102 & 103: blooddrop holding hands & loves me



Two today! And you can still buy them, even. It’s a brave new world, kids.

Not much from Blooddrop’s Valentine’s Day release appealed to me (aside from Charming, which I already have), so I only picked up two decants out of seven scents. In retrospect I kind of wish I’d grabbed Just Because, but I’ll survive.

Holding Hands: A sweet, kind, loving and carefree scent of plum, peaches, amber, myrrh, rosemary, and skin milk.

In the vial, Holding Hands is a golden, fruity sort of scent – peach and plum, thick resins, and a bit of rosemary. It’s really lovely.

Wet on skin, the rosemary is surprisingly prominent, and its earthy green herbal scent goes nicely with the resinous fruits. The combination is deeper than I would’ve expected from cold sniff.

The peach and plum come out a bit more as it dries, getting sweeter and juicier. The rosemary, myrrh, and amber blend together nicely and ground the fruits well, so it’s a little more interesting than just a light, juicy spring peach scent would be. Not that there’s anything wrong with light, juicy spring peach scents. I love that shit.

I’m honestly not sure what “skin milk” is. I keep reading it as “skim milk,” which, no. If I had to guess I’d say it’s giving the scent a sweet, sort of musky vibe, but whatever it may be, I like this one quite a bit. I don’t think it’s quite bottle-worthy (I’m getting pickier in my old age/as I come face to face with the horrifying reality of the size of my perfume stash), but I’ll definitely keep my decant around.

Elevator Pitch: Juicy peach and plum over an earthy base of rosemary and resins. Lightly musky, not too sweet.

Loves Me: Requited love! A lush, beautiful scent of Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, oud, Bourbon vanilla, and cream.

In the vial, Loves Me starts out with a nice rose, sweet-ish, a bit of cream… and then oud. I’m not historically a big fan of oud, and it’s giving me the same sort of curry vibe here that turned me off of Darling Clandestine’s Tyto, though it was much stronger in that case.

Wet on skin, it’s rose, curry, and cream. Frankly the combination is sort of revolting. Obviously this is a serious YMMV situation, because by all accounts oud smells lovely, but man alive this one is not working for me.

As it dries it gets a quite powdery, and the rose gets stronger, skewing it more toward the “old lady rose perfume” side of things. It gets really unappealingly perfumey as it wears. And there’s always that vague whiff of curry underneath.

NOPE. Sweet jesus, I hate this scent.

Elevator Pitch: Loves Me starts out as a creamy, sweet-ish rose scent, but gets very powdery and perfumey as it dries. The oud smells distractingly of curry at first, but mostly fades. Mostly.

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