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butterflyOne Hand Washes the Other’s spring collection isn’t long for the world at this point – the consistent and horrific 90 degree forecast here in Philly this week makes it quite clear that despite ostensibly having another 3 weeks or so of spring to look forward to, summer is, alas, here. But there’s still some stock left, so I figured I should review what I have before it’s all gone for the season.

I tried many of the spring scents last year, so this year I only picked up a few things – bottles of Lucky and Butterfly, and two minis, Sprout and Scarlett (which is not specifically a spring scent).

First up: Butterfly.

Colorful and bright, like a flower in flight. Ripe Apricots, Nectar, Mimosa blooms, Black Currants, Oranges, Melons, and a hint of fresh Mint.

In the bottle, Butterfly is bright and fruity – mostly apricot, with a bit of melon and mint.

Wet on skin it’s got an odd astringent quality… almost a little bit ammonia-esque? I blame the black currants. It’s not entirely unpleasant, though, and that aspect mostly fades pretty quickly. It’s very fruity, with a touch of fresh mint and just the tiniest breath of sweet florals.

This one doesn’t change much during dry down, save the fruits getting a little juicier. It’s actually a bit less sweet than I expected from the description, more of a light fruity scent with just the barest touch of florals. It’s nice and very springy, but there’s nothing in particular that makes it stand out to me. I like it, but don’t love it. I don’t mind having a 5 ml, but I would’ve been fine with just a 2 ml mini too.

Elevator Pitch: A light, fruity scent, heavy on the apricot, with melon, mint, and just a touch of florals. Not too sweet, and juicier as it dries. The black currants give it a slightly astringent, ammonia-esque quality at first, but it mostly fades by dry down.

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