66: arcana ribbons & teddy bears


ribbons_teddy_bearsWhat remains after Krampus takes the children. Remnants of French vanilla and pistachio ice creams, apricot jam, sugared peach, melty chocolate, sticky candy canes, orange peels, and sweet coconut.

In the bottle, Ribbons & Teddy Bears smells fruity sweet and candy-like. It smells a lot like those holiday ribbon candies.

Wet on skin it smells like an apricot creamsicle – sweet, creamy vanilla with apricot and a little citrus. A minute or so later I start to pick up a hint of sugary mint. A little later, it’s predominantly sweet mint and candied citrus. Later still, it takes on a creamy tone again, and gets a bit nutty.

It’s all very candy-ish. I like it.

Dries down to a creamy, minty, fruity sort of scent with a bit of citrus and a slightly nutty undertone. None of the inidivual notes are super strong, it all blends together into a generally candy-like scent. It wears pretty close to the skin on me, without much sillage. I like the dry down, but I liked the initial application better. Now I really want an apricot creamsicle scent.

Elevator Pitch: A rollercoaster of confections that dries down to a creamy, minty, fruity scent with a bit of citrus and a slightly nutty undertone. Soft and very candy-like.

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