73: blooddrop magpie


magpieToday I’ve got the other scent I picked up from Blooddrop’s (not currently available) Aviary collection: Magpie (Eurasian).

Oreo-cookie colored and very common, the magpie is like Europe’s crow. The bird keeper didn’t intend to house these birds, but several magpies chose to “not leave” during an expedition several years ago and it was decided to bring them home and allow them to join life in the aviary.

Osmanthus, vanilla cream, soft violet, lemon blossoms, and ripe apricots.

In the bottle, Magpie smells creamy, fruity, and lightly floral – vanilla, lemon, a bit of violet. There’s a powdery edge that, combined with the citrus, makes it smell kind of like Smarties or Fun Dip.

Wet on skin, the powdery floral notes are much stronger, with a little tart lemon and creamy vanilla in the background. It still kinda smells like Smarties. Like crunchy, powdery sugar candy with that citric acid tang.

During dry down, the powderiness gets stronger, and the vanilla cream is mostly lost. It’s just slightly lemony now, but mostly a sweet, powdery scent with a bit of violet and an artificial-smelling tang.

I’m not a fan of this one. I liked it in the bottle, not so much on skin. Another addition to the destash pile.

Elevator Pitch: A sweet, powdery scent with a bit of violet and an artificial-smelling citrus tang. Reminds me of chalky sugar candies like Smarties.

Bonus Boy Review: M said it “smells a little grape-y.”

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