71: blooddrop broomstick


broomstickAnother old-style bottle from Blooddrop today: Broomstick.

Sweet summer apricots, crisp early fall red apples, moist spice cake, clove and brown sugar. Just some of the things any good witch will have in her pantry!

In the bottle, Broomstick smells like late summer/early fall baked goods – peach pie and spiced apple cake.

Wet on skin, it’s fruity and spicy, juicy, with lots of clove. The apple is a bit stronger than the peach (or apricot). There’s a toasty brown sugar sweetness to it.

As it dries, the apricot comes out more, and the crisp fruitiness gets strong enough to balance out the spice. In the bottle it smelled like pie, but here it smells like a peach pie before you put it in the oven, when the fruit is still fresh and bright.

This one smells good, but it does have a bit of a scented candle-ish quality to it – stronger at the beginning, less so as it dries. It’s not bad, but it gives me that impression. I thought it might be similar to Solstice Scents Kitchen, which is one of my favorite fall scents, but it’s really not – Kitchen is much sweeter and richer, while Broomstick leans more fruity and has a bit of brightness to it. If Kitchen is fully autumnal, Broomstick is the transition from late summer into fall.

Elevator Pitch: Lightly spiced apple and apricot with a brown sugar sweetness. It smells like a peach pie before you put it in the oven, when the fruit is still fresh and bright.

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