90-100: blooddrop winter simplicities II



I’m not even going to get into how behind on the review-a-day count I am; it’s painful. JK: I’m 18 reviews behind. EIGHTEEN. Ugh. So in an effort to catch up a bit, here are quick-fire reviews of Blooddrop’s Winter Simplicities (part 2).

These aren’t available anymore, so… sorry about that… but here they are for posterity. I thought I had a decant of Roasted Nuts, but I’ve had this package sitting on my desk for quite a while so I’m guessing I misplaced it somewhere along the line. Sadness.

90: Brioche: Sweet, wonderful brioche bread accord. Delicious!

HOLY YUM. In the vial this is sweet, buttery bread. It smells the same on skin, like a delicious croissant (or, you know, brioche). I love this one.

91: Dandelion: Bright, green, yellow, and very Spring-y!

In the vial: PERFECTION. Fresh, soft green, like holding a buttery dandelion under your nose. It’s mostly the same on skin, though it gets perhaps just a touch perfumey. I find that to be the case with most of Blooddrop’s grassy scents. But mostly this one is lovely.

92: Forest Soil: A dirt accord with forest notes.

Not what I was expecting. A strong, abrasive dirt scent with sharp pine. Not the kind of dirt scent I like… it smells like an “forest breeze” air freshener. On skin it smells like Pine-Sol. Blech.

93: Golden Accord No. 1: A blend of amber, myrrh, vanilla, orange, musk and soft florals to create this golden accord that has an ever so slight foody touch to it.

In the vial – musky orange and vanilla with a bit of incense. On skin the amber and myrrh get a little stronger, and then a lot stronger. It mostly drowns out the orange/vanilla creamsicle goodness, alas. This one also gave me a headache.

94: Guava: Lush, ripe, and exotic.

Intensely sweet and tropical in the vial – like guava candy. On skin it’s slightly more tart, but retains a kind of candy/gummy vibe. Love.

95: Irish Cream Liquor: An olfactory interpretation of your favorite after dinner drink, so do not drink!

In the vial – sweet, creamy whisky. It almost smells like irish cream candy. It’s the same on skin, a really light, delicious boozy scent.

96: Pineapple Candy: Sweet pineapple hard candy.

SWEET sweet sweet pineapple in the vial, very candy-ish, and something about it reminds me a tiny bit of bubble gum. On skin the bubblegum bit is stronger, oddly, but it smells good. Very tropical and fun, with a slightly powdered sugar vibe, like crunchy pineapple sugar candies. (Are those a thing? Probably not.)

97: Saffron: Earthy, distinctive saffron.

Ooh, this is weird. In the vial it’s earthy and very, very sharp. It’s pretty much the same on skin, maybe a little less sharp. I’m not a fan of this one.

98: Sweet Grass: Fresh, soft grass note. Different than a mown grass accord.

A slightly perfumey grass scent in the vial. Definitely not your classic “just mown grass” note. On skin it’s even more perfumey and reminds me very much of a “spring grass” scented candle. Do not like.

99: Tiramisu: Lady finger cookies soaked with espresso liquor and layered with sweetened mascarpone.

Very strong coffee liquor and a hint of cookies in the vial. The coffee has a sharp, very alcoholic edge. On skin it’s a bit sweeter and much creamier, and less alcoholic.

100: Toasted Rice: Rice lightly toasted with a hint of butter.

Sweet, buttery rice! Not sugary sweet, just like… a mild, starchy sweetness. On skin it’s a little less sweet and a little more toasty, but it also develops a kind of spiciness that I wasn’t expecting.

Overall Thoughts: Blooddrop is pretty hit or miss for me, and the Simplicities don’t often catch my attention, but this one had so many interesting options that I couldn’t resist. Out of the ones I tested, Brioche, Dandelion, and Guava are my favorites. I actually wish I would’ve tried these sooner so I could’ve picked up a bottle of Brioche, because actual bread scents are pretty rare and this one is amazing.

And now I’m only 8 behind! … Which is still a lot, but better than 18.

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