84: darling clandestine inked


inkedAnother DC scent today – Inked. It’s one of the few “classic” Darling Clandestine scents that I haven’t tried yet, so I picked up a bitsy when I pre-ordered Mad as Birds.

A sting of sea salt and leather, splashes of communion wine, the essence of raw skin. Inked is one of my favorite little sex machines.

In the bottle, Inked smells sweet, sharp, and musky. A bit more perfumey than I expected.

Wet on skin, it’s deep and salty-sweet. I can see why this is sometimes described as smelling like sex; it smells like an idealized version of hot, sticky skin. Like when it’s not quite the end of a brutal winter and you’ve been so cold for so long that you’ve completely romanticized summer, so that when you think about it being 103 degrees and humid, instead of remembering how it’s disgusting and like being inside of someone’s mouth, your cabin fever-induced memories are all glowy sweat and tan lines and sunsets that don’t come until 9 pm. Like that.

There’s a sharp, leathery edge to it – I don’t tend to like leather scents, but it’s working for me here.

As it dries it loses a bit of the sharpness and sinks even further into that intoxicating salty-sweet skin scent. I’m really surprised by Inked – I didn’t like Aragon much at all (another DC scent with leather notes), so I expected that this one wouldn’t be for me either. But I actually really love it. It’s just sexy.

Sillage is pretty excellent on my skin as well – I can definitely smell it while typing this, nose-to-wrist contact required.

Elevator Pitch: Deep and salty-sweet, Inked smells like an idealized version of hot, sticky skin. Very sexy.

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