arcana month giveaway winners!


There will be a post today, but I’m running late and needed to pick giveaway winners! I made a list of everyone who commented, and plugged that list into’s list randomizer. And our winners are…

Fancy colors added for pizzazz. *spirit fingers*

Saffrin, Tobie, and Kathryn! Saffrin will receive a bottle of Apples Crave Vanilla, Tobie a bar of Ambrosia soap, and Kathryn a 5-scent sample pack.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners! I’ll be in touch just as soon as I post this.

6 thoughts on “arcana month giveaway winners!

  1. Tobie

    My Ambrosia soap arrived today and I am in love! Thank you so much Ananda for the soap and the extra sample. How does the Ambrosia perfume compare to the scent of the soap? I think I want the perfume now too :)

    • Aw, I’m so glad! I only sniffed the soap – I’ve never used a bar in that scent myself – but the perfume is definitely much more intense. It’s very sweet, actually a little too sweet for my taste, but if you like sweet lemon scents it’s definitely one to check out.

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