85: darling clandestine monstre delicat


monstre_delicatYou guys, how far behind am I at this point? 6, 7, 8 posts? BLEH. Life is really blog-blocking me lately and it’s damaging my calm.

Anyway – today’s scent is Monstre Delicat from Darling Clandestine. I’ve had mixed results with DC’s blue/water scents, so I resisted the urge to hoard and only picked up a bitsy of this one.

Clean, spicy, rainy, moody, wonderful. Sweet blackened fig, rain water, spiced wood. The nostalgic longing for storms. It’s a haunting watercolor “blue” scent.

In the bottle, is a deep, spicy blue water scent. Not a clear, ozone-y blue, more of a dark, inky blue.

Wet on skin, it’s quite spicy, definitely a bit woodsy, and still deep, dark blue.

As it dries, it develops a kind of dark, murky undertone. It’s definitely moody. I read a description of Monstre Delicat once as being something like hard rain on a big city rather than a clean, clear rain on an open space, and I think that’s pretty accurate. There’s a darkness, a murkiness, a bit of grit to it.

It gets spicier on my skin as it wears. I don’t always have the best luck with DC’s blue scents – I like Mishigami, but Step Right Up isn’t great on me – and this leans a bit toward the latter as it dries further. The spicy woody notes are stronger and slightly chalky or powdery, mostly overpowering the murky blueness. Further on, a tiny bit of sweetness comes out.

I liked the initial application, but unfortunately the dry down, while not quite a scrubber, isn’t something I’m very fond of. It’s strong, though, so if you do like it that’s a plus.

Elevator Pitch: A deep, dark blue scent with a heavy dose of spicy woods. It’s more murky and watery to start, but becomes quite strongly spicy and a bit powdery as it dries.

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