63: arcana krampus nog


krampus_nogSnow day! We’re having quite a snow storm here in Philly, so my office was closed today – which means lots of time for catching up on reviews! (Also pancakes, and never putting on real pants. Bonus.)

I’m finally testing out Arcana’s yule collection, which seems appropriate for such a wintry day. In March.

First up: Krampus Nog.

Eggnog with vodka, rum, sweet cream, nutmeg, and wicked amber.

In the bottle, Krampus Nog is super duper boozy, with nugmeg and cream. Someone spiked this eggnog but good.

Wet on skin, it’s spicy amber with tons of booze. Significantly less creamy here.

It gets a bit spicier as it dries. That creamy note I got in the bottle never really re-emerges with any significant strength, though it does show up in a subtle way a while into dry down. It also sweetens up a tiny bit as it wears.

Elevator Pitch: Super boozy, spicy amber with just a tiny little touch of cream. Not very sweet. The scent of bad decisions at an office holiday party.

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