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rhinestone_housewifeIn honor of The Rhinestone Housewife’s third birthday, Arcana whipped up an exclusive scent called – naturally – The Rhinestone Housewife. The notes are as follows:

Caramelized banana trifles and blueberry cakes are deepened with dark, resinous amber and soft, creamy patchouli.

Blueberry is one of my favorite notes, and I’m of the opinion that there aren’t nearly enough banana scents in the world (plus as we all know I’m a huge Arcana fangirl), so of course I jumped on this one immediately.

In the bottle: Lots of banana and a bit of blueberry, dark and sweet with an almost boozy edge. The banana reads a bit artificial to my nose, like banana Runts, but for once “artificial” isn’t a bad thing – I love the smell (and taste, I love me some banana Laffy Taffy!) of fake banana.

Wet on skin: A strong whack of banana right off the bat, then hints of a more tart blueberry fruitiness come out. Dark amber oozes underneath, with an edge of patchouli. (I’m a patch-hater and this is more than a hint of patchouli, but it’s tolerable.) The base really cuts the banana and takes away a lot of the artificial qualities.

Dry down: I’m getting a bit more patchouli now, and more blueberry too – it kind of smells like blueberry banana bread with some sort of dark, boozy caramel drizzle on top, or blueberry banana pancakes. It’s actually not very sweet, though – when I read the description I was hoping for a sweet, creamy, cakey banana blueberry confection, but that’s not how it reads on my skin. I think I like it, but it’s different than I thought it would be, much less gourmand and if I’m being honest I’m getting a bit too much patchouli for my taste. I may try layering this one with something creamy like Isolde or Philtre: Embrace.

(I did layer on a bit of Isolde and highly recommend the combination! Rich, creamy Isolde – speaking of which, I don’t think I ever reviewed the Sunk Lyonesse collection, must remember to do that – doesn’t add an undue amount of sweetness, but the creaminess really cuts the patchouli nicely while still leaving the dark banana and blueberry to shine through. In this combination, I really like The Rhinestone Housewife.)

Short & Sweet: Strong banana and a bit of blueberry over a base of dark amber and patchouli. The banana is strongest to start and mellows out as it dries. Not nearly as sweet as expected, and heavier on the patchouli than I’d like. Not my absolute favorite on its own, but really lovely layered with Isolde and probably any similarly creamy scent.

2 thoughts on “arcana the rhinestone housewife

  1. I was super curious about this scent. I’m not a foodie in the least, but … resinous amber and patchouli intrigued me. But I’m not entirely sure I’d dig the banana. LOL

    • It’s an interesting blend! I’m definitely fond of foodie scents, which I guess is why I like this one more layered than on its own. If you want to try it out without blind-buying a full bottle, I think Ajevie still has decants available. :)

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