If you like loud white florals and traditionally perfumey scents, you might enjoy this. I scrubbed it off. In addition to just being a scent I don’t like, it had a sharp, artificial, perfumey edge to it that I found really unpleasant.

Elevator Pitch: Heavy, perfumey gardenia over a faint base of musky woods, whiskey, and the tiniest hint of berries. Mostly gardenia, though. Really. Do you like gardenia? Here is some gardenia.

Bonus Boy Review: I had M chime in on this when he passed by my office. He said: “It smells extremely antiseptic. Like medicine. It smells like someone tried to sanitize a crime scene.” So that’s a no, then.

53: deep midnight naenia


I’m caught up! WOO. Also, my first Deep Midnight review ever. It’s not a company I have much experience with – I only have a handful of samples, all collected secondhand through swaps and sales, and I’ve never gotten around to actually, you know, trying any of them. So I’m going to remedy that, starting now.

Naenia, a beautiful name for a beautiful creature…This perfume oil named for the little moth, also known as the “The Gothic,” is a sexy, sultry blend of: Ripe apricots, carnations, sweet magonlia blossoms, dark honey, white peaches, with bits of tart cranberries, wood, and black pepper rounding out the main notes of the scent. Definitely sexy and exotic and a teensy bit dark. Opens with notes of the fruits and honey and then dries down to a deeper, sweet floral with wood notes. Come fly away with her!

In the imp, Naenia smells like peaches, a little tart, with a lot of waxy white flowers. It’s not entirely pleasant to me.

Wet on skin it’s very similar, an abundance of white flowers with a vague peachy fruitiness. There’s also something dark and a little spicy underneath. It smells a bit artificial somehow as well.

As it dries it gets a little more floral, and the peach fades a bit, but somehow it still gets sweeter. It also develops a little bit of a powdery or woody edge.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I don’t like this at all. Blech. I also found the sillage and lasting power to be pretty poor.

Elevator Pitch: Heavy on the white florals, with a bit of sweet/tart peachy fruitiness and a very slight spiciness. A little powdery or woody on dry down. Smells a bit artificial.