79: sixteen92 the sound and the fury



The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools. 

Southern sweet tea, Carolina jessamine, balsam, fern, warm skin musk, loam.

In the vial, The Sound and the Fury smells… kind of off-putting, in that way that makes your nostrils flare. It’s hot and woody and herbaceous, with a sharp, acrid edge. It smells a little like turpentine to me, somehow.

Wet on skin, it’s hot and woody, green, musky – but also a tiny bit sweet. Sweet tea. I can’t say the combination is entirely appealing to me, but it evokes a very particular atmosphere – a covered porch on a scorching hot Southern day, lush green vines creeping up the pillars, sweat running down every limb and beading on every glass of iced tea. Oddly, though, there’s also a kind of cooling sensation when I sniff this – like smelling a bag of mentholated cough drops.

The sweet tea gets stronger as it dries, and the edges of the scent just soften a bit in general. I also start to pick up a hint of hot, dusty earth – a welcome addition to just about any scent, as far as I’m concerned. I like this stage the best.

This is an odd duck. I don’t know that I really like it, but I don’t dislike it either – it kind of falls into that valley where I find it interesting as a scent blend, but probably not something I’d wear myself. Tea notes are tough for me, but I like it here – it adds some much-needed sweetness – and the scent as a whole is well-blended and very evocative. I don’t know. Maybe I do like it? I think I’ll break this out again in the summer and see how I feel about it, because it reads very much as a hot weather scent to me.

Elevator Pitch: A hot, woody, musky, green scent with a splash of sweet tea and a waft of hot, dusty earth.

2 thoughts on “79: sixteen92 the sound and the fury

  1. Tobie

    I recently received the spring sample pack from sixteen92 and am having fun trying them out and comparing notes to you Amanda. This one turned into a spicy/churchy/incense/green plant on me. I thought I would love it by the description, but I couldn’t wait to scrub it off. I Scrubbed my wrists down with Arcana Ambrosia soap and spritzed on some Philosophy Fresh Cream.

    • I definitely get the spicy/green thing – it definitely didn’t smell like I expected! It wasn’t a scrubber on me, though, thankfully. Overall, though, I’ve enjoyed this collection much more than I expected. One more to go!

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