solstice scents estate vanilla & rose mallow cream eau de parfums


Sample size 3.3 ml EDPs come in wee little sprayer bottles. Small but sturdy!

A little while ago, Solstice Scents debuted a line of eau de parfums (henceforth abbreviated as EDPs because I’m lazy) that includes several existed scents from their catalog as well as two new scents available only in EDP format: Estate Vanilla and White Feather. I haven’t tried White Feather, but I did pick up samples of Estate Vanilla and Rose Mallow Cream. Today I’ll talk mostly about Estate Vanilla, with just a quick note about how RMC compares to the oil version at the end.

Estate Vanilla: Raw Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Infused Sugar, Cream & Vanilla Extract. Our Rich House Vanilla

Estate Vanilla is a warm, floaty vanilla scent with a distinct creamy sugary-ness to it, like homemade vanilla bean sugar. It’s a light vanilla, not heavy or cloying or overly sweet. There’s a very slight alcoholic edge on initial application, but it disappears quickly and isn’t even close to the alcoholic astringency I get from commercial EDPs.

I find Estate Vanilla more or less linear on my skin – once the initial whiff of alcohol burns off, I’m left with a wonderful soft vanilla scent with great sillage and longevity.

On my initial testing day (the one where I took notes like a nerd), I applied 3 spritzes (wrist, wrist, neck) at 8 am. Around 3 pm I noted that it was slightly fainter but still very noticeable; at 7 pm I noted that it was wearing substantially closer to the skin, but was still perfectly detectable if I sniffed my wrists. I stopped taking notes at that point, but I’ve worn it many times since and can say that it routinely lasts 12+ hours on my skin. The throw gets fainter as the day wears on, of course, but even at the end of the day it’s still lingering close to my skin.

I’m sure a lot of people are curious how this compares to Solstice Scents’ old star vanilla fragrance, Cenobite, which was sadly discontinued a few months ago. I have Cenobite and on my skin they’re really not very similar at all. Cenobite is sweeter and thicker, with a distinctly boozy french vanilla vibe, and it’s just a heavier scent in general. Estate Vanilla is much lighter and airier, and less heavily sweetened. Both are wonderful vanillas, but they’re very different.


The full size 60 ml EDPs come in a gorgeous, thick frosted glass bottle.

As I’m sure you can tell, I love this scent. I’ve worn it nearly every day since I got my sample, so frequently that I actually felt justified in ordering a full size EDP, which just arrived and is beautiful (as you can see above). It’s just a fantastic, wearable, everyday kind of scent. It’s not too heavy or sweet to wear in warm weather (it’s still in the 90’s here and halloween candy is already out, what’s up fall?), but I can already see all my cozy sweaters smelling like Estate Vanilla once the heat breaks. It would also be great for layering with any scent you’d like to sweeten up a little, though I haven’t tried that yet as I’ve been too enamored of it all on its own.

Short & Sweet: A warm, airy, sugary vanilla. Light and not too sweet, with just a touch of creaminess. A++, highly recommend if you like vanilla at all. Like, at all.

And now for Rose Mallow Cream: save for the fleeting whiff of alcohol on initial application, RMC smells spot-on like the oil on my skin. No differences large enough to stand out to me when I wore it. If you’ve never tried RMC in any format, my review is here.

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