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supercellMy sixteen92 order arrived today, and while I haven’t even taken the spring sampler out of its little baggie, I had to test drive Supercell immediately. I had really high hopes for this scent, and man alive it did not disappoint.

SUPERCELL is a conceptual, atmospheric fragrance that bottles the essence of a Spring thunderstorm. The first cracks of ozonic lightning in the distance, rolling humid air, sharp green grass under heavy grey skies, the smell of rain on hot asphalt, crushed green stems, windblown hay, soaked earth and ancient branches snapped open by the forces of nature. 

In the bottle, this smells so much like a Darling Clandestine scent. It reminds me most of my beloved La La La, All Right, but it’s different. La La is brighter, where Supercell is darker and moodier. Maybe a little bit of Fisticuffs, without the sweetness. The particular greenness just reminds me so much of DC. It’s weird. Comparisons aside – it’s very green and humid, with a sharp, hot smack of asphalt.

Wet on skin, it’s super strong, humid, and green at first, but mellows quickly into a steamy rain on hot dirt and concrete scent. It’s a little dusty and very realistic.

After 5-10 minutes, it smells like strong wind blowing through grass. I realize I’m biased because I know what the inspiration for this scent is, but I swear to god that’s what it smells like. It smells windy. Hot air that’s rapidly cooling, dust blowing hard through sun-baked grass, a smattering of grey raindrops freckling the ground. It’s incredibly atmospheric, and really just gorgeous.

A little while later, any remaining traces of sharpness are gone. It’s dusty, grassy, a little sweet. The smell that hits you when you step outside after a storm. There are broken branches and flattened flower beds, but the air is cool and everything is washed clean.

You guys. Claire has outdone herself with this one. Supercell is absolutely stunning. Not only is it a crazy realistic, it just smells so good. I love dirt/rain/petrichor scents, and this is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried. La La La, All Right used to top that list, and it’s wonderful, but where La La gives me the impression of a summer storm, Supercell IS a summer storm. It is, in the very literal sense of the word, awesome. It inspires awe.

This was, sadly, a limited edition scent. Both batches sold out with a quickness, so it’s no longer for available, and who knows if it ever will be again. If it ever is, I’ll break my “no backups” rule in a heartbeat and buy two more. I want to bathe in this scent. I want everything I own and everyone I come in contact with the smell like this. It’s that good.

Wear-wise, sillage is medium to low and it’s not a powerhouse laster. This is consistent with almost all of the scents I’ve tried from sixteen92 so far. But Supercell is so great while it does last that I don’t even care.

Elevator Pitch: A powerful summer storm in a bottle. Supercell starts off humid and dark green with a sharp asphalt edge, goes through a hot, windy, rainy stage, and dries down to a dusty, grassy, slightly sweet scent.

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  1. I didn’t pick one up, since I’ve never bought a full size perfume before and wasn’t sure whether I’d like it enough to be worth it, but the reviews sound amazing and I’m kind of kicking myself for it now. Maybe someone will destash one and I can pick it up!

    • I’ve seen a few people mention not liking it on IMAM, so I’m sure it’ll show up in destashes eventually! Hopefully you’re able to snag one. It’s really something special.

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