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miranda_deminimusHere are the other two scents in Arcana’s Lady Justice mini-collection – Miranda and De Minimis Non Curat Lex. I was on the fence about both of these, De Minimus more so than Miranda, but I ordered them anyway to complete the set… let’s see how they fared!

Miranda: Inspired by a soft grey kitten named after Miranda v. Arizona. Pink tuberose petals, Monoi de Tahiti, pearl musk, strawberries, and sugary watermelon.

In the bottle: Pink! A super pink, sugary floral. Sweet and a little fruity.

Wet on skin: Creamy florals and sweet strawberry. A little musky. A minute or so later I can pick up fresh watermelon. I’m no fan of florals but this smells really, really nice.

Dry down: The fruitiness is a little more prominent and the florals, while definitely still present, are a bit calmer. They’re not heady or perfumey at all. Concerning the fruits, I smell strawberry most strongly but can pick up the watermelon as well.

Short & Sweet: A sweet, creamy fruity-floral blend with a bit of musk. Sugary, pink, and very girly. This one was a really unexpected hit for me! I love it. Miranda is gorgeous and should be on every floral hater’s list of florals to try.

De Minimis Non Curat Lex: The law does not concern itself with trifles. AKA Circus by the Sea. A cool blend of saltwater, ocean air, rain-soaked blackberries, neroli, coconut, and a hint of green cognac absolute.

In the bottle: Cool and watery, a little bit sharp and floral with some berry sweetness.

Wet on skin: It’s immediately deeper and a bit salty. A little sweet but not really sweet. A little floral but not really floral. Just a hint of coconut. This goes back and forth between being a little too floral for me, and then not.

Dry down: After a short period where it smells a bit like a dryer sheet, De Minimus settles in as a musky, slightly salty ocean scent with hints of neroli, berries, and coconut. It does occasionally tip back over into smelling like a dryer sheet, but I think that’s just my general impression of slightly floral ocean/ozone/sea air kind of scents, especially if they contain neroli or orange blossom. They just usually smell like dryer sheets to me. I’m saying dryer sheets a lot. Dryer sheets dryer sheets dryer sheets.

Short & Sweet: A musky, slightly salty ocean scent with hints of neroli, berries, and coconut. Only occasionally smells like dryer sheets.

Overall thoughts: Julia may not be a big floral lover, but the ones she does, she does well! I’ve consistently loved her sweet floral blends and Miranda is no exception. It’s beautiful.

De Minimus was the scent I was least certain about, and it is indeed the one I like least – but I do still like it, I think. I’m not generally a huge fan of oceanic/ozoney scents, but this one has enough murky saltiness to (mostly) keep it out of dryer sheet territory. Mostly. I ended up with a sample of this as well as a bottle, and I’m not sure yet which one of them I’m going to destash. I don’t mind having a bottle, but I think I’d probably be happy enough with a sample.

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    • Gah, so many! I haven’t been posting, but I sure have kept amassing scents like a crazy hoarder. Life has been a bit nuts, but I need to clear a weekend to take pictures and then actually sit down to try all the things piling up on my desk. Have you tried anything notable lately?

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