101: arcana cupid the archer: silver


cupid_silverPetitgrain, sweet coconut, Omani frankincense, tiare petals, and silvery narcissus.

In the bottle, Cupid the Archer: Silver is a sweet, resinous floral scent with a sharp green snap.

Wet on skin it’s very strong, mostly floral and bitter green from the petitgrain. As it wears, it gets a touch sweeter and the coconut comes out a bit, making it a little tropical-smelling, but not nearly so much as something like Nacre or Apples Crave The Tropics. The resinous frankincense wafts around noticeably too, but it remains a very floral scent on my skin.

Sillage is, as with most Arcana scents, stronger than average.

I’m not hugely into this one, but I didn’t expect to be. I don’t really like floral scents, and petigrain is a note I often find too bitter and abrasive. If these things are your jam, however, I’d definitely give Silver a shot.

Elevator Pitch: A strong floral scent, lightly sweet and a tiny bit tropical, with resinous frankincense and bitter green petitgrain.

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