arcana prynne collection, part 1.5


We meet again, ladies…

Earlier this week I received the last few outstanding ladies from part one of Arcana’s Prynne collection (I have all the new ladies – and one gent! – from part two as well, but they need to rest a bit + get their picture taken) – I had gotten half bottles of Jezebel and Qedesha from a decant circle because I wasn’t sure I’d like them, and while I missed the original release of Fille de Joie, a super generous redditor over on IMAM had accidentally ordered two and was kind enough to offer me her extra bottle. So here we are! Let’s see how they fared, shall we?

Jezebel: Tiare, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, and stephanotis are suffused with white musk, pearl musk, and citron.

In the bottle and on skin, Jezebel is strong sweetened white florals. Not too sweet, just a little bit. Citron and musk provide a nice base. It’s actually nicer than I expected, but not sweet enough for me. After a while on skin it goes bit perfumey and heady, and too overpoweringly floral for my taste.

Qedesha: Neroli petals dripping with honey, bee nectar, warm musk, and pearl musk.

Super strong neroli on first application. SUPER strong, gag-inducing. (To be fair, I don’t like neroli/orange blossom very much.) After a minute it calms down a little and I get more of the lovely honey and a powderiness that I attribute to the bee nectar. It’s got a nice clearness to it, if that makes any sense. I like it more than I expected to given the strong neroli, but it’s definitely not one I need more of.

A little further in it just turns to baby powder? All baby powder. Baby powder nightmare. I scrubbed it off. No bueno. This one may end up getting re-homed.

Fille de Joie: Delicate lavender marshmallows and yellow peaches cured in a vanilla absolute bottle.

Oh, Fille de Joie. This lovely little gem caused a lot of people (myself included) some consternation when the initial stock at Pretty Indulgent sold out in about 12 minutes. I missed it myself, and was super bummed, but had resigned myself to waiting for the restocks when I got a PM from a really lovely redditor who offered me the extra bottle that she’d accidentally ordered in the frenzy. Of course I jumped all over that, and now lovely Fille, she is mine! The restock IS happening at Pretty Indulgent in the near future, though, so fear not if you too missed it the first time around.

In the bottle: GORGEOUS. How’s that for descriptive? On skin it starts off with lots of lavender, sharp and a little powdery, balanced overall but not very sweet. As it dries down the peach becomes more assertive. It’s a soft, fresh peach, not candy-like. That powderiness is from the marshmallow, which gets stronger and sweeter, and the whole scent becomes this beautiful fresh peach and sweet marshmallow blend with a bit of calming lavender. It’s a lovely soft scent, very delicate and pretty.

Overall Thoughts: Very positive on Fille de Joie, surprising absolutely no one. I have mixed feelings about Jezebel (it’s just not my style), and out-and-out dislike Qedesha (as expected). Three more ladies of the evening and one fancy gentleman to go until this collection is complete!

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