74: blooddrop apple cider doughnut



When Apple Cider Doughnut returned to Blooddrop last fall, I knew I had to get my hands on a decant. My fiance (M) looooves apple cider doughnuts. Whenever we go apple picking in the fall, he buys at least half a dozen and they never last the weekend.

So how does the scent compare? (Spoilers: Not great, Bob.)

Apple cider and spice doughnuts dusted with cinnamon sugar.

In the vial, Apple Cider Doughnut smells like an apple cinnamon candle. Slightly tart apple, lots of dry cinnamon.

Wet on skin, it’s a little less candle-y, but only a little. Mostly dry cinnamon with a touch of apple. The apple that’s there is nice, though. I wish it were stronger.

During dry down, we return to the candle aisle. Or actually, it smells exactly like the autumn wreath and decorations aisle at a craft store. I worked at a Michael’s while I was in college, and I always hated that scent – fake fruit and overwhelming dry cinnamon. Either way, it’s not great. I don’t get any kind of pastry or donut from this at all.

A while later, the dry cinnamon does soften a little bit and let the apple shine through more, but not enough to save it for me.

The usual caveat applies here – my skin amps cinnamon to high hell, so your mileage may vary.

Elevator Pitch: Slightly tart apple and overpowering dry cinnamon. Smells like an apple cinnamon candle, or the autumn wreath aisle at a craft store.

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