68: arcana gersemi


gersemiThe last of my bottle purchases from Arcana’s Yule collection! I do have two more scents from this collection in sample form – Winter’s Wolves and Hnossa – and they’re on deck for the next couple of days.

Beautiful Gersemi is the daughter of Freyja and the Norse goddess of precious objects. Perfect vanilla, frozen honey, white chocolate, oudh, skin musk, and one drop of patchouli.

In the bottle, Gersemi is musky white chocolate and honey.

Wet on skin, it’s similar note-wise, but less sweet. More musky, with just a little bit of patchouli. There’s also something… maybe the oudh? It’s got kind of a resin-y headshop stink to it. Just a little bit. It’s like eating tootsie rolls at a Phish concert.

After a little while, it’s mostly musky white chocolate with a patchouli edge.

Later on into dry down, that headship stink mostly fades and the scent takes on a powdery tone. Musky white chocolate and vanilla, a little baby powder-ish. The musk is a mellow, sweet skin musk. I like this stage the best. It’s soft and sweet but not cloying.

I went on a bit of a ride with this scent. I thought I’d love it from the description, didn’t really care for it when I was getting lots of patchouli and oud, and then came around during the dry down when it went all soft and powdery. Great sillage on this one, too.

Elevator Pitch: Musky white chocolate and vanilla. Has a resiny headshop vibe to start – thanks, patchouli – but that fades and it takes on a soft, powdery tone.

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