69 & 70: arcana hnossa & winter’s wolves


Yesterday got away from me, so I’m doing double duty today with the last two scents I have from Arcana’s Yule collection: Hnossa and Winter’s Wolves.


Hnossa: Lovely Hnossa is Gersemi’s sister and the Norse goddess of desire. Sugar cookies with frosted tuberose petals, white tiare, gardenia, star jasmine, skin musk, ivory musk, and pink sugar.

In the vial, Hnossa is all very, very sweet white florals.

Wet on skin, it’s sweet and cookie-ish. The floral elements are there, but they’re more in the background, and very soft. Also very sweet, which is the only kind of floral scent I ever really like.

After a few minutes, the floral elements get stronger. It’s more musky, too, but still sweet, with a distinctly pink and girly vibe.

It stays pretty similar during dry down – a sweet, musky white floral blend. It gets a bit sweeter as it dries, with more of the sugar cookie coming out. It’s surprisingly non-heady for being so packed with white florals, too, which is nice. It reminds me a bit of one of my rare favorite floral scents, Midsummer Dreams Apothecary’s Mermaid. Both are sweet floral blends, but Mermaid leans much more tropical, with lots of vanilla. Hnossa is in the same family, but a more overtly floral, a little less sweet, and not tropical. The cookie sweetness that comes out during dry down is great.

I actually quite like this one. Color me shocked! I expected to be “meh” on this at best, but I may pick up a bottle. Add this one to the Florals For Floral Haters list.

Elevator Pitch: A sweet, musky white floral blend. Very girly and pink, with a nice sugar cookie sweetness coming out more as it dries.



Winter’s Wolves: The scent of the Great Forest itself: a silent blanket of snow, fir needle, juniper, black spruce, cold white violets, and a small howl of peppermint.

In the vial, Winter’s Wolves is cold ozone and fir, a bit powdery. It’s very sharp, and I get something almost citrusy.

Wet on skin, I’m still getting that citrusy vibe – I think it might be the juniper? But it doesn’t smell quite like juniper. Hmm. Otherwise lots of fir and spruce, still a bit powdery, with a cold, minty edge.

As it dries, that citrusy/fruity smell gets stronger – what is that? It’s driving me nuts. I swear it smells fruity. Like citrus and mint and fir needles. Maybe it’s the white violets? It does have that powderiness that I usually hate so much, and for a while it worked for me in this, because it fit with the cold, wintery vibe of the scent. But further into dry down the violets took a turn for the soapy, just a little bit, and I can’t get behind that.

Later still, the resinous fir and spruce are the most prominent, with a cold, slightly powdery edge and that little hint of not-citrus-am-I-going-crazy?

Winter’s Wolves is a really interesting blend, but it’s not one I’ll wear. It’s definitely worth trying if you have the opportunity, though, especially if you like wintery tree scents or violets. Or fake mystery citrus.

Elevator Pitch: Resinous fir and spruce, a bit of cold mint, and a touch of something that I swear smells citrusy, with a slightly powdery edge. A cold, wintery scent.

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