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Next up from sixteen92’s spring collection: Wise Blood.

There are all kinds of truth … but behind all of them there is only one truth and that is that there’s no truth.

Champaca absolute, tuberose, white pepper, Orris root, guaiacwood, cardamom.

My first reaction to sniffing this in the vial? Oh, no. Nope. It’s all cardamom, pepper, and powdery orris root. This is the scent I was least excited to try, because the notes list is chock full of things I don’t like, and right out of the vial? Yowza.

Wet on skin, I get mostly cardamom and pepper. It’s much softer on skin than in the bottle, thank god. It’s spicy and tangy in that distinctive cardamom way, and a bit powdery.

The cardamom stays at the forefront as it dries – my skin does love to amp cardamom, for reference – but something slightly sweet starts to develop as well. A very smooth touch of sweetness… maybe the champaca? In any case, it’s a nice counterpoint to the pungent cardamom.

I surprisingly don’t hate this. I actually kind of like it! It’s still a predominantly cardamom scent on me, so I don’t think it’s something I’ll need a bottle of, but the smooth sweetness that comes out during the dry down makes it something really interesting and pretty. If you like cardamom, you’d probably love Wise Blood. And hell – if you don’t like cardamom, you might still like Wise Blood.

Elevator Pitch: Extremely pungent in the bottle, Wise Blood is a mellow cardamom scent on skin – spicy and tangy, a little powdery, and balanced out by a lovely smooth sweetness.

2 thoughts on “78: sixteen92 wise blood

  1. I totally felt the same way when I opened this one up! I recoiled a little. I was so happy when it was less intense on my skin. I wasn’t really expecting to like the spring collection at all (I am NOT a fan of white florals) but I actually really enjoyed it! :)

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