124: ohwto lucky


luckyCrisp, juicy red apples, tart granny smiths, and rolling, endless green hills perfumed by nature awakening from her winter slumber. Spring is in the air!

Ooh, girl. You knew I had to have this one, right? Apples are an automatic in for me. I tried a solid last year and enjoyed it a lot, though I don’t think I ever actually reviewed it. So let’s remedy that with the oil version.

In the bottle, Lucky is all tart green apple and fresh grass. Not terribly sweet.

Wet on skin it’s even less sweet, and smells a touch artificial at first. Not bad, just a little like a “spring grass” scented candle or something. The apple is subtle and crisp, definitely green – I don’t get any sweet red apples at all.

As it dries the grassy notes smell fresher, a bit more real. The apple and grasses are really about 50/50 here, which is nice and a bit unusual – apple is more of a top note, and rarely makes up the bulk of a scent blend. It stays pretty linear as it dries, just a nice, crisp, grassy apple scent. Very springy.

Elevator Pitch: Crisp green apples and spring grass. Fresh, not sweet.

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