116: haunt may queen


may_queenThe beginning of May seems like an appropriate a time to finally pull out one of my long-untried Haunt scents – May Queen.

Forest berries of black, blue, and elder, silver needle tea, a hawthorn bower, moist earth, and sweet davana flowers.

In the bottle, May Queen is all earthy berries and tea, very slightly sour.

Wet on skin the tartness is mostly gone and the earthiness is stronger. Lightly sweet. The tea note is a tiny bit dusty.

The tea gets a little stronger as it dries – it smells like drinking berry tea in a clearing in the woods. I don’t always like tea scents, and if I’m being really honest I’d like this scent better without the tea, but it’s inoffensive here. The sweet berries and dusty earth are nice enough that I don’t really mind it. And it doesn’t give me a headache, which is always a plus. Black tea is the main headache culprit for me, and this smells more like white tea. But in any case, it’s not a head-over-heels love situation; I like it, but wouldn’t cry if I lost/broke the bottle somehow. (Which is a real fear I have. It was reinforced recently when I dropped one of my sample boxes and one vial smashed to bits on the floor. Quelle horreur!)

Not much sillage, unfortunately, and it’s pretty fleeting, which is an issue I have with most Haunt scents. I haven’t seen enough other reviews to know if it’s a skin chemistry thing or if it’s just a general brand thing.

Elevator Pitch: Lightly sweet berries, dusty earth, and tea.

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