61: darling clandestine blue valentine


I have a few DC bitsies kicking around my cabinet that I haven’t gotten around to trying out yet, which is a real oversight, so here’s one: Blue Valentine.

Inspired, of course, by Tom Waits, this one will make you die a little more each Saint Valentine’s Day. A moody bouquet of hyacinth and violet and poppies and figs, washed down with shots of real whiskey and bitters and delicate musks and mint. Very potent, very heady.

In the vial, Blue Valentine smells like a cold white floral. Heady.

Wet on skin, it’s still predominantly white florals, but it’s a bit more subdued and moody. There’s a faint powderiness to it, and a cold edge from the mint, though it doesn’t really smell minty at all.

As it dries, it develops a bit of sharpness, and I can smell hyacinth. It also starts to smell just a tiny bit spicy. Further on, the powdery violets dominate. (Bleh.)

I’ve heard from some fellow floral-haters that Blue Valentine is an exception to their rule, but I have to say it’s not an exception to mine. I don’t dislike it, really, at least not until the violets come out – at that point any hope for me and Blue Valentine is lost. I don’t like violets as a rule, and I particularly don’t like DC’s violet scents because they’re just… really strongly violet-y. Not for me.

Elevator Pitch: A moody white floral blend with a touch of powder and spice; dry down is nearly all powdery violets. Headier at the beginning, less so as it wears.

2 thoughts on “61: darling clandestine blue valentine

  1. HoneyflakeApparently

    Oh man, I’m so sad this one went powdery on you! It’s the single DC violet scent that hasn’t gone powdery on me and I love it for exactly that reason!

    • I should’ve known better – every DC violet scent has been a bust on me! Electricity So Fine was the first DC scent I had a viscerally unpleasant reaction to. Violet is really high on my NOPE list in general. I’m still glad I tried it, in any case.

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