89: arcana apples crave tea


apples_crave_teaToday has been grey and drizzly, so I felt like something warm and spicy – enter Apples Crave Tea. I didn’t intend to pick this one up when I chose the scents I wanted from the Apples Crave line, but Julia threw in a sample and I very surprisingly liked it so much that I ended up getting a bottle.

Smoky black tea leaf, golden musk, cardamom, and baked winesaps.

In the bottle, is very warm and spicy, a bit sharp, with juicy baked apples.

Wet on skin the cardamom is pretty prominent, and almost a bit medicinal. This initial stage put me off, because I generally don’t care for cardamom scents.

After 5-10 minutes, the cardamom mellows a bit, and the apples start to come out again. It’s sweeter, lightly musky, fruity, and spicy. It smells more and more like spicy baked apples as it dries.

This one was a surprise for me. Wet on skin I wasn’t a fan, but the dry down is really nice. Definitely a fall-ish scent, but appropriate for a chilly, gloomy spring day as well. It makes me want to burrow under a blanket with a cup of spicy apple tea and hibernate.

Elevator Pitch: Spicy baked apples – warm, musky, and sweet.

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