107-114: long overdue summer simplicities from blooddrop



In the immortal words of Miss Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat: two steps forward, two steps back. Things are still crazy busy around here, but I finally managed to tackle some reviews over the weekend – a bunch of Summer Simplicities from Blooddrop.

Summer Simplicities, you say! But it’s not summer yet! No, it is not. These are actually LAST YEAR’S Summer Simplicities. That’s how long it’s taken me to get around to testing them out, which is really just the saddest. Obviously none of these are available right now, but maybe some of them will be when this year’s summer simplicities come around? Maybe that. Also I just really wanted to get them out of my “to review” pile.

107: Beach Towel: This is as if you left the scent of your tropical vacation smothered into your plush beach towel; warm skin, coconut, fruity cocktails, tanning lotion, and your paramour’s earthy scent.

Surprisingly perfumey. I mostly get musk and coconut in the vial, like suntan oil (don’t use suntan oil, kids) on warm skin. Wet on skin it’s all suntan oil at first, but then it gets really strongly musky and perfumey. I don’t really get any coconut or fruit. It smells like a scented candle that would be called “Summer Nights” or, well, “Beach Towel.”

108: Strawberry Soda: Sticky, sweet, and quite possibly the only soda that leaves you feeling thirsty after drinking it!

The most artificial strawberry. Syrupy, sugary, chemical strawberry. Wet on skin it smells, well, like strawberry soda. Artificial strawberry with a bit of fizz.

109: Blackberry Soda: Sticky, sweet blackberry soda.

I love blackberries. This doesn’t smell like blackberries. I have a hard time distinguishing it from Strawberry Soda, to be honest. It’s all just super-sweet, sugary, chemical fruit. On skin it has a similar fizz to Strawberry Soda, but it’s less syrupy sweet and a little more tart.

110: Orange Creamsicle: Deliciously wonderful orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.

In the vial, this smells EXACTLY like orange sherbert. Creamy orange, kind of artificial. There’s a little bit of a chewable vitamins thing going on too – a kind of powdery vitamin c edge. Wet on skin it’s more chewable vitamins, but the creamy sherbert-ness comes out after a bit. This smells good but so, so artificial. It’s like one of those orange dreamsicles coated in crushed up Flintstones chewables.

111: Peach Pie: Summer’s delight; peaches baked in a sugared, buttery pie crust.

Does what it says on the tin: peach pie. Sweet, syrupy peaches and buttery brown sugar. Wet on skin it’s juicier, with the peaches taking center stage. It’s not a complex scent (obviously, these are simplicities) and it still does smell just a touch artificial to my nose, but it’s a nice peach. This is the only one of the bunch that I actually like.

112: Sea Shell: An accord of oceanic notes; sand, ozone, warm sun, scraggly beach pines, seaweed, and salt air.

Beach house bathroom candle. Wet on skin it’s more subtle and warm, but only for a minute – it gets really strong and ozoney really quickly. It smells like an air freshener interpretation of a beach scent. Do not like.

113: Vanilla Tea: Gentle white tea infused with vanilla bean.

Blerrrrgh. I ordered this one before I figured out that Blooddrop’s tea notes are usually pretty terrible on/to me. This is like… really strongly artificial vanilla-flavored tea. Wet on skin it’s oddly fruity at first, but then does smell like huffing a vanilla-scented tea bag.

114: Watermelon: The ripest of the ripe minus the seeds!

Watermelon Big League Chew. Or Hubba Bubba. Serious watermelon bubblegum. Wet on skin it’s a bit less bubble gum-y, and a little more like watermelon juice or watermelon sorbet. As with most of these, it smells pretty artificial to me. Not bad, necessarily, but more like gum or sugary candy than real fruit.

Overall Thoughts: Obviously I didn’t have much success with most of these. Blooddrop is really hit-or-miss for me, emphasis on the miss. There are a handful of scents I’ve really enjoyed (Les Madeleines, Charming, Epona, At the Diner After Rocky, and a few others), but the Simplicities especially tend to skew too artificial or perfumey for me, and that was definitely the case here. The only one of the bunch I’ll be keeping around is Peach Pie – the rest are destined for the swap pile.

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