80: sixteen92 the orchard keeper



And he no longer cared to tell which were things done and which dreamt.

Night blooming jasmine, peach, apricot, pink pepper, sandalwood.

In the vial, The Orchard Keeper is all strong jasmine, with just a hint of peach and a kick of pepper.

Wet on skin – ohhhhhh jasmine. All the jasmine. After a minute or so the peach and pepper come out more, but jasmine is still the most prominent note on my skin. Very floral, spicy, and a tiny bit fruity. I really dislike jasmine, so I’m not loving this.

During dry down, the pepper and sandalwood get a little stronger. The jasmine does get a bit quieter and less heady as it wears.

If you like jasmine, you’d probably love The Orchard Keeper. Alas, I pretty much hate jasmine, so this one’s not for me. I don’t out-and-out dislike the scent, though, which is saying something. The other elements are quite nice, especially the peach, which is subtle but lovely and juicy-smelling. I won’t wear it, but it’s a nice floral blend.

Elevator Pitch: A floral/fruity blend of strong jasmine, subtle juicy peach, and a kick of spicy pepper and sandalwood. More heavily floral to start, the other elements get a bit stronger as it wears.

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