nava apricot kobalt, blueberry crystal special edition, and bastet’s snow white


apricot_blueberryse_snowwhiteAnother trio of random NAVAs today! Kind of quick-fire reviews as opposed to the more in-depth bottle/wet/dry run-down, because I made notes on these throughout last week rather than testing them all on one day.

Apricot Kobalt: African Apricot, Apricot Cream, Vanilla Cream, Nokturne:Kobalt.

A beautiful, rich apricot vanilla scent. The apricot is fuzzy and freshly sweet, distinctly apricot and not peach. I really like Kobalt, it’s deep and creamy, not too sugary sweet, with a slight floral/fruity edge that complements the apricot really well.

Apricot Kobalt reminds me a little of a scent I liked back in the day before I got into indies – Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanilla Abricot, but richer and just better.


Blueberry Crystal Special Edition: Egyptian Summer Blueberry within the beauty of harmonized Vanilla and Musk (Nokturne:Crystal). Supple and fresh.  +Egyptian Frankincense, Rich NA Solar Amber, Green Peppercorn E/O and original Nokturne (Egyptian Musk).

I bought this by mistake – I had a sample of regular Blueberry Crystal and loved it, so when I saw a bottle listed in a destash that I was buying other things from, I grabbed that too. Except that when it got to me, it wasn’t regular Blueberry Crystal, it was a “special edition” version with a bunch of things I don’t care for added in. It was an honest mistake on the part of the seller, but was still pretty disappointing since I don’t actually like this version.

OG Blueberry Crystal is a sweet blueberry and vanilla scent, not too candy-like, with a bit of soft musk. Simple, beautiful. The Special Edition version is not as sweet, and as it dries down it gets muskier, and I get a lot of frankincense and a little bite of pepper, neither of which I’m really fond of, and both of which detract from what I like about Blueberry Crystal in the first place.

So that was a fail. I ordered a bottle of regular old Blueberry Crystal from NAVA, and will probably destash Special Edition to someone who likes their blueberry with a heavy dose of musky frankincense.


Bastet’s Snow White: A variety of 15 Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, France, Egypt, and all over the world. Crystalline and Crystal. Butter and caramel essences. Moonstone and Egyptian White Musk.

This scent is what prompted my first NAVA order – it got nothing but raves on IMAM while it was around, so I blind-bought a bottle and a set of samples. It didn’t disappoint, but it’s not my favorite of all the scents I’ve tried from them at this point either.

Bastet’s Snow White is a pretty vanilla musk with a very slight floral edge. It smooths out and gets less sweet and more musky with wear, but it never changes drastically on me. Having tried Crystalline alone, I can definitely pick it out here, fluffy and cloud-like. Overall I like it, but I think I was expecting something more mind-blowing from all the reviews. Still, it’s pretty and if you like vanilla, you’d like this.

Overall Thoughts: Apricot Kobalt is the easy favorite out of this group, but I do like Bastet’s Snow White as well. Blueberry Crystal Special Edition was a sad disappointment for me all around, but I’m sure someone else will love it.

3 thoughts on “nava apricot kobalt, blueberry crystal special edition, and bastet’s snow white

  1. carolyn

    Hi there! I’m u/deliciousbean on IMAM, and would love to purchase the Blueberry from you if you still have it available for purchase!

    PS. I read your reviews *way* too frequently and looooove the cute reference behind the ‘more tea?’ line :)

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