58: haunt doe


Haunt is kind of a frustrating brand. They make wonderful products with really gorgeous packaging (probably the prettiest of any indie I’ve tried), but getting your hands on said products is something of a task. The store has no regular inventory, instead doing only sporadic and extremely limited sales. The owner has reasons for operating this way, and obviously she should do what’s best for her situation, but it can be a frustrating experience from the consumer side of things.

That said, I have a handful of Haunt items in my stash (mostly perfumes, a few glossing oils), but I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about them on the blog. So let’s spotlight one today – Doe. Apologies in advance since you can’t get it right now, but in the event that it ever comes back, here’s a review.

Dry oats, creamed honey, bits of apricot, orange blossom petals and sweetened almond milk.

In the bottle, is mostly sweet, creamy honey with a light apricot fruitiness.

Wet on skin, the oats come out, toasty and warm, and a really nice compliment to the creamy honey. The honey in this scent is reminiscent of my very favorite honey notes – Arcana’s lovely, creamy, golden ones. It’s not powdery at all, just smooth and sweet.

It stays pretty similar through the dry down – predominantly sweet, creamy honey and toasty oats with a hint of apricot. There’s orange blossom in this, and I think I get a tiny whiff of it occasionally, but for the most part I don’t really detect it, which is a plus for me since I usually hate orange blossom. The fruitiness gets a bit stronger as it dries, and it develops a slightly milky tone.

I like Doe. In the bottle it smells like it might be a strong scent, but it’s actually soft and pretty. A warm, comforting scent, but not so much that I wouldn’t wear it in the spring and fall.

Elevator Pitch: Sweet, creamy honey and toasty oats with a hint of apricot. Yet somehow it doesn’t smell like a bowl of oatmeal? Magic.

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