60: haunt tell the bees


Another Haunt review today, so another apology for reviewing something you can’t get right now! Such is the way sometimes when dipping deep into one’s stash.

Golden honey infused with wildflowers and family secrets: rich honey, berry wine, sticky beeswax, wildflowers, almond milk, champaka, frankincense, clove, cinnamon and dry wood.

In the bottle, Tell the Bees is warm, sweet, and a little spicy – predominantly honey with a bit of church incense.

Wet on skin, the incense is much stronger, and there’s a very waxy tone to it. It’s much less sweet here, to – it smells like a church altar with tons of candles burning down to pools of wax.

It stays pretty linear as it dries, just developing a slight berry sweetness.

I’m not super in love with this one – it’s nice enough, but it’s not really my style. I think I expected it to be sweeter? But at least the cinnamon and cloves didn’t go crazy.

Elevator Pitch: A very waxy church incense sort of scent, with a subtle berry sweetness coming out as it wears.

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