nava coconut cockatoo, devil cake kobalt, and eternal egypt summer


cockatoo_devil_summerI’ve been picking up NAVA bottles and samples from destashes here and there lately – I’m really trying not to blind-buy too much from them, since they’re a very new and not entirely successful brand for me, but since prices tend to be a bit lower destashes are hard to resist! Anyway, here are three that I tried out recently.

Coconut Cockatoo: Coconut Husk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Sugar all bound together in the harmony of Crystalline vanilla.

In the bottle: Musky sugared coconut, it smells very white. Maybe slightly artificial.

Wet on skin: Warmer coconut, but not too sweet. Very beachy smelling, kind of light and sandy.

Dry down: That artificial edge has returned with a vengeance – I’m not sure what it is, but something about this smells almost plasticky. Like if Strawberry Shortcake had a friend named Coconut Cupcake and she was made into one of those scented plastic dolls, she would smell like this. Warm, mild, slightly plasticky coconut. It’s not unpleasant, exactly, but I’m not sure I want to smell like it.

Short & Sweet: Coconut-scented plastic.

Well, that was disappointing. Thankfully I found a new home for this guy over on IMAM, so it’ll be going to someone who will appreciate it.


Devil Cake Kobalt: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Sugar, Evil, Cocoa Dust, Kobalt Vanilla Orchid, Egyptian Musk and Vanilla Musk. (Rhinestone Housewife Exclusive)

In the bottle: Dark chocolate and vanilla, sugar, musk.

Wet on skin: Chocolate and Kobalt (vanilla orchid). The chocolate is pretty dark at first but lightens into a more milk chocolate/chocolate fudge cake situation pretty quickly. The deep, creamy, ever-so-slightly floral Kobalt is very present here. (Which is a plus as I really enjoy Kobalt.)

Dry down: Lots of Kobalt! The chocolate is present but the balance of chocolate and vanilla seems pretty equal on my skin. Creamy, almost fruity Kobalt and mild fudgy chocolate. The Kobalt keeps it from being heavily foodie or overly sweet.

Short & Sweet: Creamy, almost fruity Kobalt and mild fudgy chocolate. A balanced mix of chocolate and vanilla, not heavily foodie or overly sweet.

Chocolate scents can by iffy for me (with the exception of sixteen92’s magical chocolate scents), but I like this one. Of course, I think I mostly like it because of the Kobalt vanilla, but still. You get to stay, Devil Cake.


Eternal Egypt Summer: White Amber, Limestone Essence, Lime Leaf, Lime Zest, Saffron, White Tea Leaf, Sandalwood, Mandarin

In the bottle: Lots of citrus – orange and lime.

Wet on skin: Heavy citrus, mostly lime with some juicy mandarin, over a base of creamy white amber. I’m a bit wary of white amber because it has a tendency to go kind of chalky or powdery on me, but this is really quite nice. After a minute or so I get a subtle hint of tea, and something smooth – at this point it reminds me a bit of Mighty Leaf’s Chamomile Citrus tea.

Dry down: This has developed a sort of stony edge, cool and earthy, and the citrus has calmed down a bit. It’s smoother and a little deeper, though it’s still a rather light scent. I can smell the saffron more now, deep and earthy but slightly sweet.

Short & Sweet: Smooth citrus and a bit of tea over a base of creamy white amber and earthy. A bit of a stony edge. Deep but light. Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus tea.

This was sent as a freebie with a large destash order and I have to say I didn’t expect to like it at all – I never would’ve tried it based on the description. But I actually like it quite a bit. Nice surprise!

Overall Thoughts: Coconut Cockatoo was such a let down! The notes all sound lovely, I generally love coconut scents, and I’ve tried and enjoy Crystalline on its own. Sadly it seems like NAVA’s coconut may not be so great on me – I have a sample of Coconut Moonstone as well, and the notes from my initial testing are “really mild coconut, kind of plasticky?” I’m seeing a theme develop, unfortunately. But I like Devil Cake Kobalt – I think I might like anything heavy on the Kobalt to be honest – and Eternal Egypt Summer was a nice surprise, because I expected it to be an immediate destash.

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