67: arcana oscura


oscuraFor the long, dark nights ahead. Vanilla oleoresin, pure sandalwood, benzoin, balsam of Peru, 10 year aged labdanum absolute, cassia, Omani frankincense, and white cognac oil.

In the bottle, Oscura is all deep, cold woods. Lots of sandalwood, a little spicy, kind of medicinal. It’s pretty stark and bracing.

Wet on skin, it’s thick and deep. I get dark, syrupy vanilla and sandalwood the most here, slightly sweet, dark, woody, spicy, and resinous. A little sharp too.

As it dries, the sweetness fades a bit and it becomes even more bracing. All cold, spicy sandalwood and resins. It’s very deep, with almost a smoky quality to it. There’s still a hint of thick vanilla, but this is by no means a sweet scent. It has a sharp, medicinal quality to it, almost a little boozy, kind of herbal.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s not really my kind of scent, but it’s well done for what it is. I have a sample of this too, so I may just keep that and destash the bottle.

Elevator Pitch: A deep, thick blend of cold, spicy woods and resins with a hint of syrupy vanilla and a sharp, medicinal edge.

Bonus Boy Review: When I stuck this under M’s nose, he said it “smells like a peated whiskey.”

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