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More Darling Clandestine today! Evonne just put Mad as Birds (and Monstre Delicat, but I haven’t tried that one yet) up in her shop for pre-orders, so it seemed like a good time to haul my bitsy out for a review.

Mad as Birds is a sweet, cool, garden-dew fragrance with a resiny undertone—notes include pear and mint and smoky amber and marigolds.

In the bottle, Mad as Birds is sweet, minty, and a tiny bit smoky. Just a tiny bit.

Wet on skin, it’s cool and green, less sweet but also a little reminiscent of bubblegum. Darling Clandestine’s green scents all smell very different, but usually have just a little bit of something similar at the base of them, and in this one I’m getting shades of my favorite DC scent, La La La, All Right, only less intense, a little sweeter and cooler, with subtle floral tones. So really not very similar at all, but there’s a kernel of something that’s striking me in a similar way.

The bubblegum sweetness fades as it dries, and the marigold comes out more. It’s got just a very slight smokiness, and mintiness, and overall combination is very close to Evonne’s description – sweet, cool, reminiscent of a dew-covered garden. It is slightly floral, but not heady or perfumey. I don’t get much, if any, pear, which is a bit of a bummer, but I really like this scent in general. It’s very Springy.

Sillage and lasting power are both on the low side with this one – it’s not a powerhouse scent.

I pre-ordered both a bottle and a solid of Mad as Birds, because apparently I like redundancy in my perfume collection, but also because I really enjoy it and I’m yearning for Spring with a fervency you cannot even imagine. It was 9 degrees out when I left the house this morning. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight, and I am so beyond over Winter that I can’t accurately express it in human language. I’m hoping Evonne will tuck some warmer weather into my package when these babies ship out from Texas.

Elevator Pitch: A cool, minty, slightly resinous green scent with a bit of sweetness and subtle floral tones. Wears close to the skin.

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