72: blooddrop kea


keaApology time! Today’s review is for a scent that’s not available anymore: Blooddrop Kea. I picked up two bottles (Kea and Magpie) from the Aviary collection on a whim before they were taken down from Blooddrop’s website.

Muted green, medium sized parrot native to New Zealand. Amazing bold, naughty, intelligent, and rabble rousing bird. They seem to purposely seek trouble wherever they are. On several occasions, they have set off the aviary’s security system and stolen many of the bird keeper’s pens and notebooks.

Tangerine, vanilla pound cake, graham crackers, and fresh ginger.

In the bottle, Kea smells like sweet orange cake. Reminds me a bit of Les Madeleines, which is one of my favorites from Blooddrop, but Kea is a little brighter and less caramelized.

Wet on skin, I get a blast of straight-up graham crackers, and then the tangerine joins the party. Vanilla cake too, sweet and rich, with just a little shot of spicy wet ginger.

During dry down, the ginger gets quite a bit stronger on my skin in a way I’m not super crazy about. It really dominates the orange cake sweetness that I liked the most about this one in the bottle and on first application. It doesn’t smell bad, I just wish it smelled more like cake. Which is a wish I have fairly often if we’re being honest. It’s right up there under wishing things tasted more like cake. Or just were cake. That would be good too.

Later on, I get a little bit of a rubbery smell – like opening up a bag of rubber bands? That kind of thing. It’s odd.

Anyway. Loved it in the bottle, liked it wet, not super into it dry. It’s a little too ginger-heavy for me. Not enough cake. The weird rubbery smell sealed the deal – this one’s headed for the destash pile.

Elevator Pitch: Starts of smelling like sweet orange cake, dries down to a much less sweet, ginger-heavy scent. The ginger is wet and fresh and just a little spicy, not dry or powdery. Goes kind of rubbery on my skin after a while.


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