OMG: arcana haul


peaches_strawberries_haulI got a big box in the mail from Arcana HQ today, containing most of the new Peaches Crave and Strawberries Crave collections. (I did the label art! Hurray.) Reviews to come, of course, but this pretty much sums up my reaction to receiving this parcel:



Edit! In case you’re curious as to what’s coming down the pipe, here’s what was in that big box of delights:

Peaches Crave: Beaches, Dolci, Mambo, Paws, Pirates, True Love, Vanilla

Strawberries Crave: Botanicus, Cacao, Lucy, Helios, Incense, Nyx, Rococo, Summer, Waterfalls, Rhinestones, Indulgence

Apples Crave: Apples, of course!

I also ordered decants of all the scents I didn’t get bottles of, so I’ll have those eventually as well (Peaches Crave Cthon, Forests, and Trance, and Strawberries Crave Kink).

2 thoughts on “OMG: arcana haul

  1. Tobie

    Any chance you can give a sneak peek of each of the names on the bottles? I think I spy Peaches Crave Paws on one of the labels. I’m so intrigued!!!!

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